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  • Season 1
    • Two burritos short of a combo.
    • Fraulein fever
      Fraulein fever
      Episode 92
    • Dude, she's a serial dater!
    • The Caveman Cometh
      The Caveman Cometh
      Episode 90
    • From Dates to Mates?
    • Different Strokes
      Different Strokes
      Episode 88
    • A Close Shave
      A Close Shave
      Episode 87
    • Macho Man Meets His Match
    • Caution: Golddigger Ahead
    • Beware of roamin' hands
    • More Baggage than a Bellhop
    • She's the Boss
      She's the Boss
      Episode 82
    • Brawlin' Babe
      Brawlin' Babe
      Episode 81
    • Hunting for a Husband
    • "RENDEZ-VIEW" with Cupid
    • Say what?
      Say what?
      Episode 78
    • Love ‘em and Leave ‘em
    • Serial Dater & The Slug
    • Freak-a-Thon!
      Episode 75
      She's into body piercing. He's into wearing eyeliner and mascara. And as Greg puts it, "If you think this date can't get any weirder, think again!" Find out just how bizarro it gets with tonight's panelists, RAIN PRYOR (from Showtime's "Rude Awakening") and CHIP ESTEN ("Whose Line Is It Anyway?"). LOCATION: Atomic Tatoo, Grand Casino Bakerymoreless
    • Princess Seeks Prince Charming
      Priscilla admits she's a "princess." Greg calls her "sassy and cynical." Yet after watching Michael interact with Priscilla, Greg wonders, "Is he just trying to blow her off nicely?" Judge for yourself as Ellen, RYAN STILES ("The Drew Carey Show") and ROLONDA WATTS ("Days of Our Lives") weigh in. LOCATION: Junior Gym, The Arsenal, Delmonico's Lobster Housemoreless
    • My Date with Gumby
      My Date with Gumby
      Episode 73
      Talk about talent – Haley can turn herself into a human bowling ball! But will this cute contortionist bend over backwards for Shahe, a massage therapist whose neediness could rub her the wrong way? Chill with Greg, Ellen, R&B heartthrob MONTELL JORDAN and "V.I.P." co-star, LEAH LAIL. LOCATION: The White House Bar and Loungemoreless
    • Harleys & hot tubs
      Harleys & hot tubs
      Episode 72
      Adam's a biker who boasts he's a "great lover." Melissa craves a guy who's a "killer" kisser. On tonight's edition, our cameras are rolling as STACY KAMANO of "Baywatch Hawaii," comedian GILBERT GOTTFRIED, Ellen and Greg provide a running commentary on their hot-tubbing "RENDEZ-VIEW." LOCATION: Bartel's Harley Davidson, Bagelworks
    • Coffee, Tea or Me?
      Coffee, Tea or Me?
      Episode 71
      Jeff's a flight attendant. Linda's nursing a broken heart. According to Greg, "This guy's really piling it on and she's digging every shovelful." See where they go from there as Greg & Ellen trade quips with SARAH BUXTON ("The Bold & The Beautiful") and "To Tell the Truth's" MESHACH TAYLOR. LOCATION: Good Stuff—Hermosa Beach, Buona Vita Restaurantmoreless
    • Cold War? Cold Shower is More Like It!
      Red meets red, white and blue on tonight's telecast when a sexy Russian named Marina works her womanly wiles on Chris. They're scorching the screen – and you're catching what Greg, Ellen, RONDELL SHERIDAN ("Cousin Skeeter") and AMY PIETZ ("The Weber Show") have to say about it. LOCATION: ice skating at the Ice Chalet, Ristorante Ferrantellimoreless
    • She Does THAT on the Freeway?
