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Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 21, 1992 on USA
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Episode Summary

When Reno's former Police partner and mentor is killed by a car bomb, Bobby accompanies Reno across the border to Mexico, where they search for the man Reno believes was behind the killing – but an unexpected twist awaits.

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  • When Reno's former Police partner and mentor is killed by a car bomb, Bobby accompanies Reno to Mexico, where they search for the man behind the killing – but an unexpected twist awaits. Some good moments, but could have been much better...moreless

    This review contains spoilers. This review contains spoilers.

    I'm not really sure how to sum up "Partners". It *feels* like there's a good story in there, and it threatens to break into one at times, but something about this one just didn't quite feel on target to me, leaving this to be a moderate instalment that feels like it could / should have been so much better.

    I'm not sure why (maybe due to her divorce with Lorenzo Lamas), but Kathleen Kinmont (Cheyenne) doesn't appear in this episode (Bobby mentions she's "taking care of some business up in L.A."), and is even removed from the opening credits, with a few different shots in place of her. Presumably this was soon smoothed over, as the character appeared in the series until the end of the fourth season.

    Anyway, there are elements of this story that I like. It's great how Bobby accompanies Reno for the entire adventure – any Bobby is good Bobby in my book, as I love the character – and the Mexican setting is pulled off fairly well.

    Sadly, other elements of the story really sag, and pull down what might have been an excellent episode. The twist midway through, that Reno's former partner and mentor, Jack, presumed killed in a car bomb, is actually alive and well and living in Mexico, is a shock twist. All along until this point, I (mistakenly) assumed that Jack's current partner would have been involved in the killing.

    This twist lifts the episode slight, as we – and Reno – are left to ponder what has turned what was once such a good, and honest, lawman, into something so corrupt. By the end, we are never really given any answers, and are left to make up our own minds.

    The final scene, with Reno and Jack's widow besides Jack's grave (with Reno deciding not to tell her that Jack was still alive, before being gunned down at the climax) is very nice, and again, is such a frustrating sign of what might have been such a stronger story.

    I'm quite surprised to see "Partners" carrying a very high 9.8 rating here on TV.com (at time of writing, April 2011), albeit only from 8 votes. Personally I don't think it ranks quite so strong; there are good points that lift this from being in the 6s or 7s, but personally 8 is as high as I can bring myself to give this one. A shame really.moreless

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