Season 5 Episode 22

The Bad Seed

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Donny Dixon, the son of Dutch Dixon, wants to revenge the death of his mother. First also he sees the killer in Reno, but then he must see the truth: His own father killed his mother. Donny allies himself with Reno and Bobby. The three get assistance of Dixons set forward Jack Hendricks. That has Dixon already for a long time in the visor, but so far the proofs were missing to him. From now on is Dutch Dixon on the escape before the head money hunters Reno Raines and Bobby Sixkiller.moreless
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Jul 15, 2014
could we just once have a resolution to these kind of tv show? barring the fugivtive and guns of will sonnet I can't thin of one that had a resolution to the over all story line

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on the lam, secrets and lies, paranoia, corruption, family tragedy