Reno 911!

Season 5 Episode 10

Baghdad 911

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM May 29, 2008 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

The Reno deputies have been assigned the task of training the new Iraqi police force. Things get off to a bad start since none of the Iraqi officers speak English, and their tranlator is either not very good or seriously disgruntled; Jim's welcome speech is translated to say the Reno officers are all queers and retards, but the Iraqi officers dwill all go to the strip club later. They celebrate by shooting their guns off in the air.

A rather chubby man is attempting to rob a convenience store with just a pair of boxing gloves. Jones and Garcia point out the problems with not having a weapon to rob a store, the suspect says that real men only need their hands. When he challenges Jones to a boxing match, Jones accepts and puts on the suspects gloves. With Jone's hands otherwise occupied, the suspect is able to grab his gun and rob the store.

During the Scared Straight Program, Clementine shows several teenagers a young man that died while driving drunk...without practicing first. She then goes on to explain that most people drive better after a few drinks and tells them how.

Back at the precinct, Garcia and Clementine lead the Iraqi police in some light calisthenics, but the Iraqis are more interested in watching Clementine's rack while she does jumping jacks and discussing a trip to The Bunny Ranch. Then while Garcia is demonstrating how to assemble a weapon while blindfolded, the Iraqis simply leave with Clementine close behind.

Lt. Dangle and Deputy Weigle are responsible for removing packets of cocaine that have been smuggled in dozens of stuffed rabbits. The problem is each time they open one, a recording goes off that makes it seem that the rabbit is giggling and saying, "That tickles!", which is disturbing to say the least.

But after some of hte cocaine starts floating in the air, Dangle and Weigle start to work very quickly and get a little sloppy, with drugs and bunny parts flying everywhere. They manage to open every bunny and flush all the drugs, just then the DEA shows up expecting to collect 200 kilos of cocaine.

The final task in the Iraqi Police training; Garcia and Clementine lead the Iraqis to bust a meth lab. The translator teaches the Reno deputies a "chant" they say before going into battle, it translates into, "Put some balls in my mouth." So yelling this at the top of their lungs, Clementine and Garcia lead the Iraqis into a trailer park where some Nazi skinheads are waiting with weapons. The Iraqis have mysteriously disappeared.

The training is finally over and the Iraqis have left a thank-you package for the deputies. They notice the package is ticking and decide to dunk it in water before opening it. When they finally do it appears to have a box full of cigars, but in reality it's a pop-up box with an image of Osama Bin Laden. The deputies find this hilarious and decide to pull the same prank on the fire department.