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Episode Guide

  • Season 5
    • Dancing
      Episode 8
      In the series finale, Zoey has a one in a lifetime chance of making it into a Montreal dance group but her opportunity might be wasted if she's unable to deter an obsessed fan from ruining her chances. Jack gets a generous offer to buy renegade and needs the help of his friends to decide what he should do.moreless
    • Reality Rites
      Reality Rites
      Episode 7
      Jack is proud to have his music reaching out to so many people, especially troubled teenagers on his old reserve. That is, until he realizes that the teenagers are looking at his music as a way out, instead of a way in. The upcoming wedding of Wayne and Joanne finds Crystal and her stepmother growing closer together.moreless
    • Beautiful Girls
      Beautiful Girls
      Episode 6
      When Alex and Heath go on their first date Alex realizes that maybe she's not quite over her experience with Dylan yet. Meanwhile Connor, Inspired by Susie's inability to go without make up, decides to write a renegade article about why girls feel the need to cover their faces.
    • On My Own
      On My Own
      Episode 5
      Patti has moved away from home and is thrilled to have her very own apartment… until Sandi shows up on her doorstop looking for a place to crash.
    • Reclamation
      Episode 4
      After an anonymous tip that someone's seen Monika at a nearby meth house, Crystal decides to bring her home and get her some help. Michael finds himself in trouble with the Red Clan when they come looking for him to pay off Monika's debt and Connor and Susie find that their sexual exploits could land them in quite a bit of trouble.moreless
    • Lost and Found
      Lost and Found
      Episode 3
      Jack warns Zoey about getting too close to a guy she meets at AA, fearing that he might be 13 stepping. Zoey tries to make amends with Alex but finds that apologizing might be harder than she thought and Nicole comes back to the city with a surprising proposition for Jack.moreless
    • Cyber Sandbox
      Cyber Sandbox
      Episode 2
      Susie is tired of having the rules forced upon her in school and decides to get back at a teacher who's been giving her a hard time. Zoey has to deal with her dad and Victoria's upcoming baby delivery and Sandi struggles to help a newcomer to renegade tell a balanced story.moreless
    • Life Today
      Life Today
      Episode 1
      During the trial against Dylan, Zoey comes to Alex's side and volunteers to testify whenever they need her. She soon finds out, however, that her testimony could do more damage to Alex's case than good. Crystal is shocked to find out some life-changing news about Michael.
  • Season 4
  • Season 3
  • Season 2
  • Season 1
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