Rental Magica

Chiba TV Premiered May 26, 2007 Between Seasons


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Rental Magica

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The son of a Tsukasa Iba, a magician that did not use magic, Itsuki Iba is the new president of the mage dispatch agency called Astral. Although he is a first rate coward, Itsuki works hard as the president. Due to an incident years ago, he has to wear an eye patch over his right eye after it was deformed due to magical pollution. Although he has very little knowledge in magic and the business surrounding it, Itsuki works hard to accomplish jobs with the help of his employees Honami Takase Ambler, Mikan Katsuragi, and Ren Nekoyashiki. Along with the help of Manami Kuroha, a ghost, and Adilisia Lenn Mathers (Addy), the president of a rival company named Goetia.

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AIRED ON 3/22/2008

Season 1 : Episode 24