Remington Steele

NBC (ended 1987)





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  • When you combine Laura Holt, a smart, brassy, and attractive woman who is determined to make a name for herself, with Remington Steele, a cultured, handsome, and extremely charming man without a history, you get the best detective show of the 80s.

    "Remington Steele" has the elements of humor, mystery, and most importantly, romance. Together, Laura and Steele solve complex murder mysteries in high society, while maintaining a relationship that borders on the romantic. Yes, this is one of those shows where the couple has an 'on-again, off-again, rocky-romance'. So, maybe you could add suspense to that list of elements. But this was one of the reasons the show did so well. Pierce Brosnan and Stephanie Zimbalist did a superb job in their roles, creating that chemistry, humor, and class that drew me to the show. One of the first episodes that I saw was "Red Holt Steele", and it is one of my favorites. Steele's love for Laura shines through in this episode as he puts her ahead of himself and we see his character develope. And of course the best scene, in the whole series in my opinion, is in this ep. Your heart just starts fluttering and tears start to fall as Laura walks into her new apartment (her house was burned down and she lost everything-specifically her piano) and in the middle of the empty room is a baby grand with a vase of flowers and a big bow. AH. Tell me that's not romantic.