Reno 911!

Season 1 Episode 3

Execution Tickets

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Aug 06, 2003 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

Dangle and Junior try to win tickets to the Amy Grant concert off the radio by naming every Stephen Sondheim musical when they accidentally hit the back of a car (I know, Dangle seems to do that every episode.) At the morning briefing, Dangle announces that he has two passes to a public execution. The officers in the department have to be on the lookout for perps with specific features in a weird scavenger hunt. The point system goes as follows:

Crackhead with a wig - 5pts.
Perp over 6'5" - 10pts.
Man with teats - 5pts.
Best looking hooker - 15pts.
Red foriegn car - 5pts.
Perp with animal tattoo - 5pts.
Points double if perp is Jewish.

Garcia and Jones get a head start on the competition by calling in a pizza order and offering $20 if they can get it in 15 minutes. When the delivery driver goes flying by them, they arrest him for speeding and driving without a license, which Garcia threw away. Luckily for them, the driver is also 6'9".

Dangle and Junior heard that Big Mike just got a panther tattoo and decide to see if he's broken any laws. The tattoo turns out to be a dragon and Mike hasn't done anything, but when Mike finds out his sister tattoed him with a dragon instead of the panther he wanted he threatens to kill her and the deputies take him in to collect the points.

Raineesha goes out looking for a pretty prostitute. She lines them up and looks them over. She takes one aside and pulls out her bag of tricks to give the hooker a makeover. When she's done the hooker is indeed the prettiest one she's ever seen, and Raineesha arrests her.

Trudy is in luck; she's pulled over a red foreign car but forgets to put her squad car in park. Her car rolls away with her chasing it and the red foreign car gets away. Later, a motorist pulls over to help her. The driver turns out to be 6'10", so Trudy arrests him for picking up a hitchhiker. And since she's locked her keys in the squad car she makes the guy drive.

Garcia ends up winning by bringing in an over 6'5" Jewish crack head with a wig and a tattoo of a bird (being Jewish was double the points.) He takes the hooker that Williams had arrested to the execution, and all the other officers flip him off as he leaves.