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  • Great, Funny Show.

    Love how it makes fun of "COPS".
  • This show is hilarious!

    This show is hilarious since it makes fun of all those cop shows out there. The show is just hilarious I dont really watch it that much though I mainly only watch it if i turn on the TV and its on but it is a very entertaining show. Usually when i watch this show I can't stop laughing from it its just so random and hilarious.
  • GREATEST SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    best show i have ever seen it's funny, entertaining, and best of all great actors and actresses! Reno 911! is my absolutely favorite. I chose 10 as it's rating because i kno tons and tons of people that absolutely love reno 911 including me i could go on forever but i don't think you want me too. so please rate this show as high i as you can and be lover of this show not a if u are a hater theres gonna be problems and you aint gonna want the trouble u gonna get if you dont rate this show playas!!!just kidding but seriously rate this show!!
  • Can I be a cop???

    I absolutely LOVE this show! It is hilarious at times, but the funniest part is that it is making fun of cops! This show proves that just about anyone can be a cop. LOL

    I love the guy on roller skates that they are always messing with. I just saw the episode where his fiance was picking him up, and the officers didn't believe him, and she actually showed up! I've seen him in several episodes, but I always was under the impression that he was gay I guess that goes to prove that you should never judge a book by its cover.

    I cannot wait to see what else happens during this season! Please...if the producers of Reno 911 is looking for an additional cop, I would love to play one!
  • Very entertaining but stupid at times.

    Over all I like this show don't get me wrong but sometimes the show takes stupidity to a new level. Stupidity isn't always bad though sometimes I'm in the mood for something stupid. The show usually makes me laugh which is why I watch it to laugh and be entertained. My favorite character is Raineesha she's over the top and funny. I watch this show most nights I see it on comedy central I was watching it every day on 13 but they took it off at 11:30 which is a bit upsetting. It is one of my must see shows.
  • A fake cops-like show for the town of Reno, Nevada.

    This is one of my favorite shows. I love improv comedy shows and this is the king! The characters are amazingly funny and original. It always makes you laugh at least once uncontrollably during the episode. Their sense of humor hits me right in the funny bone. This show has endless potential and I am glad people have recognized it for the hit that it is. These comedians are brilliant. I enjoy them in everything they do but to see them running around as Reno's Finest makes me the happiest. I hope this show in on for a few more seasons! I am not sure how they can end it well though, due to the kind of show they have. haha
  • Mock police documentary/comedy tells the daily workings of deputies in Reno, Nevada.

    This show rules! I was looking for a comedy set to purchase at the local Walmart, and I thought I would give this show a try. Little did I know I would be in for an absolute treat.

    I love the mock documentary feel of the show. Each of the characters talk to the camera as if filming an actual COPS television program. This in itself provides for some laugh out loud moments.

    Each character from Dangle to Jonesy come with a unique set of concerns and problems. Combine their day to day routines of being on patrol with their unique styles and the viewer gets 30 minutes of wall to wall laughter.

    The last piece to the puzzle are the criminals in Reno.
    Some are performed by the actors themselves to great effect.
    The criminals are laugh out loud funny as they very often get the best of the Reno force.
  • Cool!

    I didn't bother looking into this show at first, but after hearing so many acquaintances compliment this show, I had to see what all the buzz was about. I dug it almost instantly. The actors and writers working on this show KNOW how to entertain--and I'm terribly critical. This is one Comedy Central spoof you must watch.

    Following a team of Reno, Nevada law enforcement deputies and their lieutenant on their daily duties, an invisible team of camera operators chronicles the hilarious hijinks ensuing from protecting and serving the public (a la "Cops"). Morning briefings at headquarters begin each episode, during which almost every regular character inputs some comment that reveals their primary role. The viewer may chuckle around this time, but the real belly laughs show up by the time the officers hit the road on their patrols. Sting operations are usually the most hilarious scenarios. I found myself near tears just before the first commercial break of the first episode I saw. The same doesn't necessarily follow for every show, but there are a lot of good quotes and situations that will have you rolling (some of which I could exemplify here but I'll let you see for yourself).

    A lot of biases and stereotypes are addressed on "Reno" that relate to (stop me if these sound familiar) race, class, sexuality, and mental health, but they're confronted so smoothly that most viewers will not be offended. Should you find offense to how any topic on this show is tackled, please hope to be reincarnated as something with a sense of humor after you die (when you're about to die, you'll probably believe in anything). The race issue comes up all the time here, and real cops would probably have to take tolerance classes or something if they got out of line and wanted to keep their jobs. In "Reno," the officers have confessional sessions where almost every derogatory comment comes off as laughable. To that effect, this show reminds me of watching "Chappelle's Show," another outstanding Comedy Central presentation.

    Hands down, this is one of the funniest spoofs to ever hit U.S. television. If you happen to catch this, STAY TUNED. You're going to wind up seeing or hearing something you'll laugh at. If only law enforcement was really like this. Hell, I'd sign up!
  • Unoriginal, unfunny, and undeserving of airtime.

    Yeah, I know that people call this show is a "faux reality" cop show, making fun of police officers. Here's the dirty secret, though: It's been done by a group called Broken Lizard in a great movie called Super Troopers.

