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MTV - Music Television (ended 1991)


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  • The late Ken Ober hosts MTV's fun game show from his basement. Ken also gets some help from some friends named Colin Quinn, Adam Sandler, Dennis Leary and (how can I forget) Kari Wurhur.


    Remote Control was defintely a lot of fun. I never missed a show when the show originally ran on MTV. It was very clever in the sense that it wasn't a conventional game show. Not only did contestants answer questions but they also had to complete song lyrics, know the punch lines to old vaudville jokes (Remember Mr. Baggy Pants?) and even got a visit from the "Trivia Delinquent" played by a then-unknown Adam Sandler. It was a great show but it sadly jumped the shark after it went into syndication. Well, it was great while it lasted. Kari rocks!

  • As it stood it was funny but what it led to causes me to ding it 3 points from 8.4 to 5.4

    The bad thing about Remote Control is that it was the beginning of the end for MTV as we knew it. Once upon a time MTV was the coolest thing - nothing but music videos 24/7. Then came Remote Control - it was still 95% videos but the flood gates had creaked open ready to unleash a torrent of crap the likes of which the world had never seen before! Once Real World reared its head, the old MTV was on its way to becoming a pants load.

    What do you see today? Junk. Music videos are scarcer than hens teeth unless you are up at 3am on 24 hour missile watch at NORAD. I mean you got everything on MTV during normal viewing hours except videos! VH-1 went down pretty much the same route loads of socalled "Reality TV"... they should just change the names of the 2 networks to RTV and RH-1. Get rid of the M and the V because they arent about Music and Videos any more.
  • it's good for what it was

    Remote Control was a show I happened to see channel surfing one day. Some of the characters were bizarre (Adam Sandler, Colin Quinn), and they probably could have gotten a better host than Ken Ober, but that's probably what made it so good -- it was that bad.

    A fun show for it's time.
  • A pretty good concept with the wrong hosts.

    Remote Control looked promising.....until both Ken Ober and Colin Quinn deemed themselves the most hilarious game show hosts in the history of the genre. Their combined smugness became more intolerable with each ensuing episode. \"LOOK AT US!\" they seemed to be saying. \"WE ARE SO FUNNY!\" Well, they weren\'t. And they still aren\'t. Ober is nowhere to be seen these days and there is very good reason for that. As for Quinn, I can\'t figure out how he is still getting paid for his mundane \"comedy\". I know of one person--Craig Kilborn--who must have worshipped the show. And where is HE now? That should tell you something. Jenny McCarthy- Exquisite eye candy? Yes. Funny? No. The contestants didn\'t really matter as the hosts virtually ignored them while plying their self indulgent skits. I encouraged others to use their remote controls when this show was on.
  • gameshow where you answer questions and in the bonus round you spin on a bed

    ok i was like 8 when this show was on but i remember it like it was yesterday... i wish that they ould bring it back some way have a vj from todays era host it of course but it was a great past time... i just remember the contestants flipping backwards after the rounds... AWESOME!!!

    best game show ever
  • One of the best game shows ever.

    This show was awesome. It's a game show, it's TV triva, it's comedy. Most of the contestants were college kids. Every once in awhile they would do a special episode (lost '70s episode, rock stars, child TV stars). Adam Sandler was the biggest name to come from the show. He was a bit player that wasn't in every show. But Colin Quinn went on to SNL, and Kari Wuhrer has done a lot of movies and TV shows since. I wish we'd see more of Ken Ober...funny guy. Never saw the music guy Steve since, or any of the other hostesses after or before Kari.