Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon

Season 1 Episode 1

Man's Best Friend

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jun 23, 2003 on Spike TV
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Man's Best Friend
Ren & Stimpy learn the true meaning of obedience when George Liquor takes them home with him from the pet shop and swears to make them "champions."

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  • Eet's disipline that begets love!

    That was such a funny episode, although I can see why it was never aired. You can only see it if you buy the dvd of the first season.

    I love it when Ren was beating up Liquor. I can never forget his insane laughter.

    This episode was so good with expression and action. I miss Ren and Stimpy.
  • The only episode that I would watch on the adult cartoon...

    Ren and Stimpy learn the true meaning of discipline. "It's discipline that begets love." Let me just say that this is the best line in the entire episode. I love how Ren recites everything George Liquor says while beating him up. Kind of graphic and pretty violent, but it gives me such delight seeing it. I could never forget his breakdown, his laughter and many of the other moments that made this episode so memorable.

    I admit that I don't remember George Liquor growing up, nor do I remember ever seeing this episode. I can see why it was banned, but it possesses quality. The type of quality that other episodes lacked in the original series. I love this episode and I miss this show. Bring it back.moreless

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    • George Liquor : Hi, I'm George Liquor American!

    • Ren: (when first sighting George Liquor in the pet shop) Psst, a human! Look sharp, Steempy. Maybe he'll buy us!
      (Ren and Stimpy become a still shot of a live-action chihuahua and cat! The cat (Stimpy) is red and white with a tiny blue nose.)
      George Liquor: Gosh! Look at the cute little rascals!

    • George Liquor: Why don't you just take the car? Why don't you go see a movie?
      Ren: Maybe I would take the car but the goldfish took it.
      George: Oh a smart mouth, a smart mouth huh? You know what we do to smart mouths around here? We give them...another twenty bucks.

    • Ren: Eet's DISipline that begets love!
      (Continues to whack George Liquor with the oar)
      Stimpy: NOOOOO!
      (Stimpy grabs the oar)
      Stimpy: You mustn't! He is our master!
      (Ren manages to get Stimpy off, and shows a gleefully insane smile)
      (Ren proceeds to wack George Liquor with the oar unmercifully)

  • NOTES (4)

    • Not only was this episode censored by Nick but it was also taken off the British Ren and Stimpy DVD though it says that the episode is on the set.

    • A breif clip of Ren freaking out from "Man's Best Friend" was shown in the Ren and Stimpy music video, "Cat Hairballs."

    • The music playing while George Liquior buys Ren and Stimpy and takes them is the same music on the CD You Eediot. It's Track 01.

    • Nickelodeon banned this episode when the series started because it was considered too violent and sadistic for kids. It has a scene where George Liquor is beaten by Ren with a boating oar exactly 27 times and twists his head in slow motion. After they fired John Kricfalusi, and Games took over the show, Nick had planned to re-animate and "fix" the story of "Man's Best Friend" for the 5th season. This never happened. Eventually, TNN snuck this episode into their Animation For Men promotion on the night of June 23, 2003.


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      The opening in which George Liquor buys Ren and Stimpy from the pet shop is actually John K.'s tribute to the classic Chuck Jones Warner Bros. cartoon "Elmer's Pet Rabbit" (1941) with Bugs Bunny.