Remington Steele

Season 2 Episode 4

Steele Framed

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 18, 1983 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Steele becomes the victim of an elaborate frame perpetrated by someone he's never met with a grudge against-Remington Steele.

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  • Two-dollar watercolor.

    Steele and Laura go on the defensive when an old adversary sets up an intricate trap to get Steele framed for murder. This is a little atypical of the "usual" episode, but it earns high marks for putting Steele on the lam and testing the relationship between Laura and Steele. When the show opens, everything seems perfect. Steele is celebrating his one-year anniversary in his new identity and things could not be any better. That's until a mysterious call and a car accident, and suddenly evidence piles up that Steele may be a killer and a smuggler.

    Guy Boyd is perfect as the duo's Professor Moriarty, Major Descoine. In a role that requires him to don several disguises (and go in drag), Boyd is convincing as a demented genius out for revenge. The idea of a potentially recurring nemesis for Steele and Laura is intriguing. I know Descoine appeared once more in the series and I can't wait to see that episode.

    Another great guest character is Detective Jarvis, the dogged cop pursuing Steele. He is like a young Lt. Columbo, with a scatterbrained demeanor that hides a sharp mind. He even has a pipe (instead of Columbo's trademark cigar) and has a habit of asking pointed questions before leaving a room.

    A great episode with a nice climax involving a vat of acid; plus, some great scenes between Brosnan and Zimbalist.moreless
Gary Frank

Gary Frank

Detective Jarvis

Guest Star

Archie Hahn

Archie Hahn

Sherman(computer salesman)

Guest Star

Lynne Stewart

Lynne Stewart

Bank Teller

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Both Laura and Mildred manage to change their clothes on their way from the bank to the office, accompanied by Detective Jarvis. In the bank, Laura is wearing a green blouse and a brown skirt, and Mildred is wearing a green dress. Later in the office, Laura is wearing a black-and-white striped dress, and Mildred is wearing a dark blue one. Mildred also managed to change clothes before going to the bank, but that could be a part of her disguise as an IRS agent.

    • No explanation is given for how Descoine knows exactly where Steele was hiding.

    • Laura and Mildred conveniently have the same clothes and a wag ready.

    • Why does Steele tell Mildred "we may go to jail?" He may go; Mildred has nothing to do with his alleged crimes.

    • Even in that computer stone-age era, there would be some kind of interface to send a message from one computer to another, not just words popping up in the middle of the screen.

    • When Descoine orders Steele out of the truck, he rolls the window down all the way to speak to him. During the following conversation, in the shots taken from inside the truck, the window is rolled all the way down. During the shots taken from outside the truck, window is up about an inch.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • (Steele gives Laura a key.)
      Laura: The key to your innocence? Locked in my heart?
      Steele: Think of it as an anniversary present.
      Laura: Only if it comes with a promise.
      Steele: What's that?
      Laura: You will never again leave me for my own good.
      Steele: It's a promise.

    • Laura (trying to retrieve a metal key from an acid tank by electrifying a rifle): I hope high school science has a place in real life.

    • Steele: I'm being framed like a two dollar watercolor.

    • Steele: (to Laura) I say it's a good idea that you invented me because if it were the other way around I don't think I could dream up anyone quite like you.

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