    Apparently, most if not all the lines are improvised. That would make it funny, if the cast was actually funny. If the cast was made of people from 'Whose Line Is It Anyway' or the players from the local improv club, it MAY be funny.

    I don't know how much money the Reno 911! movie made at the box office, nor do I care. I wouldn't pay $9 to see this movie and there isn't anyone with enough money to pay me to watch this ridiculous excuse of a TV program.
  • Amazing.

    Oh gosh. This show is so ridiculously funny. I love it. The movie is going to be hilarious, I can't wait. Every episode of Reno 911 is full of laughter. All of the characters are great and they all play off of each other so well. The fact that people like these could actually be cops is a little terrifying, but they're great. Dangles has got to be one the funniest ones. Especially that episode when he was riding a bike, but some punks locked it to a pole, so he couldn't ride it. Classic. Definitely one of the funniest shows out there.
  • Incredibally funny!

    One of my personal favorite comedies. This is about cops in Reno who are subpar at their job at best but incredibally funny! Most episodes will have you convulsing on the floor with laughter within 5 short skits! All should watch this show. Also, this show likes to make gay and sexual jokes, so it's not for the kids. It's even been made into a movie(Reno 911 Miami)! There's also racsist jokes. Amazingly, the show got a TV 14 rating, despite all the crude and racsist jokes.The only reason this show didn't get a 10 is because the jokes can be TOO gross or offencive.
  • So funny!

    OMG this show is so funny I was watching it the other night and chould not stop laughing its a great show it is about cops that are so stupid and can't catch a theif if their lifs needed it so funny I can't even put words togetheir to say how funny this show its a great show and I'am very happy this show will continue being made I only started watching about 3 years ago and I loved it abnd to this day I do belive me if you never watched watch it you will be laughing so much I rate Reno 911! a 9.3
  • This show is good.

    This show is hilarious. Its like Cops but the retarted cops you don\'t see on the show. These guys are so stupid but they somehow manage to find the bad guys. In one episode the little cop trainy person did this awsome manover to get on the roof of a building without a ladder. Then the other cop said I would do that if I didn\'t have my period. But she really would never have done it.
    The show does need to make more of them because a good laugh is needed every now and then. Very good. I would watch it if I were you.
  • This show is so funny...

    I love Reno 911, it's so funny. All the cops are stupid and do everything wrong. They they're all halarious. My favorite cop is Raineesha Williams. She has a fun attitude and is the one that usually does or says something stupid. I hope that this show continues to go on and not get cancelled. That happens to a lot of good shows. Reno 911 is drop dead funny, trust me. Whoever came up this this show is a genius. I don't know if they were trying to make fun of cops but if thats what they wanted, they got it. If you havent checked it out, see it, and you will see what I mean.
  • A "reality show" within a reality show!

    This show is off the wall thanks to really an
    Off the wall cast of characters that are like sex
    Crazed as well as really fumbling and bumbling but in a
    Good kind of way lead by the clueless yet funny Lt
    Of the squad in Nevada. IMO, this is a "reality show"
    In a reality show!
  • This show is awesome!!!!

    I really like this show, it's just so funny. I just love how stupid they are, like when their trying to solve the murders and it was that guy all along. LOL. Oh and the bike, it just keeps getting stolen or wrapped around a pole LOL. The characters are all different and they bring everything to the table. I love this series. I give it a 10!!!!
  • Brilliant Idea!

    This show is GENIUS! The fact that most of the show is unscripted and mostly improved, makes me appreciate the actors on the show more. I have never sat down and not loved the episode I was watching. Because, admit it, you've watched COPS, and your thinking, this cannot be real. Bubba did not just try to run over his baby's momma with the 4 year olds tri-cycle did he?? Reno 911 reminds you that even though they may be going a bit extreme in their comedy, we all know someone from that show that we can identify. Who doesn't?
  • A terrific action packed comedy.

    Reno 911 follows the adventures of the officers of Reno, Nevada as they take on the crude, bad, and strange criminals of the town. The characters seem to have their own unique personalities that are realized in every situation which creates an easy way to discover their character. Although the show is genius, some of the situations can be repetitive but don't happen very often. Out of every show on Comedy Central within the past few years, this one stands outas one of the best.
  • Reno 911! is the most underappreciated sitcom on cable right now.

    I resisted watching Reno 911! for a long time, and I'm not sure why. I guess it was because I cannot stand most of the police procedurals on television right now (such as all the Law and Order shows), but I think it was also because I didn't really "get" the humor and method of this show. In my personal experience I've found that I will dislike almost any sitcom if I only watch 2 or 3 episodes. But I think the real key to enjoying a fine comedy sitcom is to watch it for several episodes in order to get to know both the characters and the rhythm of the show. Not only did I become very attached to these characters after watching 4 or 5 shows (especially Weigel and Dangle), but then I started to realize how brilliant the actors in this show are. Though there is some rough direction for how particular scenes should go, did you know that most of what the characters say is improvisation? Though this is very evident in the opening scene, the morning briefing (*so* reminiscent of how Hill Street Blues episodes always began), the actors' talent for hilarious spontaneity pervades every scene. And let's be brutally honest here--who doesn't like either males or females (or both) in tight polyester, authoritarian uniforms? :-)

    Give this show a chance if you've resisted it in the past!
  • Reminds me of the cops in my town...

