Renegade - Season 2

USA (ended 1997)




Episode Guide

  • Carrick O'Quinn
    Episode 22
    The director/conductor of a notorious special command of the police, Carrick O'Quinn, is admits for the fact that he draws its service weapon often too hastily . Only shoot, then ask - in such a way his slogan reads. When his special unit is called to an art robbery, Reno Raines and Judge Sarah Jessup are in the building with the burglars. They are regarded by the policemen as the robbers - and view of service ends almost deadly for them in O'Quinns view .moreless
  • Murderer's Row (2)
    Episode 21
    Reno finds the women who presummably stole the microchip and finds out that she didnt steal the ship and that the man who ordered the search for her had another motive.
  • Murderer's Row (1)
    Episode 20
    All bounty hunters are on the look for Rikki Yaeger, who stole a microchip, in Mexico.The bounty hunters play dirty tricks on each other to get to this women first.
  • Sheriff Reno
    Episode 19
    With the help of a local sheriff and his deputies Reno tries to catch a bounty , but when things go wrong the sheriff gets shot. The mayor of the town wants Reno to be the new sheriff ,when he refuses Bobby takes the job but when he gets shot too Reno becomes the new sheriff.moreless
  • 2/14/94
    When Chey finds out that an ex boyfriend is accused of killing his wife ,she and her brother help him post bail and get him out. After this Chey and the ex go away for a weekend ,at that time Bobby finds some evidence that he may have killed his wife ,the search for Cheyenne starts.moreless
  • The Posse
    Episode 17
    Bobby and Reno are on the trail of the fugitive Travis Quinn, when they end up in the wild west where Travis was born.They end up on protecting Travis from a getting lynched.
  • Rabbit Redux
    Episode 16
    Boby treats Reno to a weekend away in the mountains with his girlfriend ,the only problem is that at the same time a drugsdeal is taking place at the same place.
  • Hostage
    Episode 15
    In Reno's search of Hound Adams he ends up in a bar right at the time that the bar is being taken hostage. When the police try to negotiate with the hostage taker Dutch Dixon makes them believe that Reno is the one responsible.
  • South of 98
    Episode 14
    The Bay town center is terrorized at night regularly by black road course, whose leader is the young person Clarence "Dex" Dexter. When thereby a murder happens, Reno wants to snatch Dexter. But in the quarter of the black ones Reno is isolated. It knows Danny Alexander, which director/conductor of the youth center, on its side to pull, shows itself but as error: Dannys daughter Lynette falls in love with Dez- and betrays Reno and Bobby to the course.moreless
  • Charlie
    Episode 13
    Harris and his seven-year-old daughter Charlie make the city uncertain: The gangster and his daughter live on small crimes. But then the two land unintentionally make a large coup: In a video shop they let go along a few videos, in which one a quarterly million dollar mafia money are hidden. The mafia rushes the two a professional killer on the neck. But Harris and his daughter have luck - also head money hunter Renegade is behind them ago.moreless
  • Hard Rider
    Episode 12
    Rebecca, which is the kidnapped daughter rich of the owner of hotel John Daulton. The desperate father contacts his old friend Bobby Six killer. He assures gladly assistance, particularly since it concerns some millions. Together with Reno Bobby contrives the ransom delivery. But in the crucial instant those transmits "bright on Wheels" to motorcycle course between them, which however for the further process of historyhistory history than true benediction is to prove...moreless
  • Honor Bound
    Episode 11
    When the honourable judge Holister in a brothel wakes up, he is in trouble: The girl beside him is dead. Holister, which can remember nothing, asks the gangster franc for assistance. In the meantime the father of the dead girl, ex naval officer Quinn, finds out that his daughter Shannon disappeared. He assigns Bobby Six killer to look for Shannon. Bobby and Reno uncover the thing very fast - and now Quinn has only a thought: Revenge.moreless
  • Windy City Blues
    Episode 10
    The feared murderer Kattrain fled from the prison. She wants to avenge herself now at the policeman, who brought it at that time behind lattices. When Reno hears this , he hurries to Chicago: The policeman, on whom Kattrain is after , is Renos father.
  • Wheel Man
    Episode 9
    Bobby and Reno are on the heels of a bank robber . A hot trace leads it to Perry, the organizer of route car running. Reno channels itself as a mechanic into the running universe. Already soon he gets a special offer.
  • Bonnie & Claire
    Episode 8
    Reno Raines is to catch the bounty looked for Bonnie. It understands it to use their female weapons. When Reno cannot resist one of its "compassion numbers", she cheats him out. Now he must take up it also with Bonnies sister Claire.
  • Endless Summer
    Episode 7
    Reno encounters a group of surfers, who improve their pocket money by assaults on money camps of the mafia . The leader, Jason Calhoun, is a daring loner. Reno Raines wants to inclusively-calibrate itself into the clique. But only it must get over a courage test.
  • 10/23/93
    Lisa, the wife of a Mafioso, is arrested because of murder. But on the next day surprisingly the high bail for her is already paid. Lisa is put on free foot and to the "firing". Also Sixkiller and Reno go on the search.
  • No Good Deed...
    Episode 5
    Reno Raines and Bobby Sixkiller want to bring the brutal robbery murderer to Dupree to the distance. But Dupree succeeds in overwhelming Reno. Provided with its warrant of apprehension, he delivers Reno at the police.
  • 10/4/93
    Reno is Digger Sharp on the trace. His information about Sharp , he got from the waitress Denise in a beach bar. Which he does not know: Denise is a bountyhunter just like Reno.. Soon Reno is locked in a trap.....
  • 9/27/93
    Reno is the criminal Poe on the heels. However the escape succeeds to this. A young student becomes eye witness, as Poe shoots a man and flees with his car . Reno knows: The girl is in highest danger.
  • The Champ
    Episode 2
    Marvin Montgomery fled from the prison. The ex-kickboxer had been condemned because of negligent death. When Reno catches him, Marvin convinces Reno of his innocence. He has only one in the sense: Revenge at the true guilty one.
  • The Hound
    Episode 1
    Hound Adams ,the brother of Hog Adams,the man who tried to kill Reno,is arrested for assaulting a customer in a bar. When information come through the news computer of his arrest, Reno, Bobby, Cheyenne,and unfortunately, Dutch Dixon all seek out Hound.Our heroes seek to obtain the proof that Hound Adams has which could clear Reno of murder,and Dutch Dixon seeks the incriminating proof...and then to silence the Hound permenately.moreless