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Chiba TV Premiered May 26, 2007 Between Seasons


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  • Season 1
    • Astral
      Episode 24
      The members of Astral rush to save both Itsuki and the city. However, it is all up to Honami and the choice she makes, that will determine the outcome of the battle. Ultimately, it is her love for Itsuki that wins through and Fin is forced to flee.
    • Changeling
      Episode 23
      Fin has persuaded Honami to aid him in releasing a dormant dragon that she believes will be able to cure Itsuki's cursed Glamsight. However as the other Astral members try to intervene Fin reveals that he is infact a Changeling and that he has his own plans for the dragon. When the battle finally starts Fin also reveals that he too possesses Glamsight.moreless
    • Sleeping City
      Sleeping City
      Episode 22
      The members of Astral meet Fin, a young man sent by the Association to investigate Astral and it's activities. However, things become complicated when it emerges that Fin has a history with Honami. But that is not the only complication because when something goes wrong with Itsuki's Glamsight Fin comes under suspicion.moreless
    • White and Black Dresses
      The Association forces Adelicia to get married or to relinquish her position as head of Goetia. As such she proposes to Honami. However, a confused Itsuki stops the ceremony and makes the duo see that a wedding is not the most sensible solution to the situation.
    • Oni Ritual
      Oni Ritual
      Episode 20
      Now that Suzuka knows where Kaori is, she begins the festival. Knowing the purpose of the festival and Mikan's role in it, Itsuki and the others head to where festival will be performed. Although they manage to stop the entire thing and save Mikan and Kaori, the Oni goes out of control. Deciding they can't leave the Oni as is, everyone begins attacking it, but it proves too much for them to handle, that is until an unexpected arrival changes the tide of the battle.moreless
    • The Miko's Hometown
      Mikan and Ren return to Mikan's home town. Due to them being gone so long, Itsuki calls Mikan's family and learns the Ren is missing and Mikan's family refuses to return her to them. Determined to figure out what's going on, Honami and Itsuki head to Mikan's home town. Little do they know, things aren't what they seem.moreless
    • The Bond of Solomon
      Set parallel to the events with Itsuki and Adilicia, Daphne searches for Clive. Sekiren appears before her and she attacks him. After evading all her blows, Sekiren tells her he may know where Clive is. Upon taking her to where he detected King Solomon magic, Sekiren questions her about why she is Adilicia's servant with the skill she possesses.moreless
    • Demonic Rebellion
      Demonic Rebellion
      Episode 17
      While training, Itsuki is surprised when Daphne comes to him to see if he has seen Adilicia. Upon returning to Astral, Itsuki learns that Adilicia, left them a message to not to worry. While out walking, Itsuki senses some spellwave contamination. Upon investigating, he is attacked by none other then Forneus. To make matters worse, Adilicia isn't the on controlling the demon.moreless
    • Red Spear
      Red Spear
      Episode 16
      While training in the mountains Itsuki is attacked by creature created from magical pollution. Before the creature can fully attack, Itsuki is saved by a man named Sekiren who, ironicaly works for Astral part time. After seeing him fight, Itsuki asks that he trains him. Little does Itsuki know, Sekiren has a plan to make Itsuki stronger without his help.moreless
    • Legend of the Mermaid
      A charm has come into the possesion of the Minagi shrine and they want Astral to return it to a shrine near the sea. Even though they are working, the group acts as though they are on vacation. When Adilicia and Honami fall out after a tough beach competition, Itsuki and Kuroha go and place the charm in the shrine. When Itsuki puts it in the shrine, he and Kuroha are dragged into another world. Are they caught in magical contamination?moreless
    • Faith Initiation Rites
      When Honami and Adilicia were children, they attended the same school that taught magic. Though before they could actually attend the school, they had to pass a test, which was surviving a Magi Night. Honami and Adilicia were paired together and although Adilicia wanted to destroy the core, Honami stood firmly against it. Little does Adilicia know, she has unleashed an unspeakable evil that threatens the lives of the other potential students.moreless
    • Memories of the Stars
      A man comes to Astral requesting someone to perform the ritual for the star festival for him. Itsuki agrees to rent him someone and he, Ren, and Mikan head to where the ritual is suppossed to be performed. While performing the ritual something goes wrong and the three are nearly killed. What could have caused the accident?moreless
    • Requiem for the Holy Night
      Everyone seems to be busy working around Astral, even though it is Christmas Eve, except Itsuki. When Itsuki leaves, Addy and Honami think he is buying a Christmas present for one of them, so they follow him around. Little do they know, Itsuki is working to purify some magical pollution by himself.moreless
    • The Flower that Blooms on the Dead
      A lady by the name of Diana arrives at Astral with a job request. It seems that Diana is the person that supplies Astral with it's magical objects and she has a special task for the group. A flower that blooms on the dead is about to be ready to be retrieved and she wants Itsuki and the others to get it for her. Unknown to Itsuki, Honami, and Kuroha, they are not the only ones after the flower.moreless
    • Tears of the Homunculus
      With Honami captured, Itsuki tries to work a deal with Addy to help save Honami. Elsewhere Judaicus has a surprise for Honami as he opens the case without the key from the association. What could be in the case and why does Judaicus want it so badly?
