Reno 911!

Season 2 Episode 4

Dangle's Ex Visits

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Jun 30, 2004 on Comedy Central



  • Trivia

    • When Dep. Jones (Cedric Yarbrough) rams the Ten Commandments monument it actually moves, even though it's supposed to be made of marble.

    • Top 10 Reasons why it's great to be a cop:

      10. Knowing where all the speed traps are.
      9. Get to use night sticks, even in the day time.
      8. Frisking! Frisking! Frisking!
      7. We have really big busts.
      6. Easy to remember our phone number – it's only three digits!
      5. Get to meet big time celebrities, like Robert Downey, Jr.
      4. Never having jury duty!
      3. FREE DONUTS!
      2. Pepper spray makes a good taco taste great.
      1. Getting to drive around with a trunk full of drugs and a back seat full of hookers!!!

      Clem says the "really big busts" line for number 4.

    • Despite having a Miss Nude Reno pageant, both of the bickering finalists are wearing bikinis.

  • Quotes

    • Garcia: (to Raineesha) It's kind of ironic, though, how you and Jones never got married and here's a gay guy getting married to a straight woman. That's gotta take the piss out of you.

    • Dangle: Did you get that gastric bypass surgery?
      Deb: I did, I had the gastric bypass.
      Dangle: My God.
      Deb: I know it, 240 pounds.
      Dangle: I didn't really recognize you.
      Deb: I know it.
      Dangle: You look like something the old Deb would have eaten.

    • (After the gang try to move the 10 Commandments monument, a picketer with a sign arrives and sits on a lawn chair.)
      Wiegel: (to picketer) I don't go to your job and tell you you're going to hell!

    • Dangle: All I really want to have happen, is for Deb to be happy as she could possibly be, not divorce me, and get hit by a train or something. Something in which she wouldn't feel any pain, because part of me is still her friend, but I also don't have a 401k plan of any kind.

    • Dangle: (while signing divorce papers) I am gonna go live…under a bridge…with frogs…and toads…
      Deb: Well, take a sleeping bag.
      Dangle: And occasionally…I will, once in a while, go wash your mother.

    • Dungeon Master: Listen. (counting on fingers) I'm immune to edge weapons. I'm immune to any kind of missile attack. I'm immune to any kind of wizard prismatic spray. Any kind of...
      Williams: (spraying Dungeon Master) What about mace?
      Dungeon Master: AHH!! OHH! OHH!
      Williams: Are you immune to that?!
      Dungeon Master: OH CRUMB!!
      Jones: We got him.
      Williams: Call it in. Tell 'em to get a cell ready for a demigod.

    • Johnson: Why don't I kick with my legs, and you guys push?
      (Johnson is upside down pushing the monument with her legs while the guys are pushing standing up.)
      Wiegel: You're just trying to show off your vagina, and that's not going to help anything.
      (Jones glares at Wiegel.)
      Wiegel: I wasn't talking to you; I was talking to her.
      Jones: I know who you were talking to.
      Junior: Yeah, it is kind of.
      Johnson: Who's showing off their vagina?

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Dangle: I'm not your little Dapper Dan doll.
      Dapper Dan was a doll created by Hasbro that was popular in the late 60's that taught kids hand/eye coordination with its buttons and zippers. There's also a doll for girls named Dressy Bessy.

    • Junior: I cannot believe you fellas beat us at the Alamo.
      Junior is referring to the defeat of the Texas rebels to the Mexican army in 1836, led by General Antonio López de Santa Anna.

    • Junior: Nice shootin', Tex.
      Junior's comment about Garcia's lousy aim is a line from the movie Ghostbusters.