Remington Steele

Season 3 Episode 6

Steele Your Heart Away

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 13, 1984 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Where did Steele have Laura's name and address written down? And if he did, it would be in his wallet, which he "dropped" at Flanagan's "in the general fun."

    • Both Steele and Laura can pick a lock. Steele doesn't even need a lock pick. He doesn't need his memory either, "It's all in the wrist". Sp why didn't they try to take the handcuffs off before going to see Flanagan?

    • If someone at the hospital found the watch in Steele's wet suit, why wouldn't they show it to the amnesiac and ask if the initials stirred any memories? Why would they just put it in his pocket without even mentioning it to him?

    • When Remington falls from a pier, he's wearing a gray checkered suit and a reddish tie. When Laura visits him in the hospital, he's wearing a black suit and another tie. If, as the doctor says, they have no idea who he is, Steele's clothes must be somewhere at a hotel, where he was staying before the attempt on his life. And the suit fits too well to be borrowed. Later, when he regained his memory, they probably found the hotel and his suitcase; that can explain the fact that in the end of the episode he's wearing the same raincoat he wore in "Blue Blooded Steele"

    • Before going to Patrick O'Rourke's wake, Remington touches his tie with his left hand. Twice. The first time there is no ring on his hand. The second time there is. And it's the only moment when the ring appears in the episode. Besides, it's the third finger of his left hand, which probably means it's Mr. Brosnan's wedding ring.

    • In the beginning of the episode, Laura and Mildred land at Shannon airport - we can see a sign - but they're supposed to be in Dublin.

  • Quotes

    • Steele: Am I a karate expert?
      Laura: I've never seen you use it.
      Steele: Huh, well then it's the good old blunt instrument routine then, isn't it?

    • Steele: (as music starts to play) When I hold you close I hear music.
      Laura: So do I.

    • Steele: (on being handcuffed to Laura) This is worse than being married.

    • Steele: If I'm not me, who the devil am I?

    • Laura: I think I should get Mildred.
      Steele: (still amnesic) Mildred?
      Laura: The other woman in your life.
      Steele: The other woman? And you don't mind?
      Laura: We have an arrangement. We share you.

  • Notes

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    • Film Cites:

      Laura: You don't have to be a movie buff to realize that what you just recounted is a scene from Casablanca.
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      Steele: 39 Steps? The Hitchcock movie?
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      Laura: I do hope this has something to do with Gone with the Wind.
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      Steele: A Day at the Races.
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      Laura: There aren't any oildrums.
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