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  • Season 1 Episode 1: License to Steele

  • When Laura told Murphy to take Mr. Steele's luggage to the penthouse, she also instructed him to hang out "Do Not Disturb" sign. However, when the future Remington Steele first came into Mr. Steele's hotel room, he hung out the sign, too.

  • When erzats-Steele described how Ben Pearson had been killed, he said that the blade was 6" long. The blade Neff was playing with wasn't that long.

  • When ex-Steele was seen leaving the hotel to go to the airport, he only had an attache case. Where was the rest of his things? Even if the tuxedo had been rented, he still had some suits.

  • Why weren't Laura and Bernice surprised to walk into the office in the morning, find the door unlocked, a client waiting - and Murphy not in yet, else he would've been in the reception area with Lester Giddons?

  • When Laura meets the future 'Mr. Steele' he has five passports, each in the name of a character Humphrey Bogart played:

    Douglas Quintain, England - (The) Stand-In (1937)
    Michael O'Leary, Ireland - Dark Victory (1939)
    Paul Fabrini, Italy - They Drive By Night (1940)
    John Murrell, France - Virginia City (1940)
    Richard Blaine, Australia - Casablanca (1942)

    Ironically Humphrey Bogart also played a character named Steele in In a Lonely Place (1950), so Mr. Steele didn't break the tradition and picked his new alias after yet another Bogart film.

  • If neither insurance nor Gordon Hunter could cover the cost of Royal Lavulite in case the gems were stolen, Gordon wouldn't have gotten them on display in the first place.

  • Season 1 Episode 2: Tempered Steele

  • Remington's apartment has a doorbell. The only other time we'll ever hear the doorbell again will be in "Steele Belted."In other episodes, it's a buzzer.

  • According to air dates, it had been a week since Remington Steele became Remington Steele. According to Laura, the Randall case had been closed for three days. Presumably, Laura had also spent some time working on it. Definitely she had been very busy protecting the Royal Lavulite. Where had she found three weeks to play secretary? Besides, since Steele had spent $22,000 in a single month, it must mean there was more that a week between the first and the second episodes. Still, Laura had to play secretary and close the Randall case at the same time.

  • If Laura had been nearly choked to death, she should have a bruise on her neck, but the dress she wore at the dinner was open and there was no bruise.

  • How did Mrs. Dillon manage to inject muscle relaxant and transport Wallace's unconscious body without leaving bruises or abrasions on Wallace's body?

  • How was Mr. Steele going to tip Claude and the valet if he never carried even small amounts of cash?

  • Steele told Laura that his car would be at her apartment. However, later, in "Signed, Steele and Delivered," it's revealed that she lives in a house.

  • Season 1 Episode 3: Steele Waters Run Deep

  • Even though George didn't have a driver's license, he could still drive. George could have still killed Cynthia and driven away in a stolen car.

  • When wires are connected to hot-wire a car or a boat, there can be a spark, but not a flame, as we see when Steele hot-wires Toodle-Loo.

  • When Steele first meets Albee, and he exclaims about how Albee invented the game StarSmash, he raises his hand to his mouth. The camera view switches behind him, and Steele raises his hand the same way again.

  • The pages missing form George Kaplan's calendar are October 18 and 19, which means the episode is set on October 22-23, '82. It agrees with the original air date. However, it doesn't agree with the dates in "Tempered Steele."

  • Season 1 Episode 4: Signed, Steeled, & Delivered

  • CIA analysts and operations' directors should live in Washington, D.C. Their offices should be there, as well. CIA. is not FBI., they don't have branch offices in every major US city.

  • If Laura still has her ex-boyfriend's clothes and toiletries, they probably split up a short while ago. It doesn't agree with what she says in "Vintage Steele."

  • Steele calls the CIA at nine o'clock. He gets there around one o'clock. What were they doing for four hours?

  • The reference to "Misha" and "Two seats for the Bolshoi" is either a goof or blarney. Baryshnikov never had anything to do with Bolshoi. Besides, at the time, Bolshoi wasn't even in the country.

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