Republic of Doyle - Season 3

CBC (ended 2014)



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Episode Guide

  • Under Pressure
    Episode 13

    When Malachy is framed for the murder of his former partner's informant, the entire family comes together to help him clear his name and catch the guilty party. They manage to clear Mal of the murder charges, but one of their own suffers the consequences. With Jake busy, it's up to Christian to come to Kathleen's aid in solving the problem of George. Tinny has her own problem with George; she believes he may be her father. When she questions Kathleen about this, the answer she gets stuns her.

  • Con, Steal, Love
    Episode 12

    Mal teams up with an old friend from the RNC to investigate the death of his former partner, but is faced with people who are hiding the truth, including his former co-worker. Jake, meanwhile, has his hands full with a case involving a valuable violin and a con artist from his past. Kathleen helps George with some of his schemes in an effort to keep her family out of his sights.

  • Live Wire
    Episode 11

    Des's father, Jody Redmond, is finally released from prison, but their reunion is cut short when Jody is kidnapped in broad daylight. The Doyles need to pull together and work as a team to get him back before it's too late, but problems arise for all of them that keep them from focussing on the case. Mal has to answer questions regarding the death of his RNC partner, and finds he's not just a source of information to the police, but also a suspect. Kathleen's past appears before her in St. John's in the form or George, a person she clearly does not want to see again.

  • One Angry Jake
    Episode 10

    As a member of a jury on a murder case, Jake is determined to see justice done and enlists Mal and Des to help him prove the accused woman innocent. His investigation shows him that not only was the widow not the only suspect, but that the jury is less than fair and unbiased. Kathleen struggles with her current relationships as well as her past ones.

  • Mirror, Mirror
    Episode 9

    Maurice Becker is back in St. John's and needs help from Jake to reconcile with his niece... but Jake believes that Maurice has an ulterior motive. The Doyles work to prove Maurice's shady dealings to the RNC while Maurice holds Jake hostage, requiring Jake to do his dirty work for him. Maurice's re-appearance on Canadian soil comes to the notice of the police in Quebec, bringing a handsome detective into Leslie's sights, and making her re-evaluate her single status. Des is also reconsidering his love life, wondering if his break-up was the right decision, or if he should move on and date new people.

  • 2/29/12

    Jake is in prison for the bank robbery he allegedly committed, but the new Staff Sergeant of the RNC decides that Jake serves the people better on the outside. In company with another convict, Jake must find a kidnapper, and solve the murder of a man who was posing as "Jake Doyle". At the Doyle home, a woman turns up claiming that the child she has is Jake's; while the family is busy trying to assist Jake, Kathleen is left to look after the baby, and turns to Walter for support.

  • 2/22/12

    The bully from Jake's high school days is back, but life hasn't been so wonderful for him since his glory days. Jobless, broke, in the middle of a divorce, and about to lose his home, he turns to Jake for help. The Doyles quickly discover that his money problems are linked to a sleep disorder, and that the bank that foreclosed on his home may have acted a bit too hastily. But time is of the essence when a loan shark turns up demanding his money back, and the Doyles have to scramble to untangle the web of deceit surrounding the man. Des struggles with his love life, wondering if he's with the right woman.

  • The Dating Game
    Episode 6

    Mal and Des desperately search for Jake, missing while trying to foil a robbery. Although trapped in the process of stopping the crime, things are not all bad for Jake, who is forced to spend some quality time with Leslie while waiting to be rescued.

  • Dead Man Talking
    Episode 5

    Convicted and then exonerated of murder, Carl Maher was the recipient of a large settlement from the province, making him a target for someone who wants his millions. Jake and Malachy take on the case to find out just who it is that is trying to get to Carl's money. Des attempts to keep his relationship with Chandra a secret from Tinny, while Kathleen tries her best to keep her secrets from the rest of her family.

  • Rusted Steele
    Episode 4

    Garrison Steele returns to St. John's looking for his lost love, and asks for Jake's help once again. Jake discovers that Garrison is down on his luck, and that the lady love is a suspect in an international theft. Jake is having romance difficulties of his own, after re-entangling himself with Nikki while at the same time, trying to win Leslie back. At the Doyle home, another Doyle returns to the fold.

  • Hot Package
    Episode 3

    The Doyles search for a missing item, but it's hard for them to focus on the case when Nikki turns to Jake for a favour, and Des has to keep a secret for Tinny.

  • Head Over Heels
    Episode 2

    While Jake and Mal try to find the driver in a hit-and-run accident, Rose's past comes back to haunt her.

  • Streets of St. John's

    While protecting a mob boss, Jake reconnects with some acquaintances from his time in Her Majesty's Penitentiary.

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