Republic of Doyle

Season 1 Episode 4

Blood Is Thicker Than Blood

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 27, 2010 on CBC
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An old case comes back to haunt Mal when a man hires the Doyles to find the person who killed his wife; a crime that the man himself was wrongfully convicted of years ago. At home, Tinny makes a bold move to assert her independence, while Jake tries to find out if he's about to become a daddy.moreless

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      • Jake: Okay, look, this investigation may take a while, you know, uh, witnesses move away, die...
        Carl: I'm gonna make it real easy for ya, buddy. I already knows who killed her. It was my brother, Bobby. He was sleeping with Melissa, and I knows he done it, okay, so all your father gotta do is prove it!

      • Rose: Okay, okay, so far, in the Maher family, we've got brother Carl, brother Bobby, younger sister Crystal; (Des picks up a picture of Crystal and her mother) Crystal still looks after the mother, who's an invalid.
        Des: Oh, she's hot!
        Jake: That is disgusting.
        Des: I mean the girl, not the old missus. I'm not into gilfs.
        Mal: What?
        Des: Gilfs. A gilf. It's a...
        Jake: ...nothing. Gilf is a nothing.
        Des: It's nothing.

      • Leslie: Cops want to forget this case.
        Jake: Yeah, I know. My old man's been holding on to this one for years.
        Leslie: Jake, your father never worked the Maher case; you know that, right?

      • Rose: I was you once, but I wasn't lucky enough to have a man like Malachy in my life. Or even Jake, for that matter.
        Tinny: I don't have to listen to you.
        Rose: No, you don't; you do not. But here's the deal: I couldn't care less that you moved away, I couldn't care less if you ran off and married this guy. None of that matters to me, but it matters to the man that I love. So, if Dwayne has his wits about him, Dwayne will get his ass over here tomorrow morning for brunch.
        Tinny: Excuse me?
        Rose: And you can come too, if you wish.

      • Jake: How you feeling? You, uh, feel a little... tender?
        Nikki: Tender? Jake, what are you on?

      • (on the phone)
        Jake: Hey, Des, where are you?
        Des: Uh, outside a strip club. Look, Malachy said stay on the sister, and she's a stripper, dude, so I, uh, I followed her to work.
        Jake: She's a stripper? Is she any good?
        Des: Yeah, hell yeah! But I um... I ran out of money and they kicked me out.
        Jake: Well, listen, you, um, you stay on her. Okay, well, don't stay on her, you know what I mean, just stay with her, just follow her around. I mean, that's creepy, like, but just find out what she's doing, you know... just shut up.
        Des: Right, okay.

      • Mal: What's the game, Carl? Innocent people don't send death threats.
        Carl: I was just having a bit of fun, boy. And Bob, well, you know, outside of shaggin' my wife, he's pretty dull, so just a bit of excitement, you know.

      • Rose: You should tell Jake.
        Mal: Tell him what? His father fell apart after his wife died, got obsessed with a murder trial and turned it into his own little pity party? (he throws a file across the room) None of Jake's damn business.

      • Crystal: Do you ever think back to one conversation and go, 'if I could take that back'? I think you do. I think you get me. (she begins kissing Jake)
        Mother Maher: Crystal? Why you sittin' on Carl?
        Crystal: It's not Carl, Mom. Go back upstairs now, and stay put. (mom leaves) Sorry. (she begins kissing Jake again)
        Jake: I'm sorry, you know, you're very... it's just... I'm... it's very complicated for me right now. (she continues kissing him) You know, I feel like I'm kind of like a plane crash inside a train wreck, you know, and I think I just got my ex-wife pregnant, and, she's not really my ex-wife, she's still my wife, and I just... still love her in a way, you know, and I...

      • Mal: So, Wayne...
        Dwayne: Uh, it's actually, it's Dwayne.
        Mal: Sorry. Dwayne. How do you like sleeping with my grand-daughter?

      • (at the scrap yard, Jake hears shots)
        Jake: Bob! Bob! Bobby! Bob! (gun shot) Bob!
        Carl: It's Carl. Now run along, Doyle, this is none of your business.
        Jake: Oh, deadly, both of the crazies got guns.

      • Mal: Carl, you should tell the police.
        Jake: It's true, Carl. She'll never stand trial, anyway, not in her condition. You'll have your name cleared.
        Carl: It doesn't leave the room.
        Jake: Carl...
        Carl: (angry, yelling) I said this don't leave the room! You tells anyone, I'll deny it, and I'll come after the both of yous, I swear I will, I swear to God. Okay?
        Bobby: We'll take care of her, better than she ever took care of us.
        Carl: You done your job, and it's a family problem now, Doyles.

      • Jake: Hey, buddy, do you want to go have a few pints? I think I just bugged Nikki's house.
        Walter: What?
        Jake: I bugged her house, I think.
        Walter: Wait, what do you mean, 'think', buddy?
        Jake: Okay, well, I um, I did; I bugged Nikki's house.
        Walter: I said 'due diligence', Jake, I didn't say creepy stalker!
        Jake: I know, I got carried away.

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      • Music:
        "Me Not You" performed by Catcher
        "Crawlin' Out Of A Hole" performed by Joe Belly & The Sin City Ramblers
        "Follow The Arrows" performed by Sean Panting

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • (Mal is teaching Des how to hot wire a car)
        Jake: Hey, Fast & Furious, stop shagging around and use the dealer key!

        Fast & Furious (2009) was a sequel to The Fast and the Furious (2001). Both movies deal with street racers and undercover cops.