Remington Steele

NBC (ended 1987)





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  • It never tried to be anything but entertaining...

    ...and in that "Remington Steele" succeeded.

    It was presented as a tongue in cheek detective show and it never strayed from the path in that sense. But where the show won hearts I think, was in its entertaining if implausible story line, the relationship between the protagonists, the bumbling but lovable supporting characters and the never dull life they all found themselves entwined in. It kind of reminded me of a scaled-up version (in terms of scope and characters) of "Scarecrow and Mrs. King" which I also loved to watch. Too bad this kind of lighthearted fun is largely considered passe today.

    Of course Pierce Brosnan was an instant attraction and he played this lovable scoundrel to a T. Though I admit I was always feeling the need to feed him a sandwich or something...

    Stephanie Zimbalist was a perfect foil to Brosnan's "Steele" and their chemistry was a large part of the show's success. Wonder where she is today??

    Definitely not brain surgery, but infinitely more fun!