Remington Steele

Season 2 Episode 2

Red Holt Steele

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 27, 1983 on NBC

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  • The case gets personal for Steele and Laura.

    It's moving day by default for Laura when agents of a consortium of corporate hitmen blow up her house. The trail leads to a plot to take over aircraft companies by any means necessary.

    The idea of a company specializing in this sort of "hostile takeover" wouldn't have been out of place as a caper on "The Rockford Files." I haven't seen much "Remington Steele," but in my opinion the best episodes are always the ones that have a stronger mystery as the framework. Here, it's not as much of a whodunit as a "how will we catch them?"

    By opening the story in the midst of the case, we really hit the ground running and more time is made available for the Remington/Laura relationship moments. Both Brosnan and Zimbalist shine in this episode. Zimbalist's scenes as she surveys the rubble of her house, along with her piano playing at the end of the show are poignant, and Brosnan does very well as Steele temporarily benches his desire to get Laura in the sack and goes to bat for her against the killers.

    Some nice comedic moments pop up throughout as well. Mildred's deference to Steele is always funny, and the "It Happened One Night"-inspired dupe scene is terrific.
  • Holt and Steele pursue an airline saboteur who will stop at nothing to eliminate the competition.

    It's a lovely day at the park. Laura is going for a run. But this is no ordinary jog: she's on the trail of one Thorpe and his mysterious henchmen, one of whom picks up a heavy envelope. They latch on to Laura's surveillance gear, and she must run to Steele's car for safety.

    The client is R.J. Stonewell, owner of an aircraft design firm and the ultimate target of the thugs' pursuit. R.J. says one of them must be trying to bring down her company. Indeed, the men are still spying on Laura, and she'll have to hurry to get away.

    Laura and Steele are headed to Holt's place for a little relaxation after a tough day's work. The cat runs off the steps. They turn to watch it. Good move: a bomb tears apart the house, sending the detectives sprawling and of course destroying all that Laura had.

    Undaunted, the team continues to follow the clues until a seedy 'gas company' operative leads them to the headquarters of the secret foundation that's behind the espionage. It'll be a tough bet for everyone in that room to get out alive.

    Intrigue, danger and romantic sparks make this a compelling episode that's a little more edgy than usual, and fun to watch.