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MTV - Music Television (ended 1991)


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Remote Control

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Remote Control was a game show about television. Many of the questions revolved around old television shows.

Other popular segments include...

"Sing Along With Colin," where contestants were charged with identifying and/or finishing songs sung by Colin Quinn.

"Snack Break" the contestant who answered the last question correctly got a chance to pick from 3 fridges to find the CDs.

"Home Shopping Zone" & "Ranger Bob", when the contestant hit those channels, a skit was performed, followed by a 10 point deduction off their score.

Two rounds were played. There were 9 channels, each having 3 questions (valued @ 5-10-15/10-20-30). Near the end of round 2, when "OFF THE AIR" came on, the player with the least amount of points is eliminated. Then the two remaining play a lightning round, where the the top score played the bonus round for cool prizes.

The bonus round had 9 screens (all music videos). It was up to the contestant to identify all 9 videos in 30 seconds to with the grand prize.

Sometimes, celebrities would play for charity. Also, the show would go on the road to Daytona Beach. Swimwear models were the channels (odd numbered channels were girls in bikinis with the name of the category written on the sash, while even numbered channels were guys in Speedos having the category name painted on their muscular body).moreless