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  • Season 1
    • 8/20/12
      Paul heads to Las Vegas to save the agency of one of his former mentors and friends, which is going downhill fast. At the same time, two sisters are competing against one another for an opportunity to do a photo shoot for the famous Seventeen magazine. Which one of them will taste success?moreless
    • 8/13/12
      All in the Family is an episode of the CW network television series remodeled. In this episode, Haley lands an audition with Paul Mitchell. Meanwhile, Paul tries to turn around a failing modeling agency. Will Paul and Haley succeed, or will they have to go back to the drawing board?
    • 2/22/12
      PAUL TRANSFORMS THE BLAZE MODELING AGENCY/MEGHAN NEW CAMPAIGN HAS HER IN OVER HER HEAD - The Network's new superstar Meghan has booked a new watch campaign, but it involves working with a male model. Can Meghan feel comfortable enough with her new male partner to keep this once in a lifetime opportunity, or will her inexperience ruin her chances? Elsewhere, Paul heads down to Hermosa Beach, CA where a persistent but misguided agency owner has begged for an opportunity to work with the Network. Will Paul be able to get her to change her ways, or will he pass on letting this agency into The Network?moreless
    • 2/15/12
      PAUL TRANSFORMS CENTRO MODELS/SHAUGHNESSY GETS THE CHANCE OF A LIFETIME - After being discovered during a previous visit to The Network's Orlando agency, Emerge, Shaughnessy lands an opportunity to walk in an Andy Hilfiger fashion show in Miami. While there, Shaughnessy get the chance to vie for a major purse campaign. Elsewhere, Paul and his team travel to St. Louis, MO, where a once thriving Network agency is beginning to show its age.moreless
    • 2/8/12
      PAUL TRANSFORMS THE COURTIER AGENCY/MEGHAN'S MODELING CAREER IS IN JEOPARDY - After drawing a lot of interest at New York Fashion Week, The Network lands rising star, Meghan, an opportunity to meet with Elle Magazine. But when JT finds out that Meghan is failing high school, the trip is suddenly in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Paul travels to Phoenix, AZ, where he visits a new agency looking to join The Network. Do the all-male owners have what it takes to pass Paul's test?moreless
    • The Gummy Bear
      Episode 3

      The Network sets out to help Annelise take one last shot at modelling after she loses out in New York for Fashion Week. Instead they hook her up with a major clothier's campaign. Paul goes to Orlando, Florida to try to convince a modelling agency owner to turn over a new leaf, but it looks like she's going to hold out.

    • In this episode, Paul heads to South Dakota to try to revamp a modeling agency. There he discovers an agency owner that is putting girls through a modelling school without any real anticipation that they might one day make a career of it. Meanwhile Olga and JT are in New York trying to get them appointments during Fashion Week.

    • A Latte To Learn
      Episode 1

      Paul Fisher, a modeling agent veteran, tries to gather hundreds of small modeling agencies and combine them into one venture. He also visit a Minnesota agency that is losing clients left and right to a rival agency in the same city. Can Paul use his knowledge to save the agency in time?