      Just because Erin's a nice Catholic girl doesn't mean she's a prude. In fact, Erin tells Martin a jaw-dropping secret about her driving habits that you've gotta hear to believe. Listen up, along with guests DIEDRICH BADER ("The Drew Carey Show") and former "Baywatch" babe ALEXANDRA PAUL. LOCATION: Trader Vic's, Prego Ristorantemoreless
    • Be My Wiener Schnitzel
      Lady boxer MIA ST. JOHN and Fox Sports Net reporter REGGIE THEUS score the play-by-play chores on tonight's "RENDEZ-VIEW" between Pete and Gigi. He loves foreign women. She is one. And the Date Stick reveals whether a German fraulein can find happiness with an all-American boy. LOCATION: shopping at Bristol Farms, Palos Verde's Walking Trails, Hennessey'smoreless
    • Flirtin' for Certain
      All the signs are there: steamy talk, frisky physical contact. Then one of them lobs the old "Let's be friends" line. Who wants "out"? Sit tight as Greg & Ellen compare notes with BETH BRODERICK ("Sabrina, the Teenage Witch") and MARK DeCARLO ("The X Show"). LOCATION: Westwood Brewing Co., Q's Billiards, Napa Valley Grillmoreless
    • Dive Into the Dating Pool
      Dean is a professional diver. Elana is a scuba instructor. We're geniuses for hooking ‘em up. Yet true chemistry can be elusive -- so, have these two got it or not? Sneak a peek with Ellen, Greg and tonight's guests, actress LISA ANN WALTER ("Emeril") and motor-mouthed comic BILL ENGVALL. LOCATION: Long Beach Pier, Yankee Doodle'smoreless
    • His ‘n' Her Space Cadets
      Earth to Jamie and Lauren! Earth to Jamie and Lauren! They look normal, so why does Greg suspect they're "extra-terrestrials" in disguise? "RENDEZ-VIEW" ‘em as Ellen, talkmeister JERRY SPRINGER and BETH LITTLEFORD ("The Daily Show With Jon Stewart") recap their close encounter. LOCATION: Luce Italian Restaurant, Guitar Center, Delmonico's Lobster Housemoreless
    • Daddy's Little Stalker…er, Girl
      We're all for chicks who love their fathers – but Sashah's Daddy Obsession borders on the obnoxious. Still, if Croatia native Mijo can survive war, he can survive Sashah's spiel. Or can he? Get the scoop from Greg & Ellen's guests, "American Pie 2" cutie LISA ARTURO and "Kenan & Kel's" KENAN THOMPSON. LOCATION: Plummer Park, West Hollywood; Yamashiro Restaurantmoreless
    • Is She Buying What He's Selling?
      Holly: "So you think pretty highly of yourself?" Jordan: "Yeah, why not?" (Well, because Holly's biggest turn-off is arrogance, dude!) Jordan's cockiness is put to the test when actor ERIC BALFOUR (HBO's "Six Feet Under") and TERRI J. VAUGHN (from "The Steve Harvey Show") chat up Ellen & Greg. LOCATION: Casa Escobar, The Warehousemoreless
    • Southern Boy Goes Hawaiian
      Micheal comes from Alabama. Elizabeth's a hot dish from Hawaii. Will their sunset mambo by the shore lead to something steamy? Greg & Ellen slap on grass skirts and dish the dirt with KRISTIN DATTILO ("The Chris Isaak Show") and funny guy SEAN TWEEDLY ("The Warm Up Show"). LOCATION: Adventures on Horseback, Gladstone's Restaurant (Malibu)moreless
    • Bubba's Big Boo-Boo
      Note to self: Never wear a cowboy hat on a first date. Makes you look like a hick. Causes Greg to call you nasty names like "Jethro." Ooops! Too late for Rachel's fix-up. Now, "JAG's" ANNE-MARIE JOHNSON and "Beggars & Choosers" star WILLIAM McNAMARA rate this "RENDEZ-VIEW." LOCATION: Sweetie's Candy Station, Market City Caffé, Fantasia Billiardmoreless
    • Unfaithful Flirt ‘Fesses Up
      Beth tells Maka that fidelity isn't her "thing" -- and that's not the only shocker she spills during their evening together. Tonight, Greg & Ellen review the spicy highlights with "Resurrection Blvd." actress MARISOL NICHOLS and four-time Olympic gold medalist CARL LEWIS. LOCATION: Griffith Park Observatory, Adele's Costumes, Antonio's
    • She's a….wha-a-a-t?
