Reno 911!

Season 4 Episode 3

Jet Ski Blues

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Jul 23, 2006 on Comedy Central

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  • I'm not gonna lie. I would have cried if that was my brand new jet ski, caught on fire.

    This was a funny episode. The officers go to a dead officers truck that he lived in and in front it stinks. When thay open the back, they all find a brand new jet ski. Now of course you know everyone was trying to get it, so they dropped cards on the ground and the highest wins. Jonesey was real close to getting it, but Kimball's card was higher, so she got the jet ski. Jonesey and Garcia try to steal it late at night but when they open the truck, they find Kimball sitting on it with a gun in hand. Later, Jonesey said that if something was to happen to Kimball he should get it because he got the second highest. Dangle and Junior come in with a box full of guns and tells Jonesey and Kimball to carry the box and while the two are in the hallway alone and Williams, Dangle, and Junior are in the room, you can hear a gun shot go off. Kimball walks back in claiming that Jonesey shot her, and everyone has their gun out ready to shoot someone. Since something happened to Kimball, it is now Jonesey jet ski, so later on when the gang arrive at the truck, they see the truck with the jet ski in it on fire and Junior standing there with a can of gasoline saying he did it for them because it was tearing them apart. The catch is that the next day when the gang goes down to the lake, they see Junior riding on the jet ski with a girl. They all take out their guns and point them at Junior when he rides by. Junior gets off and gives the jet ski to a man nearby and the man ends up going through the trailer and it catches on fire.

    This was a good episode. If you haven't seen it, I advise you to seeit. It is better than I make it sound in this review, trust me.