Republic of Doyle

Season 1 Episode 9

He Sleeps With The Chips

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Mar 17, 2010 on CBC
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Ziggy Putt hires Jake to find his missing chip truck and driver, but what seems to be a simple case becomes more complicated when Jake finds out what was really in the truck, other than the best chips in St. John's. Martin Poole refuses to leave Rose alone, forcing her to take drastic measures to ensure everyone's safety. Jake's divorce is finalized, leaving him free to see Leslie, but her mind is on her new promotion rather than dating.moreless

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (3)

      • Just before Martin and Mal are shown in adjoining jail cells, the outside shot of H.M. Penitentiary is shown, leading us to believe that this is where they are being held. However, if they were picked up by the local police on a bar fight, they would be taken to the nearest police station and held in the cells there. The penitentiary is for convicted criminals serving more than 2 years' time.

      • Mal: Hey, you're just doing your job, Constable.
        Leslie: It's, uh... it's Sergeant, actually.
        Mal: Oh! Congratulations.

        Constable Leslie Bennett is promoted to Sergeant.

      • Yana gave Jake 2 hours to get the drugs, telling him that if he did not return in time, Sid would "sleep with the fishes." It was daylight when he, Des and Ziggy went in to the club. By the time that they made it to Wiggs' house, it was dark. When they showed up to give Yana the drugs, it was daylight again, indicating that at least one full night had passed, yet Sid was still alive.

    • QUOTES (18)

      • Rose: It's not the first time [Martin]'s been in the house.
        Mal: No?
        Rose: No, there've been other visits, but I didn't want to upset you.
        Mal: So this is normal for him then?
        Rose: Well, the dead duck thing is new.

      • (Ziggy tells Mal and Jake that his truck and driver are missing)
        Mal: What about just phoning the cops?
        Ziggy: Yeah, well, I don't really have any insurance, per se. And my permits aren't exactly up to date, according to city hall, per se. And I... I got a couple of speeding tickets per se.
        Jake: Speeding tickets? For a chip truck?
        Ziggy: Well, the brakes are a little dodgy.

      • Jake: So your chips are better than Ziggy's, huh?
        Woman: Ask your father; Malachy, he loves 'em.
        Jake: Okay, what's with the frozen goods back there with the Ziggy's label on 'em?
        Woman: I didn't steal 'em, boys.
        Des: (eating the chips) These are good.
        Woman: Some missus from out west somewhere came into a few bags somehow, so I took 'em off her hands for a bargain.
        Jake: Some missus from out west somewhere?
        Woman: I couldn't say her name; she's hanging around though. Gorgeous redhead. She's got a beautiful dog with her too.

      • Mal: I just wanted to give you a heads up, this guy's a weirdo.
        Leslie: Look, Mal, this guy Poole, he registered when he got into town, and ... you didn't hear this from me, but he's already got a complaint against you.
        Mal: Excuse me?
        Leslie: He said you hired an ex-cop...
        Mal: What?
        Leslie: ...Reese, here, to try and plant drugs in his hotel room.
        Mal: Look, he was never going to do anything.
        Leslie: And Reese's record isn't exactly clean either, Mal.
        Mal: That has nothing to do with this.
        Leslie: I know. I'm just letting you know, off the record.

      • Des: Where's this going, man? Two men, chip truck, alone in a secluded area...
        Jake: Just relax.
        Des: I don't know, man. (he looks around)
        Jake: We're about to enter a crime scene. You have to be careful about everything that you touch. Do you understand?
        Des: Yeah, I understand. I'm not stupid, you know!
        Jake: Yes, you are. You know what, in fact, stay here. Don't follow me, don't touch anything, just... (he walks away)
        Des: What am I going to touch? Nothing to touch.

      • (Nikki is trying to give Jake back his mother's ring)
        Nikki: Please, at least, just, can you take it for Mal?
        Jake: For... what's Mal going to do with it? Give it to Rose? That'd go over well, I mean, I already ruined one relationship, so I don't want to be responsible for theirs, you know.
        Nikki: Well he might... I'm sorry, what did you just say?
        Jake: Rose is a great gal, but I mean, I'm pretty sure she doesn't want my dead mom's ring.
        Nikki: Not that part. You. It's good to know that you are aware that it was you who ruined our marriage. That shows growth, really.