      Packing a "Bad Boy" tattoo on his hip, Jason's speechless when Monica makes a disclosure that nearly ends their night before it begins. What is it? Comedy goddess JUDY TENUTA, "Love Cruise" host JUSTIN GUNN, Ellen and Greg react to Monica's declaration. LOCATION: Planet Ice Cream, Reseda Park, Delmonico's Lobster House, Weber's Placemoreless
    • Alias Peter Pan
      Alias Peter Pan
      Episode 58
      Growing up isn't for Geoff. Once his pro soccer career ends, he says, "I refuse to get a real job." Find out how that attitude flies with Katherine – and why Greg dubs her "Hot Lips" -- when Pamela Anderson's "V.I.P." co-star LEAH LAIL and stand-up comic MARIO JOYNER stop by. LOCATION: Café Del Rey, Boat Ride around Marina Del Reymoreless
    • Robo-Date
      Episode 57
      Jeralyne urges James to "Smile more. Laugh more. Just relax." Greg finds him "robotic." The J-Man's not exactly Mr. Slick in the romance department. Can he charm Jeralyne anyway? Ellen & Greg assess the situation with STEVE SCHIRRIPA (from "The Sopranos") and JILL JONES (of UPN's "Girlfriends"). LOCATION: Laser Dreams, 26 Beach Restaurantmoreless
    • Is This Dude Hot (or Not)?
      Mike's take on why he's still single? "There's nobody good like me around." Heather's his Honey du Jour – but will there be room for her, Mike and Mike's jumbo ego on the date? Rapper MC LYTE sizes him up, along with Greg, Ellen and "Card Sharks" host PAT BULLARD. LOCATION: Hollywood Forever Cemeterymoreless
    • Farm Boy Toy
      Farm Boy Toy
      Episode 55
      Tennessee native Shannon would like to offer his Southern comfort to Michelle, and Greg notes the "instant heat wave" when they meet. Discover if their initial chemistry can go the distance as Ellen & Greg greet TV Guide Channel music reporter KATIE WAGNER and ED LOVER ("According to Jim"). LOCATION: Noura Café, Europa restaurant, De Longpre Parkmoreless
    • Beauty and the Freak
      Johnathon's a "stare-master" who stands thisclose to people when he speaks. Kacey's a model who actually likes his in-your-face approach. Or is she just messing with his mind? "Days of Our Lives" diva ALISON SWEENEY and "Monday Night Live" color man BOB GOLIC yak up Greg & Ellen. LOCATION: Aquarium of the Pacific, L'Opera Restaurant, Cohiba Barmoreless
    • Tall Doll seeks Main Squeeze
      Jackie stands 6-feet, 1-inch tall in her bare feet. No wonder Greg dubs her "Xena Dating Princess." Now, see if Randy is man enough to take on a woman who towers over most guys, and fool around with Greg, Ellen, jokemeister MARIO JOYNER and LISA GUERRERO from Fox Sports Net. LOCATION: Perry's Beachside Café, Santa Monica Beach, Enterprise Fish Companymoreless
    • Bartender pours on the charm
      Jason works at a bar. Julia's a law student who hopes to pass the bar. He's a serial dater. She's never been unfaithful. These two appear to be opposites – yet they say opposites attract. What do ARIES SPEARS ("Mad TV"), KRISTA ALLEN ("Days of Our Lives"), Ellen and Greg say? Surf over and sit tight. LOCATION: Family Fun Housemoreless
    • Surf's Up, Thumbs Down
      Dorene loves surfers. Darren's game to hang ten with her. But when it turns out he's no chairman of the board, the Proops Man reports, "Dorene seems to enjoy watching Darren fail." Catch what happens next with actress TAMALA JONES, "The Bold and the Beautiful's" SEAN KANAN, Greg & Ellen. LOCATION: Surfrider Beach, Duke'smoreless
    • Beware of roamin' hands
      On this edition, the Date Stick charts a move Ellen claims "wouldn't work with 99.9% of the women" on Planet Earth. So, when John tries it, how will Lori respond? Greg lets loose, along with "Hot Ticket" co-host TODD NEWTON and gorgeous ("Baywatch") ‘guard DONNA D'ERRICO. LOCATION: No information available.
