Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon

Season 1 Episode 7

Naked Beach Frenzy

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Unknown on Spike TV
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Ren and Stimpy enjoy a day at the beach. Ren shows his respect to the superiority of the female form, forcing Stimpy to find succor in the bosom of a large foreign huckster. Featuring: Shampoo Master, making his long-awaited debut. And don't blink or you might miss a special guest appearance by Jiminy Man. For pictures from the episode, click here.moreless

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  • You think you know \"Ren & Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon\"? Slap yourself and think again. This episode pushes the limits of taste to the extreme.

    Tasteless! Many people will undoubtedly stamp this episode with that word. First i must say i too wasn\'t very happy about \"Onward and Upward\". But the series has improved greatly since that disaster. \"Ren Seeks Help\" is still the best episode i\'ve seen yet. But this is almost just as good. Many good jokes are present and the reason they work so well is the superb animation. \"South Park\" and \"Family Guy\" are both great shows and doesn\'t need great animation to deliver some laughs. But that is because the comedy doesn\'t lie in the animation. In R & S, the comedy simply relies on decent animation, and does this show have great animation or what? One of the funniest moments in the episode is simply watching the hairy lifeguard run. This is only funny because of the great animation used. John K. and the team has delivered another funny episode and thereby erasing all hateful memories from \"Onward and Upard\".moreless
  • This episode is what Ren and Stimpy were intended to be all about, low brow and titilating humour. So funny i had to watch it a second time to catch everything, i was laughing so hardmoreless

    The episode opens with Ren and Stimpy on the beach. The plot line is simply, Stimpy thinks they are at the beach for some fresh air and sunlight but Ren is really there to see the barely clothed women. Ren takes particular notice of one girl who is attempting to catch her ball as he oogles over her. Stimpy tries to woo Ren back by purchasing a thong bikini so he'll pay attention to him but it doesn't work. Both R&S end up later "helping" out some girls who need assistance in the shower. While there Ren gets called by an attractive beach goer to help her friend out with some sun tan lotion application, Ren whole heartedly accepts. Unfortunately it turns out to be a hairy lifeguard who is baking in the sun and not an attractive woman. The hilarity ensues and seeing this reignites my faith in cartoons!moreless
  • Perverted but I love it! Ren and Stimpy go to the beach. Stimpy thinks that they are there to have a fun day on the beach, but Ren is really there to check out the girls!moreless

    This episode is full of jokes that will keep you laughing, but it is also full of naked girls! I agree with the makers of the TV series, that the hairy life guard is definitely the funniest part of the episode. Especially at the end when Ren becomes wedged in his butt cheeks! Let's not forget Shampoo Master, which is Stimpy's new superhero persona. There is another scene of adult humor when Ren has to wash down the naked girls in the shower and even shave all of their body hair off. Overall, this is a great episode, but NOT for younger viewers.moreless
  • I really was blown away with this episode when I got the uncut dvd. Its definetly a classic. The story line is funny and perverted to the highest level.....

    I really was blown away with this episode when I got the uncut dvd. Its definetly a classic. The story line is funny and perverted to the highest level. For a fan that doesn\'t mind naked girls and dirty jokes this is a definete episode to watch, you\'ll crack up.

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • In the shower girl's autograph book you can see several funny signatures. Some of them are creators of this episode: Luke Cormican, Katie Rice (the voice of the red-headed shower girl), Tom Hay, and John K. And other's are parodies of famous celebrities: Brad Pitts, Russel Crock, Tom Cruz, and George Coonie.

    • When Stimpy/"Shampoo Master", was massaging the girl's head, the lip synch is way off. John K. mentions this in an interview on the lost episodes DVD.

    • The plug on Ren's inner tube changes between shots.

    • Ren's cigarettes are called, "Black Lung Cigarettes".

  • QUOTES (4)

    • (Stimpy rescues Ren from the very hairy lifeguards butt with a plunger and holds him upside down)
      Stimpy: (kisses ren and looks at him very somber) Did that bad man pinch you?
      Ren: Just put me down, Stimpy.
      Male Lifeguard; Hey you you're that Jiminy Sandcrab guy! You son of a ****, you made me kiss you! Wait till i get my hairs on you!

    • Red Haired Girl: Y'know, Joanie, this is one of the nicest change room i've ever stripped in.
      (She throws her bra on Ren and Stimpy's head)
      Joanie: And it' very professional too.
      (Joanie throws her underwear on rens face)
      Ren: Nothing but class here sister! (Ren proceeds to sniff the underwear, Stimpy looks at him with disgust)

    • (Ren watches from his rubber raft as some female lifeguards train for C.P.R.)
      Blonde lifeguard: Okay, girls, here is the correct way to administer mouth to mouth, pay attention!
      (She licks her lips before giving mouth to mouth to another girl, a smoothing sound ensues)
      Blonde: And thats how it's done ladies (Ren looks on in awe) remember a lifeguards lips are her most important... asset.
      Ren: I gotta get my hands on some important assets!

    • Stimpy: Wow, Ren, what a great idea you had to come to the beach today. I didn't know you were into such good clean wholesome fun.
      Ren: Yeah yeah "wholesome"
      (Bikini clad girl comes into Ren's view)

  • NOTES (5)