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  • Season 5 Episode 5: Steeled With a Kiss (1)

  • They never use Uzi in Russian/Soviet Army - it's Israeli weapon. Also, in Russian Army they don't carry a pistol and a machine gun at the same time. Guards should only be armed with machine guns (Kalashnikov machine guns!) while officers carry handguns.

  • Season 5 Episode 1: The Steele That Wouldn't Die

  • Steele says that Romancing the Stone was made in 1985, but he's wrong; the movie was released early in 1984.

  • When Steele and Laura arrive at Keyes' house, they push the doors open and go inside, then leave them open as they go in search of the man. Yet, when the police arrive, the doors are closed.

  • Season 4 Episode 22: Bonds of Steele


    *From the closet Steele locked Laura into, she could not see the wedding. Once Laura got out of the closet, there was no need for her to climb up a chair and look, she could just leave the room.

    *After Clarissa called, Remington hung up and exited his office just in time to allow Laura and Mildred to hang up as well. And yet, Mildred said Fred had to bring around the limo. Who called for the limo?

    *Laura Holt is not even supposed to be in the Unidac building, and yet, she is paged into room T405. Why didn't she suspect anything, but bravely walked into the room, seeing that the light was out?

  • Time Frame

    Why does Laura says she had to pretend for four years?

    In "In the Steele of the Night", Murphy said it had been four years since they'd left Havenhurst Detective Agency. Since Laura had her own agency for six months, she could not have been pretending for more than 3.5 years

    Of course, 3.5 and 4 are pretty close, Laura could be merely exaggerating a bit, considering her mind is completely elsewhere at the moment.

    But it still contradicts with "Red Holt Steele", in which the goons at Varicorp said she had been employed with Remington Steele Investigations for the last 3.5 years, and "Forged Steele", in which Laura calls Remington Steele Investigations the product of six years of hard work; both mean there was no Remington Steele in the picture for only 2.5 years.

    Still, four is a new number.

    It also contradicts with what Laura says in the coffin in "Dreams of Steele" about "three years of building up the agency," which means no more than a year and a half without Remington Steele in the picture.

  • Season 4 Episode 21: Steele Alive and Kicking


    *Two years is a long time... In "High Flying Steele", Steele was in an excellent shape, yet now he can't do much simpler exercises.

    *Vinnie has just had a brain surgery, yet, his hair is intact; in fact, he could even use a haircut

  • Season 4 Episode 20: Beg, Borrow, or Steele

  • Since Steele is able to pick locks with ease, why didn't he just pick Mildred's lock. They could have stayed there and eaten whatever she happened to have on hand at the time.


    *How did Candy get hooked up with Harrigan?
    *How did Harrigan know where and for whose benefit he should pretend he's drunk?

    *Security at racetracks is very tight; nobody can even get close to the horses, much less set them loose.

    *When Jarvis comes to arrest Mildred, we're shown a shot of Remington's desk with the assumption that Steele and Laura are hiding behind it. In fact, if they were, we would be able to see their shadows underneath.

    *The Lavulite in the news broadcast really looks like real Royal Lavulite. Funny it's specifically pointed out that Lavulite is violet. What happened to "as blue as pieces of the sky"?

  • MATH 101

    Their "cash count" doesn't add up.

    First, Steele tells Laura that if she had to give more than a dollar for a hot shower, she'd be out of luck.

    Then they take a cab to the racetrack, even though a dollar should hardly be enough for two bus tickets. Did Candy give them some cash? Probably not, but who knows?

    Later, when they're looking for Harrigan, they only have enough money for one cot, which means no more than a dollar is left in the morning.

    What did they hock to get to the racetrack again, it's $5 per person? And how much did they get for Laura's necklace? $10 to pay for two admission tickets on the first days and $2-3 more to pay for one cot? A necklace isn't worth hocking for $13.