    • Kiss first, ask questions later
      Krista may be a nanny, but she's no "Mary Poppins." She wants a hot kisser, and on her first date with Marty, she takes his lips for a test drive. Will their steamy smooch jump-start an affair? Greg's "Whose Line Is It Anyway" pal RYAN STILES consults with Señor Proops, Ellen and actress SEAN YOUNG. LOCATION: No information availablemoreless
    • You live… where?
      You live… where?
      Episode 48
      Jason's an aspiring politician who claims, "I'm perfect!" (yeah, except for that modesty thing). Jennifer might be able to live with that – until she learns where he lives. What's the problem? Comic actors JUDY TENUTA and DONDRÉ T. WHITFIELD ("Inside Schwartz") dish with Greg & Ellen. LOCATION: their apartment buildingmoreless
    • "Rock" my world
      "Rock" my world
      Episode 47
      Some guys might be scared off by a single mom with two kids. Not "Rock." He's a fun-loving teacher and rapper who wants to light Afira's fire. Tonight, we'll eavesdrop on their encounter with Ellen & Greg's guest panelists, TONY BRUNO (from Fox Sports Radio) and funny lady DAWNN LEWIS. LOCATION: Priscilla's Coffee Housemoreless
    • 8 Dates, 247 Mistakes
      Relationship expert BARBARA De ANGELIS and Nickelodeon's RONDELL SHERIDAN ("Cousin Skeeter") stop by to review 8 hilarious examples of "Bad Dating Technique" with Greg & Ellen. From first impressions to goodnight kisses, they're dishing the dirt on how to – and how not to – hook up! LOCATION: Frederick's of Hollywoodmoreless
    • Teacher's pet!
      Teacher's pet!
      Episode 45
      Substitute teacher Kerri hooks up with hard-partying ex-Marine Brian. A couple of tequila shots later, they're spilling secrets and… let's just say Ellen & Greg track the action from there with a little help from "Emeril" co-star SHERRI SHEPARD and "General Hospital" hottie BILLY WARLOCK. LOCATION: Panni's Coffee Shop, Venice Boardwalkmoreless
    • Blonde ambition
      Blonde ambition
      Episode 44
      Mark loves "California blondes." Amanda is one. Sounds good so far. They meet. They make out. They hit it off. Yet when the night is over, they have totally different "takes" on their date. What's up? Greg & Ellen pick apart their pairing with TRACI BINGHAM ("Baywatch") and talk host JERRY SPRINGER. LOCATION: No information availablemoreless
    • Cop's kid guilty of frisky business
      Just because her daddy's a sheriff doesn't mean Mia plays by the rules. Now, this self-described "wild girl" toys with "bad boy" James on a date that progresses from an Irish pub to a hot tub. Ellen & Greg size up the situation with "Mad TV" regular DEBRA WILSON and Olympic gold medallist CARL LEWIS. LOCATION: Dublin's, Hustler Storemoreless
    • On call with Dr. Luv
      "Is it love at first sight, or just raging hormones?" That's what Greg wants to know after Carol hits the town with a charming physician named John, who seems "too good to be true" – is he? Greg & Ellen do a post-mortem with MTV's DAISY FUENTES and People magazine fashion guru STEVEN COJOCARU. LOCATION: No information availablemoreless
    • Hold the Mayo…tighter!
      Can a fashion model whose name sounds like a condiment find bliss with a photographer? See if Mayo clicks with pic man Jan as Greg & Ellen "RENDEZ-VIEW" with tonight's guest stars, ARTHEL NEVILLE (E!) and JOSHUA MORROW ("The Young & The Restless"). LOCATION:
    • Yummy Mummy
      Yummy Mummy
      Episode 40
      Heidi may be single, but she's not alone. During her date with BT, she drops "the kid bomb" on him. Will he bolt when he discovers she's got a daughter? Boxing babe MIA ST. JOHN and L.A. Lakers' star JOHN SALLEY yak with Greg and Ellen about this charismatic twosome. LOCATION: Tom Bergin's Irish Pub, Barney's Beanery, Sky Sushimoreless
    • Scarier than the "Psycho" shower!
