USA (ended 1997)




Episode Guide

  • Season 5
    • The Bad Seed
      Episode 22
      Donny Dixon, the son of Dutch Dixon, wants to revenge the death of his mother. First also he sees the killer in Reno, but then he must see the truth: His own father killed his mother. Donny allies himself with Reno and Bobby. The three get assistance of Dixons set forward Jack Hendricks. That has Dixon already for a long time in the visor, but so far the proofs were missing to him. From now on is Dutch Dixon on the escape before the head money hunters Reno Raines and Bobby Sixkiller.moreless
    • The Maltese Indian
      Episode 21
      Tony Markano who succeeded to escape, which sat because of gold robbery in the prison. He shot two policemen. Bobby rents a house opposite the dwelling Joyce and their common daughter loved by Markanos. During the monitoring action Joyce falls in love with Reno. Bobby is content: Reno is to win their confidence, in order to make over the hiding place of the gold. But Reno refuses solving the case in this way.moreless
    • 3/21/97
      Head money hunter Reno Raines snatches the bounty Fenton Boggs. Bobby warns Reno to leave despite the 50,000 dollar from Boggs: This is a unlucky day, which brings all unbelievable to pitch. Reno strikes Bobbys warning into the wind - and already soon by the curse is pursued.
    • 3/14/97
      Bobby is called out as Bounty Hunter of the year when he thinks of all his adventures with Reno he decides that he cant accept the price and that Reno deserves the award. Reno and Sandy convince him that he really deserves the award.
    • Blood Hunt
      Episode 18
      Reno Raines meets a girl perfectly breakdown . She states being pursued by a vampirr who has already killed two women . A first trace leads Reno and Bobby Sixkiller to Father Wessen , in whose mission homeless people are supplied. Bobbys acquaintance in the court medicine discovers that the vampire left a finger mark at the neck of a victim . The acquintance from the court is later found death , Bobby and Reno are on the killers trail.moreless
    • 2/28/97
      Bobby Sixkiller will by the unloading forms of his fitnesscoach Lake lively to try it with one sexy "action attraction laundry" in the mode industry. A high polish magazine is inspired of the idea. One rents an empty standing mansion, in order to photograph the selected girls in the laundry. It becomes serious, when the two gangsters Russell and Jimmy, which specialized in eliminating uninhabited mansions, kidnap the girls and extort Bobby for ransom money.moreless
    • Knock Out
      Episode 16
      Action actress Brett Braxton is missing. Film producer Nathanson engages Bobby and Reno, in order to seek out his star. The two find out that Brett Braxton looks for her missed brother Matt - and he is suspected to be in the hands of the drug king Anthony Capezi. Board is a fighter , but alone against a drug trust powerlessly. The two head money hunters can release Matt, but thus the affair is not yet settled.moreless
    • Swm Seeks Vctm
      Episode 15
      Sandy Carruthers ' friend Kelly was murdered. Kelly had told it that she had given a contact announcement up. Sandy gets out that already five women are pleased the murderer to the victim. All were sporty and blond and announcements had switched. Thereupon Sandy decides to likewise give a contact announcement up. Bobby does not leave its woman employee natural in the pass. As a waiter camouflaged, he watches out for Sandy - and that is very soon from use.moreless
    • 1/24/97
      The two head money hunters Bobby and Reno are Jamie Jackson, one of the usually-looked for criminals of the USA, on the trace, which for twenty years lead a life in the underground . When Jackson escapes again once from the FBI scarcely, this brings the two head money hunters on his trail. While Bobby already looks forward to the 100,000 dollar reward, Reno uncovers the true history of the alleged terrorist - and agrees in no way with official history.moreless
    • Hard Rain
      Episode 13
      The corrupt policeman Dutch Dixon murdered his wife and pushed the act into Reno Raines's shoes. Now a video tape recording emerges with Bobby that Dutch is to show with the murder. Thus Renos innocence could be proven, but the disk unfortunately destroys itself after unique reputation. On it Bobby a Deal is offered briefly: For the original cartridge he is to liquidate a Mafioso. In the meantime is also Dixon behind the loading volume ago. Also he suggests a Deal.moreless
    • Father's Day
      Episode 12
      Reno Raines experiences a surprise: Years ago he had helped the attractive Janet Prescott, when she was threatened by her man . Now the man is again on free foot - and Janet looks for again the assistance Renos. With the fact she confesses to him that he is the father of her fourteen-year old son Steve. Reno is immediately ready to change his life and emigrate with Janet and Steve to New Zealand. But Bobby and Sandy examine Janets history...moreless
    • Ransom
      Episode 11