      • Des: So you never saw any faces?
        Ziggy: Did you notice the masks?
        Des: Yeah, I did, but maybe they put the masks on after they attacked you, did you ever think of that?

      • Jake: Well, we found your truck, now you gotta pay me.
        Ziggy: Aw, come on, Jake! You know I'm good for it, I'll get you your money. Look, I'll throw in a bonus, yeah?
        Jake: A bonus.
        Ziggy: Yeah. You gotta find Sid.
        Jake: Look, I do know you, okay? So I'll keep looking, but I'm going to keep this truck as collateral. (to Des) And I hope you can drive.

      • Jake: Why do you have a photo of Tinny on your laptop?
        Des: Uh... she was probably just fooling around with it earlier...
        Tinny: Why do you have a photo of me on your laptop?
        Des: Uh... okay, look, I was gonna make a family tree for you guys, like, um, I was starting with the youngest person, and that was you...
        Jake: Did you tell her all about your string theory?

      • Des: Well, Wiggs, that's some nice pics; I really like the one of the bullet-proof vest like the one we found in the truck.
        Wiggs: What bullet-proof vest?
        Jake: Let's see... (holding vest up against Spins Magee) ...looks like your size, hey? Huh? What are you, morons? Please, please tell me that you're not shooting each other.
        Wiggs: 709-Click initiation, dawg!
        Jake: Oh my god, okay, you're stupider than you look, obviously. You either talk to me, right now, or you can talk to the cops; it's entirely up to you.

      • (in the car)
        Des: What are we doing?
        Jake: We're staking out Sid's place to see if he comes home.
        Des: Man, this is like camping!
        Jake: Des, can you please try not to act like such a weirdo for at least five minutes?

      • Mal: That's your last drink in Newfoundland. Enjoy it.
        Martin: Am I going somewhere?
        Mal: Yeah. The cops are building a dandy little case against you. Last chance to leave the province a free man.
        Martin: Well, don't worry about it; I'm outta here. But I'm going with my wife.
        Mal: Plenty of perfectly good wives waiting for you back in the pen, you know... more your type, I'd say.

      • Leslie: I spoke to the witnesses, I saw the footage; you assaulted [Martin] unprovoked. He's pressing charges.
        Mal: Yeah, of course he is.
        Leslie: If you have more evidence you'd like to share with the police, I'm all ears, Mr. Doyle.
        Mal: No. He's smart, I'm an idiot.
        Leslie: You can get bail tomorrow; I'm sorry.

      • Wiggs: I ain't scared of the cops; I'm only 15.
        Tinny: I bet you'd be scared of the Bay Girls that'll be locked up with you in juvie. I bet they got a healthy appetite for Wiggs Dinner.

      • Father: Samantha, how long have you been doing drugs?
        Wiggs: Dad, I'm not doing drugs, I'm just selling them, relax!

      • (Martin is tied up while Rose takes pictures of him)
        Martin: Is this some kind of weird kinky idea of foreplay for you? 'Cause I'm not finding this very funny.

      • (Des has been shot, Jake realizes he's wearing the bullet-proof vest)
        Jake: Oh my god.
        Des: What, did you think I was...
        Jake: Des, just...
        Des: Shut up? I know.

      • Leslie: So, Doyle, what's it today? Missing cat?
        Jake: Ah, no, missing chip truck, actually.
        Leslie: Oh really? Who hired you? The chip truck's jealous wife?

    • NOTES (1)

      • Music:
        "Its You" performed by Liam Titcomb
        "Circles" performed by Jetset Motel
        "She Only Loves Me" performed by Matthew Hornell & The Diamond Minds
        "Troubadours" performed by Ian Foster Band
        "Trikes and Bikes" performed by Gazeebow Unit
        "Ode To Newfoundland" performed by Shallaway – Newfoundland & Labrador Youth in Chorus

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • In the opening scene, Mal and Rose wake up to find a duck carcass in their bed; it is the duck that Martin cooked for Rose the night before. This is an allusion to The Godfather (1972); in an early scene, a man who would not do what was asked of him by the Godfather awoke to find his prize horse's head in his bed.