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I Miss Renegade, Don't you???

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    [1]Aug 31, 2008
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    This show was amazing. It's so sad that it's over!! I miss it so much. It was just that good.

    I didn't really get into renegade until season 4, so the only season I watched as it was premiering was season 5. And then it ended. lol

    It's really sad that this show never gained an internet following like other Canadian teen dramas (15/Love, RFR, Life With Derek, and, obviously, Degrassi). I wish I had known about it earlier.

    There are still a few episodes that I haven't seen yet. So I still have those to look forward to in reruns. But STILL. I miss Oscar. And Patti. And Jack. And Zoey. And Alex. And everyone!

    The best part about Renegade was the Zoey/Jack story arc, particularly in season 4. I feel as though the entire series was leading to episode 413. It just made perfect sense. And the scene when Jack plays the phone message for Zoey - it was like that's always been in the background but neither of them were able to admit it. Like as a viewer you always knew it would come to this. And then 508 is the best series finale out of all of my TV shows. It was so perfectly done: with closure but at the same time not a "happy" TV show ending. It was real, just like this show.

    So yeah, I miss it. Do you?

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    [2]Oct 1, 2008
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    Yah I really do think some parts of renegade are so realistic, even more so than Degrassi (don't get me wrong Degrassi is my favorite show but there's something I just love about renegadepress.com). I'm going to miss it, I think it sucks that the series had to end once Global decides to show the series and give it recognition. You're right about the ending though, at least the series finale was great and perfect for the series.
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    [3]Oct 23, 2008
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    I just started watching this show (it never aired in the US before) and knowing that its over i miss it already. Im looking to get the dvd of the seasons or downloading them somehow.
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    [4]Apr 6, 2009
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    Oh renegade. I think my favourite storyline would be Zoey and Jack finally getting together. Or anything with Oscar. I loved his scenes. This show was Canadian Teen Drama at its best, sadly including no recognition. Anyone know where I could find the episodes? But yet again, amazing show
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