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  • Season 3
    • Steve helps a designer in St. Paul, MN restore an old Victorian house with some eco-smart improvements like installing fiber cement siding and restoring the original stair handrails.
    • 1/28/10
      Steve helps a Boulder, CO family fulfill their dream of an "Ahimsa Platz," or non-harm home, by installing a Faraday cage to block out electromagnetic waves.
    • 1/21/10
      Steve helps a car restoration enthusiast and his wife build a garage using the all-natural insulator...straw! Then Steve helps revitalize a Detroit community by constructing the first eco-smart modular home in the neighborhood.
    • 1/14/10
      Steve tries to help a St. Paul couple make eco-smart improvements to their home including installing a rainwater catchment system made with rain barrels.
    • 1/7/10
      Steve helps two Arlington, MA, families work on a large insulation project for their duplex. Later, Steve installs a weather station and ceiling fans at a Washington, DC, home so it can regulate its own temperature.
    • 12/4/09
      Steve builds a bike garage from structural insulated panels in St. Paul. Later, Steve travels to Virgina to help a couple renovate their first home by installing radiant floor heating and a sun tube for natural light.
    • Steve helps a Falls Church, VA, couple build their home out of mud bricks. Later, Steve checks out the tiniest homes in Texas - all made from recycled materials!
    • 11/13/09
      Steve helps build a sustainable and practical home that includes an adjustable oven range for people with disabilities in Boulder, CO. Later, Steve helps a do-it-yourselfer family install permeable pavers.
    • Steve heads to Portland to lend a hand to a man trying to spruce up his bachelor pad before his bride-to-be moves in. Later, Steve will help two busy architects build an eco-smart playroom for their kids.
    • 10/30/09
      Steve helps a Portland, OR couple build a countertop using wood from their own backyard. Later, Steve will help turn one New Orleans couple's Hurricane Katrina nightmare into a green dream.
    • 10/16/09
      Steve helps a couple add some green systems to their historic ranch starting with a rainwater collection cistern and natural ventilation. Then, Steve heads to Portland to assist a couple who are building an addition on their log cabin.
    • Steve helps a Colorado couple construct a greenhouse, but while digging the foundation they hit an actual boulder. Will Steve find a solution? Later, a Houston couple shows that everything is bigger in Texas, especially the solar arrays.
    • 8/21/09
      Steve pitches in with Saturn's Hands on Homes program in Detroit, MI to help build eco-friendly houses for people in need. Steve creates an airtight seal for the attic, blows in cellulose insulation, and uses advanced framing techniques to build a wall.
    • Steve helps a stay-at-home dad build a yoga studio using salvaged materials, including wood from President Obama's inauguration. Then, Steve heads to Baton Rouge, LA, to assist a couple rebuilding from Hurricane Gustav.
    • 7/24/09
      Steve helps the Moon brothers build what they hope to be one of the greenest homes in the country. Steve will help install steel walls, reclaimed wood from shipping pallets and even check out a composting toilet.
    • Today, Steve will show a Baton Rouge, LA, architect how to build a carport using recycled wood from another building and concrete from a parking lot. Then, Steve heads to Portland, OR to construct an eco-smart chicken coop.
    • 10/23/09
      Steve helps create what could become the largest solar community in the world on an Army base in Hawaii. Then, Steve heads to Austin, TX to help a family with their indoor air quality.
    • Steve heads to Stevensville, MD, to help a couple green their retirement home and lower their energy bills. Later, Steve trades in his tool belt to become a spelunker in an aquifer in Austin, TX.
    • Steve helps a Washington, DC, couple install a recycled countertop, permeable pavers and cork floor. Later, Steve heads to Boulder, CO, to help a couple figure out the recipe for a home with no carbon footprint.
    • Steve lends a hand to a ground-up renovation in Portland. He'll help install siding on a rain screen wall, put in a concrete counter in their bathroom and weld an eco-smart balcony guardrail.
    • 5/22/09
      Steve will assist a couple in Fairhope, Alabama by channeling their excess rainwater into eco-friendly rain gardens and find a way to get rid of wood-eating insects from their salvaged wood and he has to do it green.
    • 5/15/09
      Steve explores a rainforest in Hana, Hawaii, looking for materials to build an eco-smart tree house. He gathers palm fronds for the roof as well as guava and bamboo timber for the structure. Then, Steve will work on a hotel in Little Compton, Rhode Island.
    • Steve lends a hand with the Habitat for Humanity volunteers in Philadelphia who are building affordable, green homes. Then, Steve helps a Tucson couple set up an eco-smart room for their new baby.
    • Steve lends a hand on what might be the greenest house in the country. Then, Steve will meet a Houston couple so committed to eco-smart living, they're downsizing their entire living area to less than half the space of their previous home.
    • Steve helps a family install a rainwater tank next to their lopsided house. Then, Steve helps a backyard engineer finish his solar invention that's the first in America and lends a hand on a different kind of eco-smart home-a green doghouse.
    • Steve helps restore a famous painter's studio damaged by Hurricane Katrina. Then, Steve helps a couple reduce their carbon footprint by building an eco-smart office in their own backyard.
  • Season 2
  • Season 1