Reno 911!

Season 4 Episode 9

Christian Singles Mixer

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Apr 08, 2007 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

The episode opens with Dangle running into a man who seems very familiar in front of a donut shop. They talk for a while but Jim just can't place him. It's only when he hears the man robbing the shop and gunshots fired that he realizes he recognizes him from a wanted poster at the post office.

In the women's locker room, Kimball invites Clementine to a singles mixer that weekend at her church. She warns Clemmie that things could get crazy. When Raineesha implies that the two are dating, Kimball points out she's only allowed to bring one friend and there will be a lot of single men there.

Junior and Dangle answer a 911 call to Big Mike's house. They find him unresponsive on his front lawn. Jim starts to administer CPR, Mike comes to and starts to dry hump him. Junior pulls him off and Jim gags. Mike explains he thought Jim was his hot cousin Carla.

Garcia and Jones answer a Suspicious Behavior call and find a middle-aged man acting like an elderly gentleman. He's promoting a cryogenics program to people and talks about the Depression and the Wall Street Crash of 1929. He finally admits he's not that old and tries to escape.

At the singles mixer they're doing karaoke. Things are in full swing with two guys doing a rap version of Go Tell It On The Mountain. Clementine shows up and the guys are entranced. She's quite popular even though her dress and conversation aren't quite appropriate for church. But she's having a great time, laughing and telling everyone how drunk she is. Then one of the men there explains they've been drinking non-alcoholic beer.

Junior pulls over a speeder on her way home from "bible study". He's quite impressed with her setup, especially her speedometer that goes up to 260. He's given a look under the hood; the car is complete with nitrous and turbo system. Junior asks to take the car for a quick spin, but the driver doesn't think he can handle the juice. She finally agrees and when Junior turns the key to start the car it blows up.

During their car patrol things are quiet between Kimball and Clemmie. She finally apologizes to Kimball for her bahavior, but even though she was drinking non-alcoholic beer her mind took her to "drunk town". She was just trying to have fun. But Kimball doesn't see the fun in Clemmie exposing herself, getting one of the guys to expose himself, and daring two of the men kiss each other.

In the morgue the deputies meet to play a fun game of Guess The Method Of Death with one of the corpses.

Kimball and the members of her church have met to do a baptism by a local lake. Clementine shows up with tequila thinking they were having a picnic. But she decides to get into the spirit of things and get baptized. Unfortunately, once she's dunked her white church robe is completely see-through, and Clemmie isn't wearing a bra or panties.

Jim has started a pool on the origins of Weigle's baby. He's narrowed it down to the following categories:

1. The entire thing is made up
2. Child of the devil
3. Raped by a demon

At her Lamaze Trudy is working on her Kegel exercises, but she can't be sure if she's working her Kegel or her butthole. Guy puts his ear next to her crotch and tells her it's mostly butthole.

Drying out in their towels, Kimball tells Clemmie she knows Clemmie isn't trying to embarrass her or ruin her day, but in the future it's good not to be herself all the day. Clementine agrees and takes a swig of her tequila.
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