Remington Steele

NBC (ended 1987)





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  • A quirky role reversal detective show, with the girl calling the shots, and the guy providing the window-dressing.

    This show was definitely a favorite, coming out during my senior year in college. The day I saw Pierce Brosnan in this role at the show premiere, I *knew* he would be a Bond one day. And so it would later come to pass once Timothy Dalton was out of the way. Brosnan would go on to handle the role of James Bond for real, with the right mix of sexiness and aplomb.

    The quirky platonic twosome with the sparks between them, is an old pairing going back to the days of the "Thin Man" series in the 1930s with William Powell and Myrna Loy, or similar early pairings of Fred & Ginger or Bogey and Sophie, etc. And so, with their winsome advisor played by a younger Doris Roberts, this new twosome - Stephanie Zimbalist (then touted as Efrem Jr.'s daughter) the career woman, and Pierce Brosnan, the former petty thief and con man, would work their way through a myriad of mysteries - she always mindful of using her skills to solve the crimes and keep her business intact, and he bumbling about using old mystery movies as his resource, but managing to play the fictious role of head of his (fake) namesake's detective agency, when needed.

    All in all, an enjoyable hour, and its success would spur on copycats like "Moonlighting", which debuted a few years later on ABC. Unfortunately due to its surprising success as a freshman series debuting on the so-called death night of Friday, they moved the show around alot (to Tuesdays, and even Thursdays and I think even Mondays), in order to have it be a lead-in to less successful shows. It essentially became a part of the Brandon Tartikoff revival of NBC, joining shows like A-Team, Cheers, Family Ties, Gimme a Break!, Knight Rider, Hill St. Blues, St. Elsewhere, Miami Vice, and finally The Cosby Show, that would propel the network to the top after years in the ratings cellar. But like most shows, it would run its course, and after just barely getting the go-ahead for a 5th season at the last minute (scuttling Brosnan's plans to be Bond in License to Kill), it drifted to finality in 1987.