Reno 911!

Season 6 Episode 1

Training Day

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Apr 01, 2009 on Comedy Central

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  • Not the funniest Reno episode. Alot of characters didn't come back this season and there are two new ones. Tons of change to adjust to as a fan of the show since the beginning. Though still has the same charm of seasons past. Glad it is back.

    This season starts with the addition of two new officers and the loss of three on the show. Clemme, Kimbell, and Garcia now being gone will take some adjusting for all us Reno fans. Overall the episode was o.k.. Some funny moments but the show definitely didn't start with a bang.
    It seemed that they were trying something new not only with the new characters, but with the way the established characters act as well. Dangle being someone who always had a knack for re-enforcing others jokes with a little add-on of his own, seemed to talk to much at times, even while another person was talking. Other established characters seemed to be there old selves, no complaints there.
    The new characters played by Ian Roberts and Joe Lo Trugilo were alright, didn't laugh much during there scenes. Sort of reminds of seeing some of the older cops during the beginning of the first season. Hard to established characters in a 30 min episode so time will tell if these two work out on the show or not.
    I'm willing to chalk this episode up to a new ensemble cast get to know each other and there styles with is not as easy in improv comedy. And seeing as how I'm a big Ian Roberts and Joe Lo Truglio fan already, I'm confident that there characters will grow on me. I truly hope the season gets better as it gets past this transition period.