Reno 911!

Season 2 Episode 16

Department Investigation: Part 2 (3)

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Sep 22, 2004 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

Police Review Board: When Dangle is questioned by the board, his balls are hanging out.

Suspicious Behavior: Junior and Garcia encounter a redneck with a vest full of New Year's firecrackers who accidentally fires them off.

Dangle talks to Wiegel in the squad car about how he is worried about the DA finding out about his goof emails to Jones, which he meant as jokes but could be misconstrued.

Police Review Board: Dangle is accused of eye-raping Jones.

B&E in Progress: Dangle and Raineesha are called to a woman who apparently had her artificial hair stolen.

At the board, Clem is questioned about her drug abuse and sexual indiscretion.

Inmate #538016: Terry is re-arrested by Dangle and Junior, but he escapes in a helicopter.

Community Service: At the children's hospital, Jones appears as a dancer to cheer up the patients with a little help from Garcia, but the nurse outshines Jones when challenged.

911 Call: Dangle and Junior answer Mrs. Leonard's call, who apparently calls several times a week and complains about phantom noises.

Traffic School Duty: Wiegel reads out some essays from her students, before she makes them draw pictures.

In the squad car, Jones promises Garcia that he would sell everyone else out but him.

Police Review Board: Jones and Garcia are questioned and played against each other.

Dangle and his team try to pursue Terry in the stolen helicopter.

Police Review Board: The whole team is confronted by the board - everyone is fired.


Morning Briefing: Lt Jim Kringle introduces the new department team that was transferred to Reno. Everyone introduces themselves: Barbara Cooper replaces Clem, Wendy Kelton replaces Trudy, Cletus Senior replaces Junior, Officer Garcia replaces the old Garcia, Culufu Garwood replaces Jones, Verlot replaces Johnson.

North Patrol: Kringle and Garwood drive by several people in jail suits serving on trash removal duty, who turn out to be the Dangle and the old deputies.
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