Republic of Doyle

Season 2 Episode 1

Live and Let Doyle

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 12, 2011 on CBC

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  • So Jake has been "off" women since the series went on hiatus last spring?

    That does explain a lot of what was behind his personal issues at the start of this season. He did look seriously hot in his gottchies though!

    At first I found myself shaking my head at the "case" that wasn't. And just when you thought that it had come to a conclusion, they found some other little detail to keep them going on it. Even though "it" was supposed to be a game. However, I guess it would be hard to tell that to the kinky dead guy with fatal latex glove in his mouth.

    Interesting development that Leslie is boinking the mayor. Rather hypocritical of her after her comments to and about Jake last season, don't you think?

    And has Des really had cause to learn that being an investigator has it's downsides...?

    And the episode ends with Jake in the same position as he so often is in his personal life: both feet firmly inserted in his mouth. This DA promises to be an interesting wrinkle in Jake's life, both personal and professional.