Republic of Doyle

CBC (ended 2014)




Episode Guide

  • Season 6
    • Last Call
      Last Call
      Episode 12
    • Judgement Day
      Judgement Day
      Episode 11
    • Last Call
      Episode 10
      In the series finale, Jake and Leslie are in the fight of their lives as powerful enemies close ranks; and the Doyles use all their tricks to protect their own, and receive help from an unlikely source.
    • Judgement Day
      Episode 9
      Jake's murder charge comes to the fore; Leslie faces a life-altering event as her job is on the line; Des shows up at the wrong place at the wrong time. Meanwhile, Tinny is torn between family and job; and the Doyles have 48 hours to solve a case.
    • Body of Evidence
      Episode 8
      After a security detail goes awry, all the Doyles come under police scrutiny and try to keep their stories straight. Meanwhile, Leslie and Jake are keeping secrets from each other, and as time runs down, Jake could be looking at prison time; and Des and Tinny's relationship is in a state of flux.moreless
    • 11/26/14

      The Doyles are hired to provide security at a strike site, where they run into Jimmy O'Rourke and Wolf, who are working a case undercover at the same site. All the evidence points to Vick Saul, but things are not what they seem. Sloan gets a visit from an old friend, who pulls her back into the world of crime. Sloan, tired of all the lies, comes clean about everything.

    • The Pint
      Episode 6

      The arrival of a casket at the bar throws a monkey-wrench into the plans for Christian's wedding; it seems Ned Bishop has double-booked the bar. When the Doyles discover that the body is missing from the casket, the search is on. The NRC are also searching for a fugitive murderer, and the two cases cross paths. Rose and Sloan dig into the background of Christian's bride-to-be and her father, and discover some secrets Ruby was hoping to keep hidden. Leslie ignores an IA investigation and helps the Doyles with all the problems that are plaguing them.

    • True Lies
      Episode 5

      Jake's old high school nemesis, Clyde, is back to cause Jake more problems. Much to Jake's surprise, Clyde now has a say in Jake's freedom, and becomes a hindrance while Jake searches for the evidence that could exonerate him of the murder charges. Leslie is being watched by both her bosses and her department-ordered counsellor, who is getting a little too close for Leslie's comfort. Mal and Rose question Christian about his return and what he's been doing since he left.

    • The Driver
      Episode 4

      In order to pay off his mounting debt to Vick Saul, Jake is forced to work with Alisha to find the missing driver of a shipment of guns. Jake takes matters into his own hands, and plays all parties against each other to end a possible crime war, as well as ending his connection to Saul. Mal and Des are left to try to continue with the paying clients and have to resort to becoming repo-men; Rose finds out about Sloan, and Leslie tries to help Jake find evidence to exonerate him of the murder charges.

    • Smash Derby
      Episode 3

      Trying to work off Sloan's debt to Vick Saul puts Jake and Mal at the scene of an accident that they are hired to investigate by the insurance company; their investigation leads them to the Crash Derby, and reveals a possible scam involving more than one of the cars involved, as well as throwing suspicion on the insurance agent. Sloan continues to involve herself in Vick Saul's dealings, much to Jake's chagrin; Jake tries to strike a deal with one of Vick's associates that he hopes will be mutually beneficial. Leslie is forced into therapy before she can return to active duty, but is reluctant to talk to either her therapist or Jake.

    • 10/22/14

      The Doyles take the only help offered them in order to bail Jake out of jail, which puts Jake at the mercy of Carl Maher, who has an investment case he wants looked into. The money trail leads to Carl's sister, a possibly corrupt Securities Commission agent, and a journalist who is also following the story. Leslie is having problems at work, and taking out her emotional difficulties on the perps she's arresting.

    • Dirty Deeds
      Episode 1

      Imprisoned on a murder charge, Jake must find a way to stay safe while locked up with many of the criminals he put away.  Struggling to make bail after Sloan stole all their savings, the Doyles do what they can to help, while watching over a comatose Leslie.

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