Reno 911!

Season 3 Episode 5

Fastest Criminal in Reno

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Jul 12, 2005 on Comedy Central



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    • (after a car sideswipes the patrol car)
      Jones: We need to start wearing our seatbelts, man!

    • (After driving over a spike strip)
      Junior: Well, the spike strips work!

    • (After exiting submerged police cruiser)
      Dangle: Both of my nuts went up.
      Wiegel: Want me to help suck your balls back down?

    • Dangle: There's two or three kinds of driving in law enforcement; there's defensive driving, there's offensive driving, and then there's evasive driving.
      Raineesha: Wait a minute, there's a fourth, there's a fourth...there is "I want to put my car in the lake because I wanna see what's going on in there" driving.
      Dangle: Do you feel like that was a good representation of you? Of the kind of person you are?
      Raineesha: Yeah, I think that was fairly accurate.

    • Jones: Lieutenant, I get to shoot on sight, right?
      Dangle: Do not shoot! No shooting! What did I say? If we shoot him there will not be a group photo, period, end of story!

    • Break Dancer: (talking like he's black) Hook me up! My mouth is all dry and shit from smokin' the cronic.
      Jones: Ask in a real way.
      Break Dancer: (in his normal voice) Officer, I would really like to have my 40 ouncer and my boom box which I enjoy playing music on. I would enjoy to get them back.
      Clementine: No--found property. It's ours now.
      Break Dancer: Daaaaamn!

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  • Allusions

    • Dangle hitting his hat on his squad car when his trap for Fast Eddie fails is exactly the same as Jackie Gleason would do when he played Sheriff Buford T. Justice in the movie Smokey And The Bandit.