Republic of Doyle - Season 5

CBC (ended 2014)



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Episode Guide

  • Buried
    Episode 16

    Jake races against the clock to fulfill the demands of a crazed kidnapper who has Leslie; Jake must escape prison, steal dynamite from a police facility and bring it to the man or else Leslie will die. The whole Doyle clan comes together to help Jake in his quest. Sloan cleans out the Doyles' bank accounts and uses the money as bait, hoping to make a big score before she leaves town.

  • Expansion
    Episode 15

    When the head of the construction company in charge of the airport expansion starts getting death threats, Jake is on the case. Leslie has to deal with a new Inspector on the job, and an old adversary getting out of jail. Jake's investigation into the death threats leads him to the recent parolee from jail, and then the threats become reality. Sloan is in trouble, owing money to a loan shark; she helps herself to the Doyles' cash, but Des and Rose soon discover the fact that the Investigation Agency is missing money.

  • Brothers in Arms
    Episode 10

    With internet crime on the rise, the Doyles find themselves chasing a super hacker, and Jake meets up with a new police nemesis.  Mal and Rose find there are some things to negotiate in their relationship; Des finds someone new to model himself after.

  • Firecracker
    Episode 3

    Both Jake and Mal find themselves with the wool pulled over their eyes by a devious client, and Des finds himself strangely connected to the case.  A surprise is in store for both Jake and Leslie.

  • 1/22/14

    Kevin Crocker returns to St. John's and teams up with Jake in an effort to clear his name; Leslie is forced into the spotlight; Des struggles with a secret and whether he should tell Jake what he knows.

  • Gun For Hire
    Episode 4

    While Mal and Jake are busy chasing after a hit man, Martin Poole returns to make Rose's life difficult.  Tinny makes a decision regarding what path her life will take.

  • Missing
    Episode 6

    After being drugged, Jake has trouble remembering what happened to him in the last 24 hours, which is exactly the time-frame in which Sloan has gone missing. While Jake struggles with his patchy memory, Des and Mal try to follow up on what few clues they have to find Sloan. Both Tinny and Leslie come to a decision on which way they want their love lives to go.

  • Sleight of Hand
    Episode 12

    In order to pay off a debt, Jake investigates a conman; Leslie's suspicions are raised over another officer's behaviour, and a further monkey wrench is thrown into Jake and Leslie's stormy relationship when one of Jake's many exes visits.

  • Bon Cop, Bueno Cop
    Episode 1

    Jake arrives back in St. John's from his mysterious boat ride, only to find that he's in a worse situation than when he left.  Tinny goes too far, and someone new to St. John's is showing interest in Leslie.

  • Major Crimes
    Episode 9

    When an informant is murdered, Leslie must work with Callum to solve the crime.  Jake finds himself getting involved in Callum's life, and Tinny earns some respect from an unexpected source.

  • The Works
    Episode 5

    Dead bodies are turning up all over town, and the circumstances of the deaths strongly resemble the plots from Garrison Steele novels... and the fact that the author is in St. John's makes him a prime suspect. The Doyles are on the case, which puts Jake in a tough spot as he's trying to avoid conflict, or even contact, with Leslie. Tinny is also trying to keep disagreements with Grayson to a minimum while she works out her feelings for Des.

  • Young Guns
    Episode 8

    While discussing security with a new client, Jake and Mal are taken hostage in a robbery; their inside investigation leads them to believe the robbers are after more than just money. Sloan's unusual behaviour raises suspicion in both Rose and Des, who are concerned about her, but her own investigations lead her to a startling discovery. Des continues his apartment hunting.

  • If The Shoe Fits
    Episode 14

    While working on a case, Jake runs into Bill Murdoch, but is unsure of whether to trust him or not.

  • 11/20/13

    Jake, Malachy, and Des go off for some male-bonding time on a fishing trip, only to discover a dead body.  Rose finds a new friend has a dark side, and Leslie teams up with Callum.

  • The Overpass
    Episode 2

    Jake turns to bounty hunting in order to catch a bail-jumper and bring him back to the authorities, but he finds that things are made more difficult by interested parties on both sides of the law.

  • Frame Job
    Episode 11

    An art heist puts one of the Doyle clan in danger, and sets the whole family out to find the person responsible; Sloan tries to fit in and live a "normal" life with the Doyles.

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