    For some mysterious reason Remington decided not to wear most of his jewelry to the wedding in New York. His bracelet, his medallion, and his pinky ring are not seen in this episode, else he could have hocked them. Is that why he didn't wear them in the first place, eh?

    But what about Remington's watch? The last time it's seen in the episode is in the motel room; he takes it off when he goes to the bathroom, puts it near the telephone, and puts it back on when he and Laura hear the sirens. What happened to it? Did he pawn it? If he did, they should have some cash; enough to last for a couple of days, I suspect. But he didn't and wore it during their romantic interlude in his living room.

  • Season 4 Episode 19: Steele in the Running


    *Steele tears off the ribbon of his gift twice - first, we see him do it from behind Laura's shoulder, then again from behind his shoulder.

    *Sandra came to Joan's apartment to pick up a few things. But, she, Laura, and Steele don't carry anything when leave the place or later, at Union Station


    *How did they know where to find Joan if she left before telling Mildred where she was?

    *So, does he or does he not carry change? In Steele Spawnig, he tells Bing that he doesn't, but in this episode, he manages to find enough to make a phone call - and yet, after he apparently discarded his wallet along with his jacket since we don't see it in his trousers' pockets.

    *Mildred undoubtedly has her own way of finding information. Still, where did she find newspaper clippings about Ivory, Arguello, and Gullickson?

    *Joan Grey steps aside to switch the numbers. But when Laura gets hers, the packet is right in front of the race official. How did it get there without anyone noticing?

    *"This is becoming an expensive habit." Why? It's the first jacket item of clothing Mr. Steele discarded - at the race, he gave his jacket to Mildred

  • Season 4 Episode 18: Steele at Your Service

  • Doesn't anybody clean up the rooms in such a wealthy house? Because if they do, how did the tear-off in Hastings' wastebasket survived?

  • Season 4 Episode 16: Sensitive Steele

  • Continuity

    Remington wears light blue jeans when saying good-byes to the Spa staff and dark blue ones during the walk on the beach.


    *Is it possible to rig a hot tub this way?
    *Where did Laura and Steele manage to get a dummy so quickly?
    *Why (or How) did they decide it was Sonia, and not Gerald, who wanted to put the Spa out of business?

  • Tidbit

    *The gazebo didn't slide with the ground, it flipped over as though it was pulled down - which probably how it was done.

  • Season 4 Episode 15: Steele Blue Yonder


    *What are those paintings made of? Johnny couldn't tear them up so easily if they were painted on canvas.

    *Apparently, the Auburn was restored after it was taken apart in "Steele Blushing". (Edit: Why not? They got all the parts)

  • Season 4 Episode 14: Santa Claus is Coming to ...


    The guy cuts his mother into little pieces, gift-wraps her, sends the packages to his uncle, and he walks away after eight months in a mental institution? Is that it?


    *Mildred says, "It"s the same leg he broke when that guy who was killing all those bachelors ran him down." [In "Steele Eligible", Steele ended up with two broken legs, so Mildred is not that much off here. Still, when Victor Janoff run him down, Remington broke his right leg, and when he fell down the elevator shaft, he broke the left one.]

    *In this episode, Laura, accusing Steele of sending her the watch, tells him, "You told me you were on your way to buy me a gift when..." and then he starts improvising about a watch. The original script for "Dancer, Prancer, Donner and Steele" had Steele calling Saks and asking if they still had that watch and then heading right over there to purchase it. But of course, he never even got out of the office...

    *When Laura sees Dancer at her doorstep, she recalls him saying, "I'd love to splatter that pretty face all over this room." The line was used in "Dancer, Prancer, Donner and Steele", only Dancer didn't say it to her, he said it to Steele after his unsuccessful attempt to take control over the gun. Laura couldn't possibly see Dancer at the angle she remembers him - from the floor.


    Does Mr. Steele always brush his teeth in the middle of a conversation in his office? Or is it just a way to avoid talking to Laura? And he either doesn't use any toothpaste or doesn't rinse after brushing.

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