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  • Renegade was a fun show to watch.

    Renegade starred Lorenzo Lamas and was sort of a guilty pleasure in some ways, It featured hot women and predictable but fun action scenes. Lamas was sort of like David Banner on the Incredible Hulk, he was always on the run and troubled. This show as fun to watch and wish they would start showing reruns again.
  • Grew up on this show.

  • At least as good as Walker: Texas Ranger

    Perhaps in a real karate fight Chuck Norris could take Lorenzo Lamas, but I believe Chuck has the wisdom and control to not use his power for evil. When it comes down to being a badass in real life, Lamas has Norris beat hands down.

    Renegade isn't really a television program so much as it is an opportunity for Lamas to do the things he likes to do: ride around on a motorcycle, impress women with his manly but curiously trimmed chest hair, and then treat those same women with disrespect. I believe he also does some drinking and sleeps under the stars, his horse blanket is his bedroll. Tequila plus kicking equals awesome ...let's skip the debate about whether Johnny Sixkiller is totally sweet or a heinous stereotype.
  • A man wrongfully accused of a crime now captures hardened criminals.

    Lorenzo Lamas plays a character that suits him perfectly. A convict who searches for the real killers of his wife, puts other criminals behind bars and runs away from police, all at the same time. ANother very likeable character who is always making good things for the people that he finds on his way. The usual plot of the show was: Reno is contacted by Bobby to capture a dangerous criminal; Reno goes to a town where the criminal was last seen; There a lonely woman gives him shelter and he protects her from a criminal who turns out to be the convict Reno is looking for. In the end Reno captures the bad guy and the girl falls in love with him, sadly, he has to move on in search for the killers of his wife. I love this show, the action is very cool.
  • Framed for murder, now he prowls the badlands. An outlaw hunting outlaws, a bounty hunter, a renegade!

    Just for Sixkiller alone, i'd love to get this series back.

    I liked the series... while all my friends had a crush on Lorenzo... i had a crush on Bobby, and my boyfriend had a crush on Cheyenne... The thing i liked were the chases, the fights, the humour... Looking back at it now, it was just lame... but back then, i really liked it!
    The only person who really drove me crazy was Cheyenne... i don't understand why they needed a chick in the series to begin with, but since they had... at least bring somebody in like... Jennifer Garner, somebody who'd have something to offer... somebody who doesn't look like she's working from a book when she fights... All by all, i've had some great fun watching this series in my early years ;)
  • how did this ever become a sucess

    this show was unintentionally funny. lorenzo lamas was a cool cat but the native american dude with the feather in his hair was just dumb. i will say ther was plenty of action. it was like the fall guy fifteen years later. the renegade rode a bad harley though, i thought that was the best part of the show.
  • This hurts...

    When I was younger I watched this show here and there. Even then I knew it was not that good. But now I look back and I think, what kind chemicals was I on. I wasted so much time on this show. Sue USA is usaully not that impressive on it is shows. (besides Monk) This show was like a drunken wedding of Steven Sigal and Thunder in Paradise. (note to self: rip Thunder in Paradise a new one after this.) Anyway you may want to avoid this show. There is nothing worse then a sensative bike, a blonde know it all and an aging indian in a RV. And their not even hippies.
  • It was one of my favorites. It was fun and it was a classic good guy/bad guy kind of show

    It was one of my favorites. It was fun and it was a classic good guy/bad guy kind of show. I like the combination of of characters. I have it on dvd and wish that all the seasons were available. It is an intersting premise that goes back to the history of old westerns and it is sort of a modern day western
  • Great show

    Renegade was one of my favourite shows when it aired .Lorenzo Lamas is a great actor , i loved him too on "Falcon Crest" (1981) TV Series .... Lance Cumson (1981-1990).
    I thought he made a great couple with Cheyenne (Kathleen Kinmont), i loved them on CIA Code Name: Alexa (1993)and CIA II: Target Alexa (1994).
    I was surprised to read that they were really married.
    I thought the way Kathleen portrayed Cheyenne was great and when they wrote Cheyenne off i didnt like the show anymore. I watched all the episodes before Cheyenne left and after she left there was another woman but she was nothing like Cheyenne.
  • The show is something that needs to be put back into reruns on "Spike" or " USA "

    With the show ending years ago and not much left for a variety in programming with the " Major" networks, This show will be good for todays generation to watch. I watched the show in my generation and seems that alot of the shows are in reruns and this too, would be a good show for reruns. I think the ratings will be good, especially with my generation watching it once again and the new generation seeing it for the first time.