Renegade - Season 1

USA (ended 1997)




Episode Guide

  • Fighting Cage (2)
    Episode 22
    Reno and Cheyenne continue to try and help Mitch recover his memories. They find help inside and then must escape not only the fighting cage but also Dutch and his men.
  • Fighting Cage (1)
    Episode 21
    Reno Raines receives a mysterious call from a former friend stating that his dead brother Mitch is still alive. When Reno arrives at the meeting place, the caller is dead and Reno finds a videotape of Mitch in a cage fight. Reno, with the help of Bobby and Cheyenne go looking for his brother.moreless
  • Vanished
    Episode 20
    When Harry’s daughter takes off from home, Harry asks Reno for assistance. He knows that his daughter is drug addicted and her new boyfriend is keeping her that way. Reno and Cheyenne go undercover with the rock band that Luther works for and Bobby and Harry try to figure out the link between Dawn and Harry’s current high profile case.moreless
  • Moody River
    Episode 19
    Reno helps out a man being attacked in the middle of the road. The man takes Reno home with him to Second Chance Farms: a place where ex-criminals who want to begin a new life work on the farm. But the citizens of Moody River do not want the bad element in their town, especially the local prosecutor. Reno quickly discovers that there is more going on then just not liking your neighbors and decides to stay and help.moreless
  • The Hot Tip
    Episode 18
    Reno is to bring Amber Dane, a Hollywood Starlet, before court. Reason: Amber allegedly killed her friend five years before . Since that time she keeps herself hidden in Mexico. But Reno discovers her.
  • Headcase
    Episode 17
    Joe Cortez had sworn revenge with his arrest. Now ihe broke out of the prison. He procures himself weapons and money. Bobby and Reno can place Cortez, but during the shooting Bobby gets hurts heavily and can Cortez again escape. While Bobby is in the hospital with death struggles, Reno hunts the killer. His friend Karen, which had set Joe on Reno, overflows to Reno. Together Reno, Karen and Sergeant lynch set a trap to capture the criminal.moreless
  • Billy
    Episode 16
    Reno is to snatch in a the gangster Dad Meecham and his three sons. While a brawl in the Saloon the sons become arrested, Meecham however can escape. On the hunt for the criminal Reno gets unexpectedly assistance of the young gun hero Billy Pike. Only Billy knows the hiding place Meechams: Dragee LINE is a small, hidden nest, a place of refuge for criminal ones. But on the way there Billy revs up,he attacks a bank.moreless
  • The Two Renos
    Episode 15
    Lieutenant Dixon and Frank Bickford think of a plan to finally capture Reno: They release a criminal Tommy, who looks just like Reno. He has orders to rob banks and frame Reno. Dixon counts on the fact that Reno will try to catch his double. Then he would intervene and catch Reno. But Reno recognizes the trap in time: With the help of his friends, Bobby and Cheyenne he captures the double.moreless
  • Samurai
    Episode 14
    Reno Raines is about to arrest the gangster franc sand when he becomes a witness, as a small Japanese girl is kidnapped. In order, he does not have to endanger the daughter of the bank president Mr. Ota franc run. Thereupon the companions of the girl Reno hold for one the kidnapper. The mistake is fast enlightened, and Reno receives the order to regain the girl. He does not suspect that he it with the "Yakuza", which has to accept Japanese mafia.moreless
  • Give and Take
    Episode 13
    Reno helps a woman with a flat tire in the desert. Soon after that the woman is found dead in her home. Reno is arrested and charged with her murder. At first the Sheriff believes that he has the murderer but Reno changes his mind, when he offers to help solve the crime. But the widower and his friends believe that the murderer is the longhaired foreigner.moreless
  • Val's Song
    Episode 12
    A bullet that was meant for Reno critically injured his girlfriend Valerie instead. After spending months in coma, she is finally released from her suffering. The criminal lieutenant Donald "Dutch" Dixon places a trap for Reno: He lets spreads the news that Valerie is healed. His plan works, naturally because Reno wants to see his girlfriend again. Reno is arrested and put into the prison in San Diego. There Dixon plans to murder him, but Reno is warned.moreless
  • Lyons' Roar
    Episode 11
    Reno sets out to bring in Earl Lyons, a former comrade from Reno's Army Ranger days, who now is addicted to morphine and has gone insane, living in the wilderness. Reno must stop Lyons before either the trigger-happy authorities, or drug runners whom Lyons double-crossed, get to him first.
  • Partners
    Episode 10
    When Reno's former Police partner and mentor is killed by a car bomb, Bobby accompanies Reno across the border to Mexico, where they search for the man Reno believes was behind the killing – but an unexpected twist awaits.
  • The Talisman
    Episode 9
    Reno is close to capturing a vicious killer, when he encounters a feisty teenage girl, who is after the man herself after he murdered her FBI agent father. Reno reluctantly joins forces with the girl, but her hot-headedness jeopardises the whole case.
  • Payback
    Episode 8
    Two bloodthirsty killers shoot an informant friend of Reno's and give Reno himself a savage beating that leaves him hospitalised. Reno goes undercover at the ranch where one of the duo's ex-wife works, to try and get a lead on the pair, determined to get even.
  • Eye of the Storm
    Episode 7
    In the middle of a huge storm, Reno stops at a seemingly deserted diner in a small town, but the place is taken hostage by escaped prisoners with a grudge to settle with the diner owner, who sold them out in prison.
  • Second Chance
    Episode 6
    Lou Delgado, a real estate con man, is arrested then bailed out by her girlfriend, Jeanette. Lou decides to cut his losses and leave town, only to end up being a witness to a shooting. The shooting was ordered by Karl Swan, who sends out his own people to find the witness to the killing. In the meantime, Bobby picks up the file on Lou and sends Reno out to bring him back.moreless
  • Mother Courage
    Episode 5
    Reno is sent out to find the man who killed Jimmy, a motorcycle mechanic and finds himself in a small desert town. The town is run by a rich businessman who even has the local lawn under his control. Reno finds a biker club and infiltrates to find his killer.
  • La Mala Sombra
    Episode 4
    Bobby sends Reno out to capture a Police Officer accused of murder – only to find himself and the suspect hunted down by a group of Salvadorian assassins.
  • Final Judgement
    Episode 3
    Reno races the police to capture a hired killer in order to determine if the man has information on Reno's case--and to stop him from murdering a judge.
  • Hunting Accident
    Episode 2
    Reno runs a bully out of a small town, but the man spots Reno's picture on a wanted poster and informs the local police of his whereabouts.
  • Pilot / Renegade
    Episode 1
    Det. Reno Raines becomes a fugitive from justice when his investigation of corrupt police activity leads a corrupt lieutenant to frame him for murder.