    I love this show, it cracks me up, and reminds me of Cops. But its way funnier than Cops. And it really reminds me of the cops in my town. It makes me wonder sometimes if cops really do goof off like they do (wait, what am I talking about, Im sure most of them do)
  • totally funny, totally original!

    totally funny, totally original! it will really keep you laughing. the cast works well together, playing off each other in quirky and unique ways. You are REALLY glad these are not YOUR law enforcement personnell (or ARE they??)

    Each character is odd in his or her own way-and they really bring out the funny in each other. This unscripted show is a must see for me and I recommend it to others.

    For being an unscripted show, the story lines are pretty well played-out, but always keep you guessing. You never know what freak one of the female officers will be sleeping with next, or just how short Dangles shorts can be (they are short enough now, thank you!).
  • In the City of Reno the Reno cops try thier best to maintain the peace.

    Reno 911 is a hilarious show which revolves on to me the worst cops in the world! Though they might be the worst cops ever they make the show really funny. The Reno cops always take things to far like electrocuting a guy who is already knocked out. The Reno Cops also do alot of things wrong like bringing a crazy psyco instead of a goverment official to the mayor, due to there own stupidity. Reno 911 also has this funny segment called reading with Ron where they try to gain respect but end up loosing all of their pride.
  • Very creative and funny great show should be around for a long time

    great show very funny should be around for a long time look forward to seeing more from it. Very creative and one you can never forget. it\\\'s a creative sshow and it isn\\\'t to off concept and there not trying to hard. there just there having fun and entertaining the fans. This show i could see going on for numerous of years because every body so use to the serious cop show and law shows that finally they made something the complete opposite to give everybody something to laugh at. It\\\'s comedy and fun to watch. Season 4 i think will be even better
  • One of the best shows on The Comedy Network!!!

    Other than the Colbert Report, and Comedy Inc, I believe it's one of the best shows on Comedy Network! I find it really funny when they have problems, and especially when the FBI comes. And, they're not very good cops, they are persaded very easily, put are still hilarious. And they are all very retarded. O personally like the gay one (the guy who wears short-shorts) (I don't know all their names yet) These show is funny and deserves a great rating.
  • finally season 4

    all the waiting from 9/6/2005 to 7/4/06 was worth it season 4 begins july 4rth. I'm ready for it I'm not sure how to mix new season premires with 4th of july festival but I'll figure it out well thats it thats all i wanted to say. new season begins 10:30 opn comedy central July 4rth

    anyone have any predictions of season 4 anyone if so send them to me. (chanting) season 4 season 4 season 4 season 4 season 4 season 4 season 4 season 4 season 4 season 4 season 4 season 4 season 4 on July 4
  • Crazy fun

    This has to be the craziest comedy there is. Moreover, it is good fun. I eagerly anticipated another show from the bunch that brought us "The State" and "Viva Variety." Finally, the talent is back! Each week we get to follow members of the Reno Sheriff department as they investigate every weird kind of crime there is. However, it is the officers themselves that are the most deranged individuals out there. From the obviously gay Dangle to the equally worthless Junior. One of the great things is that each character is given a detailed and unique persona. Some are stupid, some are jerks, all are funny. These are outstanding improvs being given the freedom and comedic vehicle to be at their best.
  • Laugh-out-loud-tears-in-your-eyes-pee-your-pants funny!

    From the first moments of the pilot with the accidental shooting of an officer at a suprise party, RENO 911 delivers some uproarious laughs and sidesplittingly funny characters.

    I love them all, but Clemmy is my favorite.

    Also, Terry's scenes are hysterical.

    Definately one of the most fun shows to just sit back and enjoy.
  • How could you not love Reno 911! Its the funniest show around.

    I don't know why I started watching this show, but I have always thouroughly enjoyed it. I particually like Kerri Kenney as Deputy Trudy Wiegel, she is absoulutely hilarious. It was funny in the first season finale when she dressed up for halloween in her cat costume, and the other deputies threw toilet paper all over her house. I think this show has a long future ahead of it, and hopefully more people will tune in and realise what their missing out on.
  • great even thought i don't watch it often.

    I never watched this show very often but from the lil that i saw this is a great show.This show is a spoof on cops if you love dreaming about that kinda stuff well you'd probabily wanna watch this show.From the milkshake episode and the season 2 comedy i think i'm gonna give this 10.0/10.0
  • This show never fails to throw me into hysterical fits of laughter.

    I think this show is one of the funniest I've ever watched in my life. The cast members are all so perfect, and whoever brought this show to life and all those involved are brilliant. I don't know how they manage to think of all these hilarious skits, but I'm hooked. Not many shows can make me laugh so hard that my neighbors have often later asked what in the world I was cracking up about. And this is a house, not an apt. Am I Embarrassed? Yeah, a little...but it's more than worth it. Just another one of those shows I could watch all day, and never tire of. One episode is a teaser, imo.
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