Reno 911!

Season 2 Episode 4

Dangle's Ex Visits

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Jun 30, 2004 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

The deputies have gotten new bullet proof vests which they're about to test. Garcia takes several shots at Junior, who is wearing the vest, but misses every shot. Dangle proclaims that they now know the vests are Beaner-proof.

At the morning meeting, Dangle announces that the statue on the precinct lawn of the Ten Commandments has to be removed immediately due to a letter from the State Supreme Court stating it's a violation of church/state. Just then an announcement comes over the loudspeaker saying that Jim Dangle's wife has come to see him. Everyone in the room is stunned into silence.

Trudy and Clementine go to an unlicensed brothel, where Andrew has set up shop as The Purple Zebra. He claims he has the right to give pleasure in any way that people want to get it, if that includes sex then that's fine. The deputies go to arrest him, and he asks if he can at least handcuff himself. He then wraps his hands around his porch pole and cuffs his hands so they can't take him away. Unfazed, Clementine takes the handcuff keys, throws them on the lawn and leaves.

In the parking lot (with the other deputies spying) Dangle goes out to speak to his wife. She's engaged to another man and needs Jim to give her a divorce. She'd like to meet that evening for dinner to hammer out the details unless he wants time to think about it. But Dangle doesn't seem too concerned about it.

On the front lawn the deputies try various methods of moving the statue with the Ten Commandments but aren't having any luck. So they decide to hook it up to the department's helicopter to have them pull it up. Unfortunately, all this does is rip the landing gear off the chopper.

At dinner, Debbie brings the divorce papers, but tells Jim that the door is open if he has a change of heart. Jim tells Debbie it's for the best. Debbie's fiancé Leslie joins them for dinner and seems every bit as gay as Dangle, if not more. Unfortunately for Jim, since he came into the marriage with nothing, when they split up the assets, he will have nothing. And that includes losing the trailer he lives in since it belongs to Deb. But on the bright side he and Leslie have seemed to really hit it off.

Back at the precinct, since the deputies can't move the statue, they decide to alter it from The Ten Commandments to The Top 10 Reasons It's Great To Be A Cop. It seems to be a great solution until a few weeks later when they receive a letter from Worldwide Pants, David Letterman's company, suing them for copyright infringement.

(In the "Next Week" previews at the end of the episode, we see that Dangle has moved in with Clemmie.)
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