Reno 911!

Season 4 Episode 7

The Investigation Continues (2)

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Aug 27, 2006 on Comedy Central



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    • Coroner: (to the police officers, who believe he is high) It's the medical marijuana, that I got from the AIDS guy.
      Junior: This is Nevada, not Willy Wonkaville.

    • Dangle: (singing) If peanuts had a parade in your mouth...
      Junior: Yeah--
      Dangle: It would be a nut parade...
      Junior: Yeah--
      Dangle: If peanuts had a parade in your mouth...
      Junior: We know how the fucking commerical goes!

    • Wiegel: Hey, have you seen my mom?
      Ghost of Chechekevitch: You mean today?
      Wiegel: Yeah. Just sort of hovering about or whatever? She's actually...I don't know that she's up there necessarily.
      Ghost of Chechekevitch: No, but--well, I would--there--we're all up there in a way--
      Wiegel: Well, in other words no, haven't seen her cause she's in hell.
      Ghost of Chechekevitch: --or here, but I may see her, I-I-I may see her soon.
      Wiegel: Don't worry, you don't have're not gonna to see her, you're not gonna see her.

    • Dangle: No one interrupted me, that was wonderful. That was the first time I got to say something.
      Junior: Well, you weren't even talking to us, you were talking to the camera. So we felt weird.
      Dangle: No, I wasn't talking to the camera, I was talking to you. I-I-I opened up to the camera.
      Garcia: Why did you take your glasses off when you said that?
      Dangle: Cause it would look better for the camera.

    • Garcia: I can see the marijuana from here, sir. I can smell it.
      Drug Dealer: That's not even my good stuff, that's the ditch weed. I keep the good stuff in back with the cocaine.

    • Johnson: Something stinks! All right? And it stinks like...
      Williams: Peroxide! And...
      Johnson: Well, that...I just did that last night.
      Williams: Sorry.

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    • Junior: This is Nevada, not f**king Willy Wonkaville.
      Junior is referring to the fictional chocolate factory in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.