      When Tammy takes a shower, she takes her 80 show pigeons with her. Is that why Brett blurts out, "You are totally high maintenance" -- or is there more? You've gotta see it to believe it, along with WWF wrestler JOANIE LAURER (f.k.a. CHYNA), funny guy DOM IRRERA, Greg & Ellen. LOCATION: Dakota's, Veranda Salonmoreless
    • Kinky Canoodling
      Kinky Canoodling
      Episode 38
      Debra's hot to trot and Dave's…not! He claims he's not that "wild," so when Debra makes him an outrageous offer no red-blooded male would refuse, does he? Spunky stand-up SUE MURPHY teams with Playboy TV personality RALPH GARMAN to discuss Deb's blush-worthy proposal with Greg & Ellen. LOCATION: Griffith Park, Color Me Mine, Café du Villagemoreless
    • Man, you don't know Jack!
      Jack boasts that he seduces women with his cooking. Ellen predicts that his dinner with Melessa is destined for the love dumpster. On this edition, we're rolling tape and running for cover as Greg, Comedy Central king BEN STEIN, and longtime "Baywatch" cutie ALEXANDRA PAUL chew Jack up and spit him out! LOCATION: Authentic Café, Whole Foods, and Sagebrush Cantinamoreless
    • He's all crass, she's all class!
      Early on, Shang announces he's "very equipped" (and we're not talking about his emergency earthquake kit). Will down-to-earth Jackie see for herself, or kick him to the curb? Ellen and Greg dig in with TICHINA ARNOLD from the new WB sitcom "Coach," and CBS sportscaster BOB GOLIC. LOCATION:
    • He shoots, he scores? Maybe…
      Paul is a hockey coach. Dinah likes having her hair pulled. Sounds totally compatible to us! But pay attention to the Puck Master's reaction when Dinah blabs on about Chinese astrology… Ellen & Greg skate around the date with columnist DENNIE HUGHES and actor JERE BURNS ("Something So Right"). LOCATION: Iceoplex, Las Hadas Restaurant, Psychic Eye Bookstoremoreless
    • Me, myself and I
      Me, myself and I
      Episode 34
      Cynthia's looking for a knight in shining armor – so that's why she's acting like a princess! Brett's a single father who's gotta decide if he fancies this "daddy's girl" or not. Grammy-winning rap master COOLIO and former MTV veejay KENNEDY rate the date with Greg & Ellen. LOCATION: No information available.moreless
    • On the "Hunt" for Love
      Ha-ha-ha.Hee-hee-hee.Hunt and Dana are giggling from the get-go.Looks like they're off to a sizzling start - but who'll have the last laugh by the time this date is done? Greg and Ellen dig for dirt with acclaimed stand-up KATHLEEN MADIGAN and Fox Sports Net's CHRIS MYERS.

      LOCATION: BJ's Pizza
    • It's Alex's world. We just live in it.
      Ellen pegs Alex as a "total narcissist" who dominates his conversation with Erin. Reason to run #2? He also admits he's so broke! Greg, funny-man GILBERT GOTTFRIED and "Extra's" SUZANNE SENA can't wait to hear how Erin responds...if Alex ever lets her get a word in edgewise. LOCATION: Trader Vic's, The Cheese Factory, 360 degrees, Alto Palatomoreless
    • Open Mouth, insert foot
      What do you get when you match a guy who digs "tongue pedicures" with a self-proclaimed "born-again virgin"? Tonight, Marcus the foot freak and Shelli the prude "RENDEZ-VIEW" with Ellen, Greg, TRACI BINGHAM (Comedy Central's "Battle Bots") and TODD NEWTON (Paramount's "Hot Ticket"). LOCATION: Sportsman's Lounge, Buca Di Beppo
    • The naked truth
      The naked truth
      Episode 30
      Erotic photographer John announces, "I'll let you spank me." Former model Christal orders him to take off his shirt. Actress JULIE BENZ (co-star of the WB hit "Angel") and comic RONDELL SHERIDAN (of the new Nickelodeon sitcom "Cousin Skeeter") join Ellen and Greg to rate this steamy date. LOCATION: Hustler Coffee Shop, Guitar Centermoreless
    • Revenge of the Jedi Geeks
      Lamar's a "Star Wars" fanatic. So's Melanie. But will they have anything in common after they're done dressing up like Princess Leia and Darth Vader? "RENDEZ-VIEW" their date with Greg, Ellen, "Living Single's" KIM COLES and comedy writer BRUCE ("Hollywood Squares") VILANCH. LOCATION: Q-Zar Lazer Tag, Sisley Italian Kitchen, BJ's Pizzamoreless
    • Thrill of victory, Agony of da feet
      Sure, Gina looks normal - 'til she 'fesses up her fondness for foot sniffing. David's an Irish dude who hopes to work his lucky charms on her. Listen in as Greg and Ellen review their encounter with the help of ex-"Baywatch" babe NICOLE EGGERT and Will Smith's "Fresh Prince" pal ALFONSO RIBEIRO. LOCATION: fire station, The White House restaurantmoreless
    • Psychic or psycho?
