Reno 911!

Season 5 Episode 7

Undercover at Burger Cousin

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Feb 27, 2008 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

Junior talks about how kids are driving around with baseball bats and destroying mailboxes. His plan is to rig them with a box of paint bombs that are very sensitive. Unfortunately, he drops one, setting them all off and covering him with paint. A truck then speeds by and destroys the mailbox he's standing next to.

At the morning meeting Dangle assigns Garcia and Jones to go undercover at Burger Cousin, a local fast-food restaurant that has been robbed 11 times. When they show up for their first shift, they meet their manager Rick. He's demanding and rude, and the officers can tell this isn't going to be fun.

Dangle and Junior answer a call about an angry mob, only to find Big Mike with a torch and a little boy named Stuart, who's carrying a pitchfork. Big Mike claims that Stuart has an issue with some Italians that have moved into the neighborhood. The deputies handcuff Mike and leave him in the street and take Stuart to school.

Kimball visits Cindy the former sex-slave and asks if she'd work on a bad spot on her shoulder, which Cindy is all too willing to do. She's massaging Kimball in several different ways when Dangle comes in and has a talk with Kimball (again) about not treating Cindy like a sex-slave.

Dangle and Raineesha visit a local dominatrix about some flyers she's put up at the farmer's market. The Kettle Korn people at the farmer's market have been complaning, and since they give a lot of money to the sheriff's department the deputies are trying to keep them happy. Raineesha appeals to the dominatrix as a black woman, and she agrees to take down the flyers as a sign of solidarity, sister to sister. When they get back in the squad car Dangle tells Raineesha that the dominatrix is actually a guy; his name is Jeff and he used to be on Jim's high school swim team.

Trudy and Clementine go to a local bridge where a couple plans to hold a bungee-jumping wedding. Clementine tells the groom not to act like he doesn't know her; she just performed at his bachelor party the night before. She shows the bride a picture of her future husband who has caught a boiled egg in his mouth (we're left to imagine how). The bride pushes the groom off the bridge then releases his bungee chord.

Back at Burger Cousin manager Rick is doing fun things like stealing tips from the tip jar, dumping trash for Garcia to clean up and slapping Jones on the ass while he tries to make burgers. When Rick orders them to clean up the bathroom after he's had explosive diarhea all over the floor and walls, the deputies have had enough and walk out. When they're safely out of the building, Rick brings out the real employees who have been bound and gagged in the back the entire time. At gunpoint, he makes them open the register and give him the money. He also tells them their job was easy to do and their restaurant is a shithole.