    • Father's Successor
      Itsuki is informed that his father left something behind for him. The problem is that the association will not give him the object, because someone is contesting Itsuki being made president of Astral. When the meeting is set up, Itsuki is surprised to see none other then Lapis. Is she truly the one challenging Itsuki being made president, or is there someone else?moreless
    • Hot Spring Magic
      Hot Spring Magic
      Episode 8
      Itsuki and the others, including Addy, take a trip to a hot spring which can supposedly heal. Honami and Addy have dragged everyone up to the spring to try and heal Itsuki's eye a little. After finding that the water has no healing powers, Honami and Addy drag everyone off to find the spring. Now it is a race between Honami and Addy, who will find the spring first?moreless
    • Red-Headed Girl
      Red-Headed Girl
      Episode 7
      On his way back to Astral, Itsuki runs into a red-headed girl who turns out to be a homunculus. After giving her his card and seeing her off, Itsuki returns to Astral to find the girl waiting there. It seems she has a job for them and it is to retrieve the eye of a creature that can kill with a look and should not exist. What makes things worse is that the girl knows where one can be found. Is it a trap?moreless
    • Glam Sight
      Glam Sight
      Episode 6
      After convincing Kagezaki that Goetica had nothing to do with the pollution Itsuki along with Adilisia and the rest members of Astral make a final attempt to destroy Oswald. After tracing him, repetitive attacks and the use of glamsight Astral manages to destroy him. In the end Itsuki is admitted to a hospital with a broken leg.moreless
    • Magi Night
      Magi Night
      Episode 5
      Astral is forced into removing a magical pollution when the association threatens them with disbanding due to low effectiveness at work. While at the job Itsuki gets trapped along with Adilisia who attacked him into the pollution and she reveals him that the source of the pollution is a Goetica member. With Honami's help they manage to escape the pollution’s attack and force it to retreat.moreless
    • You are Not Alone
      While hospitalized Itsuki meets a young ghost called Kuroha and talks with it. Late at night Ren after having investigated the environs of the hospital saves Itsuki from a demon and along with Honami all three of them go and rescue Kuroha from a soul eating creature. Afterwards all of them safely return to Astral.moreless
    • Purification of the Gods
      Itsuki Iba visits a shrine for his next job. While warned from the association about the dangers he accepts it. After a close to death fight with the enraged god of the shrine Mikan manages to restore everything back to normal.
    • Witch's Oath
      Witch's Oath
      Episode 2
      Itsuki is confronted by Adilisia, who attempts to force him into signing a contract, but Honami stops her. Later in a mission at a mansion assigned by Ren Honami saves Itsuki from a demon, as Itsuki did years ago for her, and they return to Astral.
    • Renting Useful Magic
      Due to Itsuki Iba's incompetence, Astral, his magic renting company fails to catch a demon hound that Adilisia, Goetica’s leader, catches later on. Later due to a request from a classmate Itsuki and his underlings search for her grandfather. After having fought and defeated what turned out to be a demonized grandfather everyone returns to HQ.moreless
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