      Psychic or psycho?
      Episode 27
      Monica terms Jon "a freak" when he claims he has telepathic powers, but she's the one who dares him to strip down to his boxers during their date. Find out if these crazy kids have a future as actor-TV host MARK DeCARLO and "Boston Public" guest star BETH LITTLEFORD hang with Ellen and Greg. LOCATION: Fullerton Arboretum, Baskin Robbins, Summit House Bar/Restaurantmoreless
    • Sorry, wrong number
      Iliana's out with Kenny, yet she keeps taking calls on her cell phone. And why does clueless Kenny think he's a "Love Machine"? Score the 4-1-1 as Greg and Ellen welcome "I've Got a Secret" host STEPHANIE MILLER and Greg's "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" bud, BRAD SHERWOOD. LOCATION: El Coyote Restaurant for drinks, El Floradita Restaurantmoreless
    • Leave it to Cleavage
      Michelle's revealing outfit is a definite turn-on for Adam. What we want to know is how they go from steamy smooches to Michelle's promise that "There is not a chance that I'd go out with him again." The play-by-play's provided by Ellen, Greg, sportscaster JIM LAMPLEY and comic WENDY LIEBMAN. LOCATION: Sneaky Pete's, Northridge Skatelandmoreless
    • Smartie + Hottie = Yippee!
      "Dumb chicks" are a real turn-off for Chris. So we bypassed the bimbos and fixed him up with Anna. She's a neuroscientist. He likes her brain and her bod. Now Ellen, Greg, actor JASON KRAVITS ("The Practice") and "Inside Edition" reporter STACEY GUALANDI debate their long-term dating potential. LOCATION: No information availablemoreless
    • It's my way or the highway!
      No smokers. No pet-haters. Could those be the reasons Melissa's still single?! Her rigid rules may be a real turn-off for most men… is Ron different? "RENDEZ-VIEW" them with "ET's" MARK STEINES, his wife, former Miss America LEANZA CORNETT, and as always…Ellen & Greg. LOCATION: No information available
    • Foot-in-mouth disease
      At one point in tonight's date, Greg wonders, "Could James possibly dig himself into a deeper hole?" What did he say – and what will Amy's reaction be? Hear the jaw-dropping quote, as Ellen, entertainment reporter SAM RUBIN and actress TERRI J. VAUGHN ("The Steve Harvey Show") swap wisecracks. LOCATION: No information availablemoreless
    • Wanted: Biker dude with brains.
      Gillian's into guys with smarts and a wild side. Jason charms her with his edgy "frat boy" ways. Greg predicts they're "on a collision course to the Isle of Intimacy". Or are they? Ellen analyzes 'em along with ex-"Baywatch Hawaii" beauty ANGELICA BRIDGES and MTV/radio icon MARK GOODMAN. LOCATION: No information availablemoreless
    • Wimp Alert!
      Wimp Alert!
