Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon

Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Unknown on Spike TV
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Ren Höek, renowned lover of humanity, and his pal Stimpy decide that they must do everything in their power to help a couple of misfortunates, a widow and her headless child. For pictures from the episode, click here.

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  • Ren and Stimpy decide to help out a widow who's husband left her nothing but a hole in the ground.

    This is a famous episode, if for no other reason than it is officially the longest running episode out of the entire run of the series. It lasts about forty minutes long and it is hilarious every step of the way. There are more gay jokes made in this episode between Ren and Stimpy, but John K. has said that they are only gay in the episodes when it is needed and they aren't all of the time. There isn't really gay things said, but what they do, you can understand the symbolism. Overall, this episode is really great, especially since it is based on Three Stooges episodes.moreless
  • Best APC episode ever!

    For those who grew up with The Three Stooges will love this one; a great tribute to one of the best live-action series ever.

    The story is so simple: Good Samaritans Ren and Stimpy help a down-on-her-luck widow and her headless son by giving her money, food, and building her a new house. How? By thieving all the stuff needed to do so.

    When you leave a story this simple, it leaves enough room for the gags to come in, and this 40-minute episode is loaded with them; Every single minute of this has Three Stooges-esque beatings, hilarious slapstick, edgy turns, and so on and on.

    I highly recommend buying the Lost Episodes DVD for this episode as well as Ren Seeks Help. Not for kids, though.moreless

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    • (Widow crying in sorrow)
      Ren: Oh, how pitiful.
      Ren: Stimpy, don't just stand there. Why don't you give her your bra?
      (Stimpy screams)
      Stimpy: Not the one you gave me for our anniversary!
      Ren: Stimpy, SHAME! Don't be so selfish! It's a good cause!
      (Stimpy searches through his chest and unhooks his bra, hands it to the widow)
      Ren: That's a start. But, you know Stimpy? I know realize that we have not done enough for these people. They need more than money and sandwiches. They need a shelter from the cold!

    • Ren: Hey Stimpy, look! Check it out.
      Stimpy: Wow that's great, Ren. Eh what is it?
      Ren: It's a priceless antique ya dummy. It's a black velvet painting of Mexican Elvis. Mexican Elvis, Stimpy!
      Stimpy: Should we take it?
      Ren: Of course. What home would be complete without Mexican Elvis?

    • (Ren and Stimpy crack open a safe full of loot)
      Stimpy: Are you sure what we're doing is right?
      Ren: Stimpy, these are rich white people, they are stinking with money that they made by exploiting lower class peoples. Why they probably have a television set in every room. They're not gonna miss a couple 10, 20 thousand dollars. We're donating their loot to charity stupid. It's a write off for them. We're doing them a favor.

    • Ren: Alright. Okay, listen. You put this costume on, go distract the duck, and I'll take it from there.
      Stimpy: Done. (Starts putting the costume on)
      Ren: C'mon. C'mon. Hurry up!
      Stimpy: What are you gonna do, Ren?
      Ren: (Punches Stimpy in the nose) I'm going to try to refrain from killing you!
      Stimpy: Good idea. Whatta brain.

    • Ren: Okay, enough crap, lets figure out a way into that house.
      Stimpy: Okay (Stimpy proceeds to climb the fence in front of the property)
      (Ren grabs him by his butt hairs)
      Ren: Hey idiot, what the hell were you thinking? Can't you read the sign?
      (Sign says Danger, Angry Duck On Premises)

    • Ren: Now don't worry a single hair on your pretty little head baby, me and my idiot will solve all your problems. We can't stand to see people suffering, can we, Stimpy?
      (Ren twists Stimpy's eyebrow)
      Stimpy: Oh ah ei oh ah ei oh ah ei, we sure can't Ren.

    • Lady: Oh bless you boys. (Kisses Ren and Stimpy) you're good Samaritans!
      Stimpy: We're altruists!
      Ren: Shut up idiot, she doesn't need to know we're godless heathens.

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