Remote Control

MTV - Music Television (ended 1991)


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  • A pretty good concept with the wrong hosts.

    Remote Control looked promising.....until both Ken Ober and Colin Quinn deemed themselves the most hilarious game show hosts in the history of the genre. Their combined smugness became more intolerable with each ensuing episode. \"LOOK AT US!\" they seemed to be saying. \"WE ARE SO FUNNY!\" Well, they weren\'t. And they still aren\'t. Ober is nowhere to be seen these days and there is very good reason for that. As for Quinn, I can\'t figure out how he is still getting paid for his mundane \"comedy\". I know of one person--Craig Kilborn--who must have worshipped the show. And where is HE now? That should tell you something. Jenny McCarthy- Exquisite eye candy? Yes. Funny? No. The contestants didn\'t really matter as the hosts virtually ignored them while plying their self indulgent skits. I encouraged others to use their remote controls when this show was on.