Remington Steele

NBC (ended 1987)





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  • Witty and romantic sleuth drama featuring the down-to-Earth Laura Holt and the suave, enigmatic Remington Steele. Step into a world where the client's case is only the second mystery.

    Laura Holt heads up a detective agency that bears her name. She has a partner and a sharp-as-tacks secretary. Everything should be fine.

    Except it's not.

    The world does not beat a path to her door. Anxious for some opportunity, Laura creates a fake associate, a man with a past--if only he had a future: Remington Steele.

    This does the job. Suddenly Holt has more cases than you can shake a stick at.

    It's even more of surprise when a man shows up with the actual name of the invented personality.

    At first 'Remington' galls at the idea of helping Laura sort out her workload, but despite the clash of wills, Steele learns to fit in. If only to shake off the people still trailing him because he made his name on the other side of the law.

    Together, the straight arrow and the daring card make for an odd but fitting team. They solve cases using a mixture of Steele's unorthodox brainstorming and Laura's more conventional methods. Over time, the two also discover that a personal magnetism is among the most compelling of mysteries.

    With funny scripts that play out like good whodunit novels, and character styles drawn from the classic movies they often quote, 'Remington Steele' was a remarkable success on many levels. Still a treat to watch.