Republic of Doyle

Season 2 Episode 3

A Stand Up Guy

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 26, 2011 on CBC
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It's no laughing matter when a comedian is being stalked, and the Doyles are on the case to find the stalker before any real harm comes to their client; Jake finally manages to get up the nerve to ask Allison out, but their first date doesn't go quite as planned; Leslie tries to sort out her relationships with the men in her life.


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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (3)

      • Jake: Look at that hair.  Catfud... nothing says "80's" like a Mount Pearl curl, huh?

        The handbill that Jake picks up advertising Catfud shows them as appearing at a club on Wednesday, August 27th; this means the appearance was either 1980 or 1986.

      • Jake: Is your name Alfonso?
        Ryan: What? My name's Ryan... Ryan Brenton.  If you don't believe me, ask my dad; he's a Supreme Court judge.

        There are no judges in the Supreme Court, either Provincially or Federally, named Brenton.

      • Jill, the date that Nikki sets up for Jake, is played by Janelle Hickey; she is a crew member on the show (assistant to Mr. Vatcher).

    • QUOTES (9)

      • J.J.: You know Marlon Brando? Hmm? He had a stalker; she and her husband had a plan to kill Brando and to eat him.
        Jake: I actually already knew that.
        J.J.: But she loved Brando so much, she confessed everything to him.
        Jake: Oh yeah? What did Brando do?
        J.J.: He banged her.

      • J.J.: (to Tyler) Don't be a moron like Stan. And 25 new jokes for breakfast... none of that 'Newfie' crap, they hate that here.

      • Sgt. Hood: (handing Leslie a coffee) I put honey in instead of sugar, it's better for you. You're all smiles.
        Leslie: That so?
        Sgt. Hood: I'm just saying you look happy.
        Leslie: Frankly, it's none of your business. I'm your partner, not your little sister, not your wife. Got me?

      • Chantel: [Dylan's] car's a right-hand drive, and you want to go to London. It's karma.
        Tinny: You're an idiot.
        Chantel: And I'm your best friend; what's that say about you?

      • Jake: Let's go out. Seriously.
        Allison: That's it? That's your pitch?
        Jake: Yeah.
        Allison: Does that usually work for you?
        Jake: Nope.
        Allison: Well, you keep trying. Practice makes perfect.

      • Jake: Look, Nikki, I can see how dinner with you and your new-fiance-slash-divorce-lawyer who happened to rob me blind in our settlement would be fun for you, but me... not so much.

      • J.J.: Look, I banged a lot of chicks. Do you want a list of them all? I'll get right onto that... as a matter of fact, ask Tyler; he probably keeps track, his nose is so far up my ass.

      • (after Jake and Mal have found Rhonda Stride's body in a freezer)
        Leslie: You're in big trouble here.
        Jake: What do you think happened? I killed her, I froze her, found her, then I called you? Look, I'm aware I come up with a lot of excuses to see you...
        Leslie: You just stumbled upon Rhonda Stride's body?
        Mal: There's no external wounds, I think she had terminal cancer.
        Leslie: You examined her?
        Jake: Well, you know, just a quick scan, nothing extensive, you know... moved a few tv dinners around.

      • Allison: So, you take me to a dinner where your ex-wife is trying to set you up with another woman.
        Jake: Sorry about that.
        Allison: It's a hell of a first date.
        Jake: I'm a classy guy, what can I say?

    • NOTES (1)

    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • Stan: These are the P.I.s you told me to hire. J.J.: Hardcastle and McCormick, right? Right.  Okay, I need someone to keep the ding-dongs away from me; anyone certifiable, show them to the door. Jake: We're detectives... we don't do security. J.J.: Aw, sensitive body guards, just what I was looking for.  Find the stalker and shut him up, okay?

        Hardcastle & McCormick was a variation on the standard tv cop show; the show featured Hardcastle, a retired judge, the elder of the two, and McCormick, a car thief, the younger of the duo.  The two men meted out rough justice to those who had evaded it in the legal system.

      • Mal: What'd you dig up about ol' J.J.?
        Rose: Well, uh, never been married, no family to speak of, left the island about 26 years ago, moved to New York, hit it big with "Squid Dude" on SNL.

        "SNL" is Saturday Night Live; it is a sketch comedy show that has run on NBC since 1975 and been the starting point for many famous comedians.