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Remington Steele

NBC (ended 1987)



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  • Season 4 Episode 14: Santa Claus is Coming to ...


    *Mildred says, "It"s the same leg he broke when that guy who was killing all those bachelors ran him down." [In "Steele Eligible", Steele ended up with two broken legs, so Mildred is not that much off here. Still, when Victor Janoff run him down, Remington broke his right leg, and when he fell down the elevator shaft, he broke the left one.]

    *In this episode, Laura, accusing Steele of sending her the watch, tells him, "You told me you were on your way to buy me a gift when..." and then he starts improvising about a watch. The original script for "Dancer, Prancer, Donner and Steele" had Steele calling Saks and asking if they still had that watch and then heading right over there to purchase it. But of course, he never even got out of the office...

    *When Laura sees Dancer at her doorstep, she recalls him saying, "I'd love to splatter that pretty face all over this room." The line was used in "Dancer, Prancer, Donner and Steele", only Dancer didn't say it to her, he said it to Steele after his unsuccessful attempt to take control over the gun. Laura couldn't possibly see Dancer at the angle she remembers him - from the floor.


    Does Mr. Steele always brush his teeth in the middle of a conversation in his office? Or is it just a way to avoid talking to Laura? And he either doesn't use any toothpaste or doesn't rinse after brushing.

  • Season 4 Episode 13: Suburban Steele

  • In this episode Donald and Frances have 3 kids, but in the episode "Steele Sweet on You" Frances said she only had two.

  • Season 4 Episode 12: Steele Spawning


    *When Martin Rome opens the box that contains ball bearings, he removes the top, but when he opens the box with Denisovitch's body, he removes the side panel. How did he know there wasn't any caviar there?

    *Bing says, "I've been trying to get through to Denisovitch all day." No wonder he couldn't reach him - Moscow is 11 hours ahead of Los Angeles; Bing should have called all night.

    *Laura must have an amazing talent if she recognized a language after Strelnikov only muttered a few words. Either that or she knows Russian.

  • Season 4 Episode 9: Dancer, Prancer, Donner a...

  • Although the thief's character name was "Donner", it is interesting to note that the actual reindeer's name (from Moore's poem) is "Donder" -- not too many people realize this.

  • According to the DVD commentary, this is the first episode to feature a third party (Mildred Krebs) besides the two main stars in the final frozen shot.


    *Apparently, Eva had instructed Dancer before she was taken hostage; probably quite ahead of time. Why was it necessary for her to carry the tape and the voice-changing machine in her purse?

    *When Mildred dumps the contents of Eva's bag on the table, it's very obvious that the grapes are nothing but plastic props; real grapes are never that glossy.

    *The line "One thing's for certain - they want me." What is it - delusion of grandeur or another leftover from the original script?

    *When Mr. Steele aims his gun at Santa, it should be obvious at least some bullets are missing - the gun is a revolver. But even if for some reason Dancer doesn't notice it when Steele has the gun, he should notice it later, when he picks it up - a loaded gun is much heavier, and Dancer seems to have some experience with guns, unless he got lucky with Dr. Scabbard.

  • Season 4 Episode 8: Coffee, Tea or Steele

  • The nasty cut on Remington's forehead permanently disappears by the scene at the bar.

  • Season 4 Episode 7: Premium Steele


    *It's unwise to remove the handcuffs in full view of the receptionist's desk.
    *Why was it possible to locate a car, only knowing it had a bumper sticker (in "Steele of Approval"), but impossible to track down a black Ford, knowing two digits of the license plate?

    *Why was it necessary for the Weil Mortuary to print obituaries in the newspaper? And just how many people read obituaries trying to figure out whether their business partner is going to show up for a meeting? How many people, having read the obituary in a paper, would not believe if the person calls and says it's mistake? How hard is it to persuade somebody you know that you're not dead over the phone? Or at least to sow the seed of the doubt?

  • Continuity

    At the Perennial, a little round piece of band-aid on the left side of Steele's neck comes and goes as it pleases. It's there at the receptionist's desk, gone when they are downstairs at the car, back on in the elevator, and gone again during the fight scene.

  • Season 4 Episode 6: Corn Fed Steele

  • Though the episode makes references to taking place in Iowa, the mountains in nearly all exterior scenes betray southern California. The license plates on all the cars are the regular generic California plates. Lastly, the town is a mild redress of The Dukes of Hazzard set, but all of Georgia street and highway signs remain.

  • There are no mountains or tomato farms in Iowa.

  • Season 4 Episode 5: Forged Steele

  • PLOT

    *The con Laura thought Steele might have been running with Cranston was far too risky; even if Remington was in on it, he would have never come back, and he would have never even come close to the hole in the floor; this way, at least he wouldn't end up in jail and there would be no need for Laura to bail him out. But of course, Laura was in no condition to act logically.

    *Keyes says he doesn't understand why Steele came back - the safe was peeled, the stuff was gone. Indeed, there was no reason to come back. Why the stakeout?

  • Goof/Nitpick

    *When Remington gets out of the jail, he wears a gray suit, not his black "working" clothes he wears during the break-in, arrest and Mildred's visit. It's possible that Reuben has brought him the suit, but we don't see either one carrying the old clothes - he hasn't just discarded them, has he?


    Laura calls Remington Steele Investigations the product of six years of hard work, meaning it's a little over three years with Remington Steele in the picture and about 2.5 years without him.

    It agrees with "Red Holt Steele", in which the goons at Varicorp say she has been employed with Remington Steele Investigations for the last 3.5 years, which means for 2.5 years there was no real Remington Steele in the picture.

    However, it contradicts "In the Steele of the Night", in which Murphy said it had been four years since they'd left Havenhurst Detective Agency.

    Since Laura had her own agency for six months, it makes 3.5 years without real Remington Steele, unless she was unemployed for the whole year, which is unlikely - we know Laura.

    It also contradicts with what Laura says in the coffin in "Dreams of Steele" about "three years of building up the agency," which means no more than a year and a half without Remington Steele in the picture.

    And it contradicts with "Bonds of Steele", in which Laura tells Alessandra she had to pretend for four years.

  • Season 4 Episode 2: Steele Searching (2)


    *In "Breath of Steele" we learned Steele's birthday was in December; the actual date was never specified. That was the date Laura had put into his official bio when she created Remington Steele. But the birth date in Remington Steele's passport is September 6, 1952. Why?

    *In the last scene Laura is still wearing the same clothes she wore at the Earl's, but her hair style is different. Very flat-top.


    *Once you have five different passports from five different countries in five different names, what's just one more? It's strange he doesn't have a passport in the name of Remington Steele by now; it's really not that hard. Even if Steele cannot find a forger right away, he still has friends who can, Daniel, for example.

    *When "the finest assassin in Europe" shoots the window, the glass explodes with flames.

  • Season 4 Episode 1: Steele Searching (1)

  • If Steele took all his clothes when he left LA, why does Douglas Quintain only have one suitcase?

  • Steele is wearing his leather jacket before he goes to Paddington Station and after it, but not there. It's obviously a continuity problem since he has no place to stay and to leave the jacket there.

  • After being wounded so badly, Steele recuperated amazingly fast.

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