      A bank robber makes the east coast uncertain: he demands money, otherwise he will ignite a bomb. Head money hunter Tony O'Malley is the gangster on the trace, tried however, to get the assistance from Bobby and Reno to. But Bobby refuses working with the unreliable O'Malley together. When this proceeds alone, the gangster takes him as a hostage - and demands from Bobby ransom. When Bobby wants to save both O'Malley and the money .moreless
    • The Pipeline
      Episode 10
      Head money hunter Reno Raines experiences a surprise: The gangster, is straight behind whom it ago, is should actually for four years be dead. Together with Bobby he determines an organization, mentioned "the pipeline", which provides the death of a gangster produced and for this then a new identity. With the searches Bobby meets an old acquaintance again: Its ex employee Kate Bishop, now boss of an enterprise, makes a seductive offer for him.moreless
    • 11/15/96
      Dutch Dixons wife Melissa comes behind an illegal deal of her man and decides to turn him in. She turns to Bobby Sixkiller and Reno Raines. The two head money hunters find that Dixon entered into the Pornoworld, in-loaded with the goal, "honourable" supports out of the society to extort, it to Sex parties. In the meantime Dixon noticed that he is issued by Melissa - and now cannot its also Bobby and Reno any longer help.moreless
    • High Rollers
      Episode 8
      Casino-owner Travis is a friend of Bobby and needs assistance: With beautiful regularity players, who won with him, on the way home will attack. While Bobby gives the role of the rich gamblers, Reno discovers the Highway Rolles in a close small town. He succeeds in winning the confidence of the boss of the gang. In the next coup participates it - and the victim is Bobby. The head money hunters do not suspect that they are lured with this coup into a trap.moreless
    • Milk Carton Kid
      Milk Carton Kid
      Episode 7
      A girl engages Bobbys woman employee Sandy: Molly believes that she was kidnapped, since their father and her nut/mother cannot be their correct parents. A search picture on a milk cartob is the proof that her real parents are looking for her. Sandy hardly begins to investigate , whilst Bobby recaives two attendances, which mean annoyance: once of the FBI, and then of a city-well-known Mafioso. Sandy, Reno and Bobby come into dangerous driving water.moreless
    • Ghost Story
      Episode 6
      With the attempt to snatch gangsters who robbed supermarkets , Reno gets shot and lethally hurt. With much luck it comes through, but after its recovery it leads self discussions and behaves strangely. Debt to it is a man named Neal, which only Reno sees and hears. When it converses with Neals woman about it, it explains to it that its man of one was the gangster and died with the last assault. Neal emerges a little later again.moreless
    • God's Mistake
      Episode 5
      As trick, who is leadsinger to Punkrock volume is kidnapped, his record label praises one million dollar out. In Mitch Dean get Reno and Bobby a serious competitor with the search for trick. Finally Reno discovers the singer in a mountain hut: Trick had pretended the kidnapping, in order to escape from the music bosses for a while. But soon it turns out that it foresaw someone seriously on it - and plays Mitch Dean an inglorious role.moreless
    • 10/4/96
      Bobby Sixkillers first case was the sex offender and murderer Bruce Cassidy, and this was to be executed now. On a Bobby Cassidy still another last mark its innocence protests sent videotape. Disconcerted Bobby decides to roll the thing up on own fist again. Together with Reno and Sandy Carruthers he finds out that Bruce has a half brother named Floyd. However Bruce does not relieve: The two raped together.moreless
    • Mr. Success
      Episode 3
      Success author Derek Devlon preaches in his books, as one makes a chance from a crisis. Its best pupil was Bobby Sixkiller, and Devlon visits now. Apparently the author is only curious, which from his pupil became, but at the end there is a dead one - and Bobby is arrested because of murder. Soon it turns out that the guru only used Bobby, in order to approach to the man, whom Devlon murdered then. It sees badly out for the head money hunter.moreless
    • Self Defense
      Episode 2
      The policeman franc Thompson flogs his Mrs. Teddy regularly. With a renewed act of violence teddy their man in self-defence . Because the Ermittler Jack Winslow was a friend Franks and as rather merciless admits is, teddy flees. The head money hunter Reno Raines it becomes soon clear that Winslow Franks death wants to take revenge. Reno tries to hide teddy in a remote city in the mountains. When Winslow emerges there, the situation escalates: It wants to eliminate it.moreless
    • 9/13/96
      When Bobbys jeep is stolen, Bobby and Reno get help from an unexpected angle: Sandy Carruthers, who got her bount hunter diploma by follwing bobbys home video course, she as an computerexpert finds out really fast who the carthief is. But then a serious problem emerges: Renos old enemy Dutch Dixon let the force criminal Lucius, which has an old calculation with Bobby openly, run. Over Lucius Dixon wants to approach at Reno - and its calculation seems to come up.moreless
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