      Episode 20
      They say nice guys finish last. Jason's a reall-l-l-ly nice guy who looks like Donny Osmond's stunt double. So, what's he doing with Vanessa, whom Greg dubs "pure evil"? Ellen dissects this painful pairing, with input from Aussie Outback "Survivor" JERRY MANTHEY and comic actor PAUL PROVENZA. LOCATION: No Information Availablemoreless
    • Be my Boy Toy
      Be my Boy Toy
      Episode 19
      Jennifer knows what she wants: a living "Ken doll". Robert fits the thrill bill: he's a two-time playgirl model. Will dating a centerfold make her swoon? Dallas Maverick's owner MARK CUBAN and soap diva ( "The Bold and the Beautiful") MAEVE QUINLAN swap opinions with Ellen and Greg LOCATION: No Information Availablemoreless
    • Her ego's got its own zip code
      Tiffany is what we'd politely call "high maintenance". Exibit A? She tells Texas, "You forgot to say how beautiful I am". plus: she rates every move he makes on a point system. Now get the score from Greg, Ellen, "Titus" co-star ZACH WARD and former "SNL" regular ELLEN CLEGHORNE. LOCATION: Calamigos Ranch, Padri's Resto, Johnny Rocket'smoreless
    • He's got a rude 'tude!
      Justin used to play for the NFL. Now he's playing the "obnoxious" card to the hilt. Katie's a sushi waitress who hates sushi-and Justin! Tonight find out if he gets a second chance to make a first impressionwith Ellen, Greg, funnyman KEVIN MEANEY and PERSIA WHITE (from the sitcom "Girlfriends") LOCATION: Venice Boardwalk, Canal Clubmoreless
    • Dis & Tell
      Dis & Tell
      Episode 16
      Lyle asks Andi how old she is. Andi asks Lyle, "Why would I ever want to be with you?" And trust us, things go steadily downhill from there. Greg & Ellen plumb the depths of boy-girl relations with JACKLYN ZEMAN ("General Hospital") and stand-up comic RICHARD JENI. LOCATION: Runyon Canyon
    • Smooch me, stat!
      Smooch me, stat!
      Episode 15
      Medical student Alex lays it on the line: she digs a "manly man." The question is: will Mo blow it, or rise to the challenge? They may play doctor, so you'll want to scrub in with Ellen, Greg, "Popular" actor RON LESTER and SUZANNE SENA from E! Entertainment's "Celebrity Homes" series. LOCATION: No Information Available.moreless
    • No wheels? No way!
      No wheels? No way!
      Episode 14
      D'Gregory's got Tracy's motor running. The dude even pens a poem for his frisky fix-up. Then he puts the brakes on by announcing he doesn't have a car. Catch Tracy's reaction and candid comments by Emmy-winning comic Craig Shoemaker, "MadTV's" Debra Wilson, Greg & Ellen. LOCATION: Blue Butterfly Coffee, Proud Birdmoreless
    • Perspiration Poster Boy
      Not since the Nixon-Kennedy debates has a guy sweated in public like Curt does on his first date with Lisa. Greg thinks he's "hyper," but maybe chicks like Lisa find that sexy. Ellen & Greg mop up after 'em with an assist from hockey pro SEAN O'DONNELL and his wife, "Strip Mall's" ALLISON DUNBAR. LOCATION: No Information Available.moreless
    • That's amore.. or is it?
      Frank's an "Italian stallion" with a male chauvinist streak. Dena's a Southern belle who's looking for "a good provider." Are they destined for a lip lock? LEWIS BLACK ("The Daily Show with Jon Stewart") and WENDY RAQUEL ROBINSON ("The Steve Harvey Show") mouth off with Greg & Ellen. LOCATION: No Information Available.moreless
    • Feminista Heads for a Fall
      Tea's feminist rhetoric goes way over Eric's head. Although he "may not be the sharpest tack in the box" (sez Ellen), Eric makes a stunning announcement that leaves Tea speechless. Catch the play-by-play with Greg, "The Daily Show's" STACY GRENROCK-WOODS and "Mad TV's" NELSON ASCENCIO.

      LOCATION: Fab's Italian Kitchen, Mexicali Cafemoreless
    • He's a One-Night-Stand Man
      Nathan's a football jock who's a "player" in every sense of the word. Mimi's been known to juggle several boy toys at a time. See if Nathan gets sacked - or scores a love match - as Ellen and Greg greet former Playboy playmate JAIME BERGMAN and superstylist to the stars PHILLIP BLOCH.

      LOCATION: Olvera Streetmoreless
    • Two Burritos Short of a Combo
      Diana's looking for a man of culture, so we're guessing she's not turned on by Carlos' confession that he once threw a taco at a woman. Greg asks, "Is this their first and last date?" Ellen offers her opinion, along with SUSAN WARD (from the pic "The In Crowd") and comedy "pit bull" BOBBY SLAYTON.

      LOCATION: U Wash Doggy, Gallery Gallery, Chiantimoreless
    • Fraulein Fever
      Fraulein Fever
      Episode 8
      In a "RENDEZ-VIEW" that could rock American-European relations, Christian makes the moves on a German exchange student named Sandra. Looking on and ready to rap are radio host SEAN "HOLLYWOOD" HAMILTON, "Son of the Beach" co-star LEILA ARCIERI, Greg and Ellen.

      LOCATION: Delmonico's Seafood, Aresenal restaurant, The Muse
    • Dude, She's a Serial Dater!
      Yep, it's a little awkward when one of Roseanne's eight boyfriends turns up while she's dining with Michael. Greg terms her "beautiful...but trouble." Find out what Ellen thinks, and hear from comedy "goddess" JUDY TENUTA and JUDSON MILLS ("Walker, Texas Ranger").

      LOCATION: Beachside snack shop, salsa bar
    • Paging Mr. Clueless
      Robin may be a bikini model, but she's also smart and sweet. Those qualities are lost on Petar, who's too superficial to get past her looks. Ellen and Greg rate Petar's chances with the aid of TRACI LORDS of the Sci-Fi Channel series "First Wave," and "Mysteries & Scandals" host A.J. BENZA. LOCATION:moreless
    • She Feels the Need for Speed
      Darien's a British babe who loves fast cars and "endless sex." Spencer's a writer who likes life in the slow lane. But now, they're destined for a "heart"-on collision. Buckle up for a bumpy ride with Ellen, Greg, "Playmate of the Year" BRANDE RODERICK and AHMET ZAPPA (host of TLC's "Robotica").

      LOCATION: Razzmatazz Restaurant and Barmoreless
    • Satan Seeks Soulmate
      Meet Gerard and Deana. She discovers the Satan tattoo on Gerard's chest after he slips into ladies' lingerie. Hmmm, could that be why Deana dubs him "the devil incarnate"? Original "Survivor" cast mates GERVASE PETERSON and SUSAN HAWK sound off with Greg and Ellen.

      LOCATION: LA Zoo, Frederick's of Hollywood
    • Bada Bing, Bada Boom!
      Whipped cream, finger licking and more naughty conversation than a 976 phone line. STEVEN SCHIRRIPA of "The Sopranos," SOLEIL MOON FRYE of "Sabrina The Teenage Witch" are on booty duty with Ellen and Greg as Christine and Scott take their sexy "RENDEZ-VIEW" behind closed doors.

      LOCATION: Sunset Ranch, Griffith Park, Joseph's Restaurantmoreless
    • Full Moon Rising
      Full Moon Rising
      Episode 2
      Greg calls Billy the "Louisiana Love Machine," and it's easy to see why after Billy and his thong-wearing date Ali moon each other during a pool game. Tune in for more hot shots of their first meeting as Emmy-winning comic CRAIG SHOEMAKER and "Mad TV" star DEBRA WILSON join Greg and Ellen.

      LOCATION: Stoney Point, Monterey Bay Canners, Weber's Bar and Grillmoreless
    • She Loves Him, Loves Him Not
      Kimberly digs quarterbacks. Chris is primed to make a forward pass. So, why does Greg accuse Kimberly of "running hot and cold like the shower in a cheap hotel"? Get the scoop from Greg, Ellen, "Queer as Folk" star HAL SPARKS and ROSA BLASI from the Lifetime drama "Strong Medicine."

      LOCATION: Lowes Santa Monica (restaurant/hot tubs)moreless
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