Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon

Season 1 Episode 9

Stimpy's Pregnant (1)

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Unknown on Spike TV
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Stimpy's Pregnant (1)
This just might be the greatest moment in television history. Stimpy delivers the long-awaited full-onscreen birth of Ren's child. Probably Ren's child. Full of trauma, love and sincere disregard for the FCC. For pictures from the episode, click here.

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  • What the *** is this?!

    Stimpy giving birth to a piece of Ren trying to abort Not only that, but it's padded way too much, the implications are bad, and male pregnancy is just sick. Ugh.
  • Awaking to a world of pain and vomiting, Stimpy realizes that "she" is pregnant and is about to give birth!

    This is definitely a classic episode when Stimpy gives birth to Ren's child. But wait, you say, isn't Stimpy a dude? Well, at the beginning of the episode, there is scrolling dialogue that explains that Stimpy plays a female in this episode and that it is in tribute to women and mothers for what they go through during real pregnancy. It is actually a touching letter at the beginning that was obviously ment to be taken as a tribute to their mothers as well. The episode itself is hilarious! Even though he is a girl in this episode, is he really pregnant? You know this series enough to know that things aren't always as they seem. It is a great episode!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • The sign that Ren and Stimpy pass on the road to the hospital advertises Spumco cigarettes, the name of the production company for R&S.

    • The ice cream in the freezer is labeled "Dark Chocolate Chunky Butt Ice Cream" "80% More Fat" and boasts a picture of the shop owner in "Naked Beach Frenzy"

    • The round box that Stimpy holds while making a dish says "Free Range Chicken Eyes" "Chickens Raised With Care and Horribly Blinded"

    • Anne Marie, who was one of the first to use the flash program for animation on the internet, worked at Spumco and contributed to the symptoms that pregnant Stimpy has during this episode.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • (Stimpy prepares himself to eat the dish that he made but his blouse comes up)
      Ren: Stimpy, there are millions of people watching you, be decent.
      (Stimpy pulls the blouse down only to expose his breasts)
      Ren: Gaaag, this is a family network! (Ren pulls a curtain down to hide Stimpy)

    • Ren: (talking on the phone) yep I'm the king, no **** can resist my throbbing manhood. Well it was nice talking to you Mom. (slams the phone down) Old bitch.

    • (Ren responds to a comment made by someone on the phone)
      Ren: Stimpy! He had nothing to do with it!... I had to do the job all by myself! Just like I always do. Isn't that right Stimpy?
      Stimpy: that's right gloating daddy. (Stimpy then struggles to shovel coal into the heater)

    • (Stimpy looks on as Ren sits with his head in his hands contemplating the pregnancy)
      Ren: Crap crap crap! We haven't had a job in six years! What are we gonna raise him on... kitty litter!

    • Ren: You eediot. You woke me up in the middle of a perfect dream.
      (Ren lunges back his fist to hit Stimpy)
      Stimpy: Don't you lay a hand on me! Not in my condition.
      (Stimpy rubs his belly to elude to the fact he's pregnant)
      Ren: Condition? What condition?
      Stimpy: I've been trying to figure out how to tell you!
      Ren: Tell me what? (Stimpy hesitates) Spit it out, man!
      Stimpy: I'm gonna have your baby!
      Ren: Whaaaaat? I'll take care of that!
      (Ren looks around and grabs a coat hanger)
      Stimpy: (knocks the coat hanger away) Don't you dare put that nasty instrument in me!

    • Ren: Can an expectant father get a goddamn beer around here?!?

    • Ren: You know how many other men tried to impregnate that barren wasteland (Stimpy)? There's de milkman ... de mailman ... de refrigerator repair man ... dat Jehovah's Witness bastard!
      Stimpy: Don't forget about that Boy-scout troop!
      Ren: Dat's right! Not even those strapping young lads could seed dat soil! It took a REAL MAN to put a brat in dere! Yep, my bullets were firing dat day!

    • Narration at the beginning: This picture is dedicated to mothers everywhere. For it is mothers who through their agonies bring us into this world. They nurture, care and love us. They mold us into the unique individuals we are. They lick our hooves when they are chaffed and they hold us when we are distressed. They hide their own torments to succor ours. In this history making teleplay it is our delight and pleasure to introduce Stimpy J. Kadogan in his groundbreaking role as a woman. Stimpy's sensitive, sometimes comical portrayal takes us through the trials, humor and joys of bringing a child through pregnancy and the actual moment of childbirth. The makers of this picture would like to urge you to consider Stimpy for Best Actor in the Role of the Wife of a Chihuahua. Thank you mothers everywhere. Yes sir. I like you.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Stimpy: I'm going to have your baby!

      The episode is a parody of Lucy's pregnancy on "I Love Lucy." Popping up at various points in the episode, we can hear a laugh track at the various wrong moments.

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