Remington Steele

NBC (ended 1987)





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  • A Very Smart Show

    When i first saw it on dvd i said wow. Its just smart and funny. Remington Steele is one of those characters u just gotta love. The story is simple. Laura Holt is a private eye who gets no case cause she is female. So Laura Holt makes Mr. Steele up for her job. Now she gets cases all the time. Then a con man shows up trying to steal some diamonds. He doesnt and decides to take over Steeles idenity since he dont exist. So he goes straight and no longer a con man. She goes along with it cause it makes thing easy for her. Since in pilot someone wanted to meet Steele though he didnt exist. So he helped her out by becoming steele. I like the plots and the actors. Murphy & Fox were good characters but are only on season one. When season two starts, it just gets even better. With Mildred Krebs a new character. She works well as she gives more respect to Steele than Holt. In the